More unique Christmas present ideas: Dolly Tai’s and Gumdrop Kids

 Move over Cabbage Patch Kids there’s a new heirloom in town to give this Holiday Season and they are handmade in Canada by the very talented Sarah Shaw of Crazy Baby Accessories.

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Her Waldorf inspired dolls are called Gumdrop Kids and they are one of kind and sure to give the little girl in your life one great big smile. She a numerous different styles you can choose from for these gorgeous dolls.
To see what else Crazy Baby Accessories has please visit her Etsy shop for the most adorable doll clothes, hand knit hats for  girls and boys and stylish clothing.

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Another great find to go with your Gumdrop Kid is a  Natural Mother Productions Doll Slings, pictured to the right.
Handmade in Canada by the uber babywearing mom and carrier maker, Michelle Dunn.

Do you love baby wearing? Well your child can enjoy it as well!
This Dolly-Tai is perfect for your little one to carry his/her dolls or toys.  Comes in your choice of prints and featuring the safety and convinence of velro straps, your child will love this early introduction to the benefits of babywearing!

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