Natural Deodorants? Consonant delivers the best in their Dealkalizing Deodorant


I have reviewed and tried numerous natural deodorants and I gotta say…Consonant is the BEST I have used and if you are struggling with finding the right one, give Dealkalizing Deodorant a try!  You can thank me later and it doesn’t contain aluminium or polypropylene glycol.  Read on to see why I love it.

I’ll be honest, I can sweat it up as I overheat easily and may get a little stinky(sorry, is that too much info?), especially if I am home and skip a day.  Oh, the early days when the twins were newborns.  I’d be in the same clothes for days.  But what I love about Consonants deodorant is even on day 2, even though there is no scent I am still bearable to be around. The other brands can’t make that claim with me.   It costs $14 and a little goes a long way.  What I look for in a natural deodorant is if it works and if it is effective all day.  Well, Dealkalizing Deodorant is!  ALL DAY!
Is it really effective and offers all day protection as they have guaranteed it.

How do they do it? 
Odour-causing bacteria flourish in an alkaline environment, so we formulated Consonant Dealkalizing Deodorant to bring the pH of your skin to 4.5-5 to inhibit body odour for 24 hours.

Thank you bentonite clay!

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Baking Soda- will I react?
Even though it has baking soda, I have not reacted which has happened in the past with the other guys.  So if you are sensitive to baking soda I still think you should give it a try.   I do want to try the scented one which has a citrus scent that blends sweet orange with cinnamon, coriander and cassia middle and bottom notes.  Doesn’t that sound fresh and lovely?

Where to buy?
Buy Dealkalizing Deodorant {here}, no this is not an affiliate code.  I get nothing, I  just love this brand and think you will too and if you are concerned about the  crappy ingredients in commercial deodorants like aluminum. It’s time to change. Free the pits of toxic ingredients and try something natural.  Give love to the pits, the axillary lymph nodes are close by.  The nodes close to the breast(lymph nodes are there to drain the lymph, the clear white fluid made up of white blood cells) so use an effective and natural deodorant.   It’s something to think about.

Big news for Consonant!
Consonant is one of my favourite natural lines.  Their skincare is phenomenal and you can shop online or visit Consonant if you are in the Toronto area.   However, there is some exciting news coming from Consonant HQ!  Bill Baker, the creator and CEO of the line who is an amazing man has made his business into quite a success and I am honoured to “know” him.   Sephora is going to be retailing Consonant. will carry a range of Consonant Skincare’s products including the Natural Foaming Face Wash, Dealkalizing Deodorant, DHE Mask as well as the brand’s speciality kits like the Healthy Skin Care Detox Kit and the Gym & Travel Essentials Kit. 

Congrats Bill and the team at Consonant.  Now….I need to come on for a facial and thank you for making an exceptional all natural deodorant.  It is really hard to find one that is 100% perfect.


  1. Brandee | 22nd Jan 16

    I actually just gave up on my last natural deodorant and bought a new one today. I never thought of Consonant! All of my sons products are Consonant but I never thought to try myself!! Will take a look!!

    • Erica | 23rd Jan 16

      Thanks so much for commenting 🙂 What did you find was lacking from the other brands? Consonant has so many new products now too. I hope you’ll like the Consonant deodorant, let me know. I’m still odour free the second day. Nice I just sniffed myself as I typed this, haha.

  2. Debbie White Beattie | 3rd Feb 17

    I’ve never heard of this deodorant but it sounds really good. Personally I’ve been using a spray on but this sounds because there’s no chemicals. Great review

  3. nicky | 9th Feb 17

    I like the idea of a Dealkalizing Deodorant! Seems better for our bodies and health than those harsh chemical deodorants. I’lll look for Consonant the next time I buy deodorant.

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