Moa Po ~ Amazing Mei Tai’s, Carrier Covers and the babywearing coat Mama Parka

Let me start off with telling you about Moa Pô Mei Tai’s(MT) baby carriers.  I also have to tell about their covers and Mama Parka coat as well. 
The Mei Tai is easy to use, extremely comfortable and can be worn on the front, back and hip. From newborn to toddlerhood.  Newborn carry you can just cross the straps under baby’s bum and then pull the material up to fan across.  Baby can be in a froggy position as long as weight is not supported on/by the feet.  The base panel is high so as long as your new born is ear to ear it should be safe and good.  Another tip is to tie the waist panel higher(it can be rolled up too).  Instead of at the waist, tie just below your breasts. Moa Pô has tutorial video’s on youtube if you misplace the DVD it comes with.
 Moa Pô is made is Canada, 100% organic cotton, reversible, environmental non toxic friendly dyes and affordable. $120, toddler Moa Pô, $130
One of the things I love about the Moa Pô carrier is just how comfortable it is and it’s ease of use. 
The wide straps and length are the key I think for the comfort in this MT.  I always get a comfortable carry in Moa Pô.  ALWAYS. I love the sleeping hood which also offers extra support in younger baby’s.
 When I take it off I don’t have a pinched nerve and/or back ache which I have experienced in other carriers and MT’s.
To see the beauty of this carrier, please watch Moa Pô’s video on how to wear baby in a front carry:

Additional info:
Fits from 9pounds-35pounds. You can also get a Toddler size Moa Pô. It’s unique design and shape has baby in the preferred position, organic cotton twill and unbleached cotton padding.  Its design is true to classic Asian design of a MT and it comes with a DVD.  Made in Canada.

My baby in this photo is 5 months old.
Why my husband likes Moa Pô Mei Tais
My husband says it moved with the body really well.  It doesn’t have those hard “buckles” that can rub baby or him the wrong way and the straps don’t dig under the arm pit. Here my husband is wearing the print reversed.
Moa Pô Baby Carrier Cover
Another great product from the house of Moa Pô.  Their cover, $99 is a Canadian must have as the weather changes and gets cooler.  You can wear it over a sweater, under or over your coat.  It can be worn with all types of carriers.  It fits really well, it’s simple and easy to use and simplicity works.  It also keeps the body heat in really well.  Ease of use is very important.
It’s very warm and lined with fleece.  My only complaint on the cover is I wish the velcro  hook & loop that goes over the straps was not hook & loop. It’s strong and loud when you need to take it off. I wish it was snaps as the hook & loop tends to wake our sleeping baby when it’s time to take the cover off.
Mama Parka from Moa Pô
One word. LOVE!  It is so warm and I can tandem carry my twins in it too!
It has been the most versatile coat I have ever owned.  I wore it before pregnancy, during pregnancy and now after.

It truly is the ultimate babywearing coat to own because it’s so stylish and warm. It comes with a lovely neck warmer and additional panel so you can back carry as well. Comes in all sizes XS-XL.  The material is wool felt so it is wind resistant, it is insulated (made of recycled fibres!) and the lining is satin. C’est tres chic! When it got really windy I lifted the collar(as seen below) and my sweet baby girl was shielded and warm.  It is so warm and truly the only babywearing coat I recommend.  I cannot say enough good things about it!

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I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a Mei Tai? Are you looking for one? Have you heard about Moa Pô.  If there’s anything I missed in this review that you are curious about-comment below.


  1. Plum Pretty Sugar | 8th Jan 14

    These carriers are delightful! So soft for our little ones.


  2. East9thStreet | 8th Jan 14

    If I ever have another baby, I’m definitely going to snag one of these carriers. Love it!

  3. Anonymous | 8th Jan 14

    I would love one of these carriers!

  4. Chelsea Day | 8th Jan 14

    Love this carrier. I have an older one that isn’t really great for babies. I’d love this one because I think it would work for my 1 year old too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. ourfamilyworld | 9th Jan 14

    What a great carrier! I would love to have one for my nephew!

  6. Everything Mom and Baby | 9th Jan 14

    Her Mei Tai’s are awesome. I found it better than BabyHawk.

  7. Nicole | 9th Jan 14

    The carries are so cute! My brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby, so I’m paying close attention to all baby-related posts now!

  8. Terri Lynn Grothe | 9th Jan 14

    These carriers are so awesome, wish these things were around when I had a baby 10 years ago

  9. Mom vs. the boys | 9th Jan 14

    wow, wow, wow impressed on so many levels! I adore that bright fabric and the wide straps look sooo comfy. Way better than the carriers I had when mine were little. and that coat! adorable and functional, there was nothing on the market that I knew about when my boys were infants. I would have scooped one up for sure!

  10. Inspire Me Heather | 9th Jan 14

    The carriers look great, very stylish!

  11. Whispered Inspirations | 9th Jan 14

    First off, you look beautiful! Second, wow, I wish I had a carrier like this when I had kids. 🙂 They look comfy for both Mom and Dad.

  12. mamawee | 9th Jan 14

    I didn’t really get into baby wearing, although I wish I would have. I think it would have been much easier with a toddler around. The carrier looks great and love that they have a coat to baby wear with!

  13. Jonnie (JB) | 9th Jan 14

    Carriers sure have come a long way. These look amazing and the accessories are so stylish! The Mama Parka just blows my mind. They really have thought of everything!

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