My great finds at the One of a Kind Christmas Show: Holiday gift idea’s

Although this just ended a lot of the venders can be found online and I’d like to share with you some of my favorite finds.

Donny is a monster from Monster Factory, I had forgotten how nice it is to support local, hand made items.

There are lots of monsters to choose from and my little guy clearly stated:
” I don’t like real monsters, just pretend ones like Donny”

Well Christmas came a tad early for my guy. I had to get this for him as the girls at Monster Factory could not get enough of Charlie and Charlie could not get enough of this sweet monster who is named “Donny:
Ever the opportunist, Donny always has a get rich quick scheme in the works”

All are Monsters are made in Toronto!
Check out their monster of the week Colin and save!

Another great find was this baby carrier cover from GogoMama Designs.


The look of it gorgeous and priced at $120.  All made in Toronto by the lovely mama, Jennifer.

It is made from a canvas type material that is a blend of cotton and linen and lined with fleece. The stitching was very nice and looks like a great functional cover. I did not get a chance to try it on due to time (so I do not know if the strap pulls around the neck) but it does fit over most carriers and you can do a hip carry as well as front and back.
It has one strap that goes around your neck and the sides have pullies so you can cinch it up.

See what else gogomama designs {here}



 Super cute little booties. They are a handmade wool blend with leather soles and the inside is made of a cozy wool fleece. I wish I had a little girl to get these for! They also come in a brushed twill material as well.

Vintage Baby Revival
Do you love knits for gifts and have your little one bundled up in handmade goodness?
If your little girl loves Little Red Riding Hood this is the {poncho} for her.

Melissa also makes adorable slippers and leg warmers.

See more from her shop {here} I have my eye on her Dijon Organic Cotton scarf!

Something for Mom? I love jewellery personally and knits myself but check out Luxe Design.
Create your own look and design from this Vancouver based company.
Sentimental gifts go a long way and here are some of their designs for mom, sisters, the adopted mama to be and for animal lovers.
I love their idea for bridesmaids! The site has so much for inspiration and the price point for every budget. A must see 🙂

I love candles and in particular beeswax, the smell reminds me of church and the melting beeswax scent also reminds me of making Ukrainian Easter eggs.

One of the best brands for beeswax candles is Pheylonian.  Their candles, including the natural plant fibre wicking remain a handmade craft, utilizing the purest cappings beeswax.  Since inception, the Pheylonian’s have worked in conjunction with eco-conscious beekeepers who guarantee the finest quality of pure cappings beeswax and bee products. Their family of beekeepers employ integral holistic bee keeping practices, which ensure the exclusion of any artificial honeycomb foundation being used. All Pheylonian wax, honey and bee pollen is sourced from the Northern Canadian Prairies, from a region free from pesticide, fertilizer and GMO crops that have had no commercial activity for over fifteen years.

The Clay Cauldron use non toxic glazes and her beautiful pottery is made in Toronto,ON
Do you have a baker in the family? One will love this bake stack.

All Things Jill.I have a good nose and I know quality when I smell it, after all I started out working with essential oils and was trained and worked with one of the best in city.
I love All Things Jill soaps, the lavender soap was heaven as was just about everything else!
They have you covered from pet care to hand and body care to even baby and male skin care.

Sooth dry itchy skin in a nice warm Oat Milk bath.
The Milky Way,
Organic Oats & milk, with petals of Lavender, Calendula, Rose, Chamomile and pure Essential Oil of Lavender combine to create a milky bath to soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Finish off by moisturizing your skin with their delicious body butters and check out their Holiday Gift Sets.


  1. Anonymous | 8th Dec 11

    Love this post and I have to get a monster for my son, he would love this!

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