Mom’s Family Calendar – Get one!

So is being more organized a part of your News Year Resolution? Well, then this is for you and your busy family.

I present to you dear  busy Mother,  the Jack of all trades Mom, the Schedule Master Mother Extraordinaire the Sandra Boynton Moms Calendar.

There’s just the 3 of us, so here is my sad attempt of a busy schedule using a marker that didn’t write so well so I got annoyed and came up with this, you get the idea!

What I really, really, really like from my new 2012 Moms Calendar….
  • Stickers! It has great stickers to mark important dates.  500 of them!
  • The grids run vertically, with five columns across the top (one for each family member) and the days of the month running down the left-hand side
  • A pocket on the last where I can store the stickers or um…..bills!
  • a write-on, wipe-off magnetic phone list to hang on the fridge

Here’s what my busy January Month looks like now, ha ha!

Since I don’t have enough space since we only have Charlie(we’ve been TTC for 3 months…sigh) I’ve added the star sticker for his #1’s (for standing up) and the rock stars for his #2’s…because , well… we’re all moms here so we can speak quite openly about bowel movements our kids make, it’s remarkable how once you become a mother this happens.  But I’ll share my little issue that recently got resolved.
 DS was scared to go #2, it freaked him out and grossed him out. Well, he loves stickers and like over night(might have been a flook and he got over the fear)  but he has gotten over it because he loves the rock star sticker and we praise the heck out it and him as he is our little rock star.

But this is just my example as to what you can use this calendar for as there’s room for each family member(if you’re a family of 5).  Of course hockey practice, birthday reminders, band rehearsals, art, dance classes everything your family does can all be added and used with the stickers from this classic story teller and keep you in check!

But as a family of 3 and with a great calendar like this sometimes you have to come up with other ways to make use of things when there’s empty spaces that need filling up.

Get it {here}


  1. Anonymous | 3rd Jan 12

    You are hilarious!

  2. Anonymous | 3rd Jan 12

    Ooo…. we so need this! I always forget appts and plans :/

    ~ Sue

  3. Char | 3rd Jan 12

    My daughter is terrified of going poo! How did you fix it?

  4. Mama Ash | 3rd Jan 12

    I guess he just got over it. People said “Oh he’ll grow out of it”
    and he just did. So we kept it up with the Rock Star stickers which all happened at the same time so we just went with it.

    Good luck, hang in there. I know how hard it can be.

  5. Amber | 3rd Jan 12

    Sending you baby dust 🙂 Love what you do and your blog 🙂 Hang in there and fun making it happen, LOL!
    Thanks for the fun review, I’ve seen them at kiosks in malls.


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