My experience with Maxi Cosi strollers and car seats.

I have used Maxi Cosi since Charles was a new born. Can I recommend it? Not 100%.
 I thought it was a good company.  I mean I guess it is.  I haven’t had too many serious complaints with them but the Foray is okay.   Not the best because you have to remove the seat in order to fold it up and to remove the seat is beyond ANNOYING because you have to push two buttons at once on each side and well, my button thingies get stuck and I am left cursing and kicking the stroller because it is too hard to remove and fold up. The basket can’t get filled because it just rubs against the wheels and the bottle holder is a pain because of how it sits and it tends to get caught in everything because it swings out and in. I hate it.

On a postive note, it’s survived Canadian winters well and my son can have a good snooze in there and it’s great for taller parents and tall babies.  So why is the Perle not good for tall parents?
However I don’t know what I’ll do this winter because the weather protector doesn’t work for us anymore.  I have a tall toddler so his feet are squished in because of how the weather protector tucks under, my son kicks it off and the zipper is tearing along the canopy but I could order a new canopy for $20+ dollars but there’s no point because of the length of the weather protector.  It’s not Maxi Cosi’s fault I have a tall toddler but I’ve had the stroller for 2 years and need to move on.
The Maxi Costi Mico car seat..that was a waste of money for us because at 3 months he had outgrown it, winter suits no way he could fit in the Maxi Cosi because the straps aren’t long enough!  Even when they sent me longer straps it didn’t do the job because it was only an inch longer! 

Now the Maxi Cosi Perle.
I returned it after a week of use.
If you are below 5’7″ then it might be good for you.  Is there anything more annoying then walking and kicking the stroller?  How about the brakes on the Perle? It sits further down so when you need to go up or down steps it locks!  On the TTC subway line here in Toronto you sometimes need to pull back on the stroller and let it sit on the back wheels to get on the subway because there’s a small gap between the platform and subway and whenever I used that method it was hard for some reason.
Now the handle bars.  I am about 5’9″- 5’10” and it was so hard on my back.
I was hunched over and kicking the back of the stroller with every step.  It was not good for us at all!
We got it as gift and I thought okay, let me give it one more try.  It felt okay at the store but once you have it at home and use it on a day to day business that’s when you can truly test and see how a product works. 
The weather protector is fantastic for the Perle and it does recline for good nap for your child.  It has a lift at the bottom of the seating.  Yeah, my sons legs kept pushing them down.
Overall Maxi Cosi seems like a great product would I recommend it?
Well for price it’s great and if you know all of the above then get it.  You may have a better experience with it than I.
Maxi Cosi Perle is not for tall parents! Trust me. If the handles extended out like my new 2011 XLR Maclaren stroller(thank you Maclaren) than maybe it’d be better?
I’m sorry Maxi Cosi, I know you have a lot of fans.
Overall I give them a 6/10

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion of Maxi Cosi,  all products mentioned were purchased and not given by Maxi Cosi for the purpose of my review.


  1. danielle | 13th Nov 10

    i can’t comment on the stroller/baby seats, because I didn’t use either, however, what i can suggest is instead of using a snow suit for baby, get yourself one of those baby carrier bundle bags (or whatever they are called…) they keep baby toasty warm and most important, nice and safe since they are snuggled in their seats safely and properly with the belt…
    plus when you are on a long drive, and the car is already warm, you can just fold down the flap and baby won’t overheat…
    just my 2 cents!

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