My Beco Carrier-I Got It!

I have my Beco carrier, sorry oh Snap by BabyHawk.  I just got it on Friday and I’ve been loving every minute of it.  So has Master Charles.  I will post a picture of us when we’re feeling better…..tummy bug in the Ash’ home!
This is the only carrier you will need so get this now or put it on your baby registry.
My back is not sore, the shoulder straps stay on and are not digging into me, the buckles are easy to snap on and off, the straps are just the right amount thickness and padding and can be adjusted easily, the lumbar support padding is comfortable and supportive and when you fold this carrier up you can use it as a hip carry.

I love baby wearing, it is a special bond with mom and baby, sweet kisses, sweet smells and hugs. It’s not about making a fashion statement even though Beco is extremely easy on the eye.  I look forward to putting Charlie in my carrier because of closeness we share and the hugs and kisses I get.
It is hard to find the right carrier and trust me moms, this is the only one you need.   It is by far the most comfortable carrier I’ve worn.  I’ve had Ergo(too bulky), Chunei(awful buckles), BabyHawks Mei(straps are annoying but it is the 2nd best carrier of choice) Tai style and the Belle Organic Carrier(don’t like the ergonomics of it for baby, close to the Baby Bjorn, booo).  No more long straps to loop here and there and to trip over, no more shoulder digs from the above mentioned carriers and most important no more hard buckles and straps to adjust. The Beco has by far surpassed quality standards, Charlies legs are perfectly parallel to me so there’s no pressure on his spine and he’s comfortable.  This carrier and some features comes with an instructional DVD, a hoody that snaps on to the carrier to protect babe’s head while sleeping, and it has a little pocket on the carrier where you can store it, it also comes with an infant insert and when you fold this up, it can be used as a hip carry!
What carrier has that? Beco!
There’s a reason why the Beco carrier is the best selling baby carrier.

I have this style, the Lenka.  I can’t wait to show it off and post some pics on Bloggerville:) It’s a fabulous well structured carrier.  A mom designed this, she is extremely active and baby is with her at all times so she needed a good carrier to keep up with her so she took matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find one and created Beco, through a lot of love and hard work.  Gotta love mompreneurs!

Here’s the run down on Beco:

  • Your only carrier you’ll need from infant to toddler
  • Breast feeding compatible(yep, you can breast feed in the Butterfly 2 version)
  • Lightweight, stylish design & comfortable. 
  • Front and Back carry only
  • The Beco is completely ergonomic with excellent lumbar support.
  • Inside panel enables to pass baby from one parent to another. No other carrier can do that!
  • Easy and accessible adjustable buckles on body & waist. 
  • Can be worn as a hip carry when folded up
  • Comes with a Sleeping hood for baby’s comfort & protection against the elements. 


    If you’re looking for a carrier this truly is a must, go get this carrier, you won’t be disappointed! When you do come back to my site and leave a comment.  This gets the EMB approved.
    Thanks for coming by!
    ~Mama Ash
    For the Beco website,store locations & to learn more please click here
    For product features and sizing please click here
    What some moms are saying about Beco read here
    This carrier is online at Parenting By Nature, click here
    For a Toronto store, BB Buggy and Baby on the Hip


    1. Yvonne and clan | 22nd Feb 10

      Did you get the Lenka cuz it sounds Ukranian??? LOL! Looks awesome!

    2. Mama Ash | 22nd Feb 10

      Yes! LOL!
      I had Charlie on my back doing laundry and it was so comfertable…I tell ya I am happy I finally found “The One”..LOL!

    3. JIllian | 22nd Feb 10

      I LOVE my Beco too!!!!!! So glad you are feeling the love 😉
      LOVE IT!!!!

    4. Jennifer P | 19th Mar 10

      I just bought my Beco and love it! As for fabric, I bought the Grace — it’s my newborn’s middle name (and the pattern is gorgeous).

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