Moto X Play: The phone that loves you back. Seriously. #techthehalls #Holiday2015


I recently discovered my love for Andriod phones thanks to working with the amazing team at Telus and for sending me a Moto X Play to review! Talk about amazing.  I had an iPhone 4S and the Moto X Play was a breath of fresh air.  I was smitten with how easy it was for me to migrate from iPhone to Andriod.  It took a couple of minutes to import from one phone to another.  I thought so far so good!  As a mom on the go, taking photo’s galore I was hoping this would be better, since my iPhone was turning out to be a major let down.  Speaking of lets downs, the battery power on my iPhone was just ridiculous and the Moto X Play lived up to its promise that the Moto X Play will last 2 days.

Features I love
It is water resistant!

FM radio 

It charges super fast. Hello, Turbo charge, 7 hrs of power in just 15 minutes!

48 Battery Power.

21MP Camera and you can shoot in HD for video’s.  Selfies are a breeze, you just touch anywhere on the screen 

16GB of storage.  


5.5 full HD display.  It doesn’t feel awkward in my hand at all.  

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
I’ve never experienced Google Photo’s and with Moto X Play it’s like it opened a whole new world for me.  I can make animated pics/ GIF’s with this phone.  The picture quality was a serious upgrade from the iPhone 4S.

Water Resistant?
The phone is thanks to its nano-coating technology it will protect from spills and splashes to drops of rain should it get wet.  Don’t go submerging it into water!

Moto Assist:
I can talk to my phone and it can make things easier for me hands-free.  Moto Assist understands whether I’m at home or at a media event adapting to MY needs at that moment. It reads my text messages aloud while we drive. It silences the ringer and turning off the display at bedtime.  If I am pushing my stroller and need to look something up I can simply ask my Moto and it will it pull it up. 

Any issues?  I didn’t have any serious issues.  Sometimes I missed emails but that could be caused by my email server. A simple recharge had my phone working like it should.  I don’t play games on my phone, but the kids do.  I found it not to be too warm.  Call quality is good, no issues there and the reception was always very good- thanks Telus.
I highly recommend the Moto X Play. 

Where to get Moto X Play?


Although the Moto X Play was sent to me for review on behalf of Telus, all opinions are my own and are never influenced in any way.


  1. Jackie M | 21st Dec 15

    Seems like an awesome phone!

  2. nicolthepickle | 26th Dec 15

    Wow, that’s amazing how fast it charges.

  3. Tammy Dalley | 26th Dec 15

    Awesome phone!!

  4. Tara Gauthier | 27th Dec 15

    This looks like a great phone!

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