#MothersDay Brunch aboard @MariposaCruises

I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day. We spent the afternoon down by Toronto’s Harbour Front and got to go on the Northern Spirit from Mariposa Cruises.  What a lovely way to dine!  The weather was perfect too!
What to expect when you arrive:
We arrived half an hour before boarding and waited in line which moved along quickly.  Families of 3 or more or if you require a stroller try to leave the stroller behind and bring your child in a baby/toddler carrier.  If your table is on the upper level of the boat you have to “walk up the plank” and you can fit a single stroller but it’s not optimal in my opinion as there are traction “steps” for safety.  However the staff is incredibly helpful and they are actually happy to help.  We arrived and thankfully we were on the main floor of the boat.  We came with our stroller and I regretted not babywearing! Well sort of.  I woke up with a stiff neck and a pinched sciatic nerve and thought “Ah, I’ll just bring the stroller”…Well thank goodness for my Bugaboo Donkey as I could make it into a single stroller! There was no way I would have been to board the ship in my side by side twin stroller. The twins slept peacefully throughout most of the cruise and woke up to snack on French toast and roast beef.  So take note families of multiples! Babywear or bring a tandem stroller.
Dining and Cruising:
Once you are in the boat which quite lovely and clean you are presented to your table. We sat and and waited for our server to come who was like a ray of sunshine.  She explained that the DJ will announce our tables in sections and that we can go line up for the Brunch Buffet.  At about an half hour in food was served.  There were lovely cold pasta salads, quinoa salad, scrambled eggs, bacon, organic pork sausage, home fries and french toast.  There was also a fresh pastry table and roast beef being carved.  We all ate well!  It was a nice 2 hr cruise along our beautiful harbour. It was a peaceful and relaxing dining experience.  We really enjoyed it.
My son enjoyed it so much.  He loved watching the tranquility of the water, he saw the captain of the boat and loved the view!  Dining aboard Mariposa Cruises is very child friendly and welcoming.  There is a photographer on the boat that will approach your table for a family photo.  It’s $15 if you’d like the photo and at the end of the cruise all the Moms were presented with a beautiful rose.
Would we go again? Yes.  Make sure you bring cash/credit card as there isn’t debit for the cash bar. Check out Mariposa Cruises for Father’s Day!  Brunch and Dinner times are available.


  1. Jennifer Van Huss | 13th May 14

    What a beautiful adventure! It looks like they covered all their basis. The rose is a nice addition!!

  2. Monica | 13th May 14

    What a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day. Can’t think of anything nicer than a family brunch cruise…lucky you!

  3. Debbie Kee | 13th May 14

    What a LOVELY LOVELY way to spend Mother’s day. You are giving me some ideas for next year. The view, the presentation, all of it is perfect! And being able to spend it with your family?? Nothing better than that!

  4. Brandy | 13th May 14

    Cruising is so fun! When we would visit Winnipeg in the summer my grandma would take us for an evening out on the Paddlewheel Queen or Princess. I loved it. I love being on the water and being able to watch the city for the boat.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!

  5. Tammy Mitchell | 13th May 14

    It sounds like a lovely way to spend Mother’s day. We have been on a cruise in the Toronto Harbor, I must say the view looking into the city was my favorite part.

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