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Insta_GP1-1I would love to tell you about Hospital Connections and MyMoments.  It’s actually quite a lovely idea.  The founders sister, Monica went into labour and after many hours later sweet baby Rayna was born.  But mom made one little boo-boo when packing her hospital bag-She bought size 1 diapers instead of the standard size 0 for newborns.  No one wanted to leave during this magical moment.  Why couldn’t hospitals care for new parents like they do in Finland?  In fact in hospitals across Finland parents are presented with a free box of all the essentials they need for themselves and their blessed newborns.  An idea was born for Canadian families.

MyMoments has partnered up with brands for new families to save them as much money as possible and have the right products for them.  Their goal at Hospital Connection is to support moms, moms-to-be and families across Canada of all shapes and sizes by offering a convenient way to save money on products and services.  These kits contain coupons and products, but it also provides  them with valuable offers that can be redeemed online at
Hospital Connection is based out of Ryerson University and is funded through governmental grants.  This is how they make sure everything is free for you.  The products are based on the feedback of the nursing managers, midwives, doulas and prenatal educators that they work with across Canada.
It should be noted that Hospital Connection does not represent any one brand but rather assists hospitals and clinics the best way they can.

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So how does this all work?
Hospital Connection distributes two kinds of kits.  The “Mother to be Kit” and the “Baby Kit”. 
The Mom and Baby kit contains products and gift cards distributed by midwives, doula’s, ultrasound clinics and prenatal classes.  The kits are provided before the baby is born and each new family can then enter their exclusive redeemable code for online offers at  The new family will receive their Baby Kit postpartum.
New parents can go online to get more products and offers and have the choice to take advantage of the offers for their sponsors.  

I’m expecting.  How do I make sure I get one?
The Mom to Be Kit is given out exclusively through midwife clinics and prenatal classes whereas the Baby Kit is given out at hospitals. Please make sure to ask your health care provider for one or have them contact us to sign up for the program.

How do I sign up to get these amazing offers?
It’s easy and takes about 30 seconds.  Visit and enter the required details.  Then click on to the amazing savings.
Here’s a peak!

 You can enter to win an amazing prize pack valued at $1200 and the MyMoments giveaway will end November.30/15, 11:59pmEST. 
Giveaway is Canadian Only.  Please share this post with all the moms to be you know! It’s an amazing new program for Canadian families.

Enter to win a $1200 prize pack from @MyMomentsCA. Enter today and sign up for great savings! Ends Nov.30/15 Click To Tweet
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  1. Wanda Tracey | 16th Nov 15

    This would be an awesome prize package to win for the new baby grandson.THX for the chance to participate.

  2. kristen | 18th Nov 15

    This is amazing! Thank-you so much for the opportunity!! 🙂

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