My skin is dry, my skin is saggy, my breasts are.. get the picture!

Well moms, here’s something for you!

Dry skin in the winter, dry air at home.  Do I really have the time to scrub and moisturize when I have a baby at home?!  Let alone shower..whatever! In the early days I think I went 4 days without, oh how glamorous was I.
Well moms, the shower is your little piece of alone time and with the smells of lotions and potions it will restore you and bring you back to yourself.
Post baby are skin can change quite drastically.  After the birth of my son my mom so proudly handed me these high wasted, extra control top knickers she bought at the Bra Bar and said “Here, to get your tummy back in shape”.  I’m looking at them and I’m thinking… How the hell am I going to put this on when I can barely bend over, let alone pull these suckers up(and they are going to ride up my wah hoo,  you know they all do) when all I want is a bag of frozen peas to sit on.

Here are some tips you can do for yourself at home when your little angel is asleep:

1)Shower…yes, hard to imagine but true!
Get a lovely little exfoliating glove at your Shoppers Drug Mart if you can’t be bothered with body scrubs before you hit the baby section.  One of my clients swears by them.
To battle dry skin you have to exfoliate first! Your products will absorb better.

2)There are also a few yummy exfoliating scrubs you can scrub away with such as:
Origins-Incredible Spreadable Scrub Sea Salt Body Smoother (at the Bay)
Alba-Papaya Mango Exfoliating Body Wash(Sobeys and some heath food stores)
Clarins-Toning Body Polisher

3) I am scrubbed…now what?
Clarins-Tonic Body Oil and Body Shaping Cream
These products work in retaining elasticity in your skin and toning away flaccid skin
L’Occitane– 15% Shea Butter Body Moisturizer

Nuxe-Reve de Miel Body Lotion

4) My tummies has some extra cushion (but what do you expect, really.. after having a baby, it’s ok)
Clarins is by far the best for treating post and pre pregnancy skin.
Tonic Body Oil, High Definition Body Lift and last but not least Body Shaping Cream.  I have slathered myself in this stuff, hips, butt, boobs, tummy all the areas that say Baby Was Here.
We were a beautiful plump grape when we were pregnant, babies out and I don’t know about you, but I felt like a raisin after having baby. I was dry. D-R-Y and Clarins brought my skin back up…when I got around to it.  Can you visualize the grape and raisin theory?  I was round, glowing,fresh and juicy all signs of healthy skin. Charlie took everything from me and left me looking like a raisin.  You  know what….how wonderful are our bodies and what we are capable of doing.
I’ll be a raisin but I need help. Maybe I’m a glass of wine now?! LOL.
My all time favorite because you need to add it to whatever moisturizer you have and it will tone and firm your skin is the Body Supplement by Clarins. Check this web link out here!  NOW!

5) Breast are deflated…literally!
Yes Clarins again.  The Beauty Bust Gel.
Mama Mio-Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer

Olive oil for your sore and cracked nipples and to massage prior to breast feeding is great for your skin!
And your perineum prior to birth….remember that for next time.  6 weeks before bebe comes massage your nether region and perineum with olive oil before to avoid tearing.
Just a little tidbit!

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