Mother-Ease Diaper Review

 Finally a cloth diaper where I didn’t have to clean the bed sheets or his jammies after a nights sleep from my peeing little race horse. 
The Sandy diaper is my new favorite for cloth diapering.  I also have the One Size Cloth diaper( that I bought) and was impressed with Mother Ease, that is how I came about to discover this brand and lead to me to contact them for more info. 
He will cry once in a while at night when he’s in a cloth diaper so we switched for night time use to disposables and for the first time I put him in Mother Ease he slept through the night and that was with the One Size Cloth, I also added a hemp prefold from another company.  I was a happy cloth diapering mama as I prefer he sleep in cloth.  If you’ve read my other posts on diapering you know I am not a fan of what’s in disposable diapers.  Read here.
I have a heavy wetter and I mean heavy.  When I was given a chance to review the Sandy Diaper from Mother Ease I was over the moon because I was already impressed with their One Size Cloth.  The  Airflow fitted diaper cover was sent to use with The Sandy, my boy didn’t leak through his diaper nor leave the room smelling like pee. The Sandy holds 15oz of liquid, add a liner and your set.  The large Sandy cloth diaper which is what we got is one of the most absorbent cloth diapers ever by Mother Ease. 
From Mother-Ease: “diapers provides your baby with quality, functionality, comfort and most important health benefits.  Mother-ease we go above and beyond.  We control the entire production process from purchasing cotton yarns and having them knit and finished to making cloth diapers and offer organic diapers too”
With the Air Flow fitted diaper covers fitted diapers covers the come with adjustable snaps at the waist and leg openings has an air ventilation system between the snaps, very important so skin can ‘breathe’. This allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves and it reduces the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature inside the diaper down.  Little hands cannot whip these off unlike some velcro brands out there.
I am extremely happy with my Mother Ease diapers as I look forward to trying more like the All in One Cloth diaper, their trainer pants and swim diapers(a must for the summer).  Mother Ease has been around for over 20 years and it is most definitely Everything Mom and Baby recommended. 

For more info on cloth diapers read here 


  1. Leslie | 10th May 10

    Thanks for posting.. gonna try a few different types but very good friend highly recommends these – Thanks again!

  2. Ayu | 1st Jul 10

    The Air Flow covers are the best covers we’ve ever tried…no leaks, no stink!

  3. Steph | 16th Sep 10

    We love Sandys for night use too. We just had to up to the Large size with a liner as the smalls were starting to get soo saturated that we got some wicking. I don’t know why it’s so hard to move on from the diapers DS has been wearing since we brought him home:)
    We’ll have to keep the air flow covers in mind since he’s starting to figure out velcro. Thanks for the great review, helped me know we are using the best choice for our heavy wetter!!

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