Mothers Day gift idea’s for the new Mom #IPRGiftLounge

Where or where were these products when I had my kids????  Here are my pics for the New Mom this Mothers Day from my amazing day at the Windsor Arms Hotel for the #IPRGiftlounge from Impressions PR.

lp164-3df37f32-56ef-46c8-a3fd-1ed835840363-v21.  The first product I’d like to tell you about is from Bellies.  The ultimate in postpartum recovery is yours with their Postpartum Recovery System.  An 8 week exercise program(you get the work outs delivered right to your email)  that restores your core from the inside out coupled with the revolutionary AB Tank and Wrap ensures you have core confidence for motherhood.  What I learned at the #IPRGiftlounge is if you do nothing within the first 3 weeks of ab diastatis you can be left with the damage. Prolapse your pelvic floor needs some TLC.  Pop over and check out this excellent
article from Todays Parent about that.


2. Mayana Geneviere.  I was over the moon when I met Nadine the creator and learned about this new company specializing in nursing apparel.  Designed and made in Canada, the inner lining of the Shapewear is made of organic cotton for comfort and support.  Their signature bra is a product I have my eyes on.  Clasp free, soft, comfortable, supportive….Need I say more? The designs are stunning and no uni-boob will be found wearing these nursing brassieres.

PrettyWellCA_23. From I was so happy to see one of my favourite skincare brands that’s local to Toronto as well.  Don’t fret though, ships for free on all orders over $25 and these my pics for the new mom.  I’ve used them all and it healed, repaired and soothed my body.  Pretty Organic is a stellar line.  You can check out my review here.

4. Say it with art.  A beautiful print to glance at when you are feeling overwhelmed with your new responsibilities under your new role as Mom.  Take a deep breath and know you ARE Loved.  Sweet Peony Press found on Etsy Canada has something for every mother and member of the family.

5. Citrus Silver is a beautiful way to celebrate motherhood with stunning personalized jewellery.  I am in love with the Mod Necklace!  I’d love to get something with all three of my kids.  Hint, hint….

                                                                What your favourite products from this list?
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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) | 1st May 15

    All I am wishing for this year is a maid LOL. Now THAT would be an awesome gift.

  2. Liz Mays | 1st May 15

    These are all wonderful ideas actually. I especially love the necklace though. That is so cute!

  3. Elizabeth O. | 2nd May 15

    WOW! How I would love to be one of your mom friends I love everything!!!

  4. Lois Jones | 2nd May 15

    I would have to say my favorite one is the necklace. I love the personalization and the unique combination of metals and gems!

  5. Garf | 2nd May 15

    I have yet to give my mother her mother’s day gift. She usually likes cash so she can have a shopping spree herself.

  6. Rosey | 3rd May 15

    I can see why you love the Mod necklace. It really is pretty and the silver is just right for my mom, that’s her fave to wear.

  7. Maggie | 3rd May 15

    The necklace is my fave!

  8. Sharon | 4th May 15

    For obvious reasons the bellies would be my favorite for sure!

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