New from Bugaboo: The Bugaboo Runner arriving Spring of ’15



A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with the crew from Bugaboo as they stopped in Toronto to share with us what is new and current from the ever so sleek Dutch stroller company.  I’ll be sharing weekly just what I got to see first hand so stay tuned my Bugaboo enthusiasts!


Being a product junkie and sharing with you the best in the industry I was very excited to see a new chassis in the works that will be available in 2015.  
“The Bugaboo Runner is inspired by our passion for freedom of movement,” says Max Barenbrug, founder and Chief Design Officer, Bugaboo International. “We wanted to create a jogging extension that lets parents move even more freely and focus on what they love doing. It’s modular, easy to use and helps you explore the world with your family.”
Now I can’t tell you too much more since I don’t have a Bugaboo Runner but here are key features that any Bugaboo lover & owner will like about the Runner.  
~ Why buy two completely different strollers just because you enjoy running? The Bugaboo Runner is a separate chassis designed purely for running that works with every current Bugaboo model you buy or already own.  Just click your seat on the Bugaboo Runner and you’re ready to go.
~ A smooth run is important, which is why the Bugaboo Runner features large wheels with air-filled tires and a unique suspension system built into the chassis that absorbs any bumps along the way. The Bugaboo Runner’s three-wheel base provides a stable ride and its front wheel is fixed for utmost performance, delivering the smoothest, straightest run possible. 
~ The Bugaboo Runner quickly unfolds and collapses to its compact form, making it perfect for storing at home or taking along in your car. With the Bugaboo Runner you’re free to explore anytime, anywhere: easily take your child for a run in the park or a jog on a sunny day.

~ Compatible with the Bugaboo Bee*/Bugaboo Bee3, Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Donkey, the Bugaboo Runner can also be purchased as a complete jogging stroller with a separate Bugaboo Runner seat. And of course you can connect your favorite Bugaboo accessories. Enjoy the freedom to move faster, whether you’re a casual jogger, training for a race or just want to enjoy a better running experience with your child.

When can you get it?

The Bugaboo Runner will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand starting Spring 2015 and in Europe from Fall 2015. The Bugaboo Runner jogging extension (chassis and seat adapters) will retail for $425 USD/CAD. As a complete jogger, the Bugaboo Runner will retail for $755 USD/CAD (chassis, seat and seat adapters).

*Bugaboo Runner compatible with Bugaboo Bee models from March 2010 – current

Next up….. Bugaboo Diesel Collection, coming on Everything Mom and Baby Oct.13.14
Are you a jogger? Do you own a Bugaboo? What are some the features mentioned above do you think you’d like?


  1. Suzanne | 7th Oct 14

    Oh my what a beautiful stroller! I would have loved to have the baby!

  2. The Mom Jen | 7th Oct 14

    Great looking and so functional. If I had a stroller like this, I wouldn’t still be carrying around baby weight…it’s been 8 years! :/ LOL.

  3. RAijean | 7th Oct 14

    My child is too old for this now but I’ve heard good things about there stroller.

  4. Jenna Wood | 7th Oct 14

    I love how lightweight this stroller looks, precisely what an active mom needs! And the colors- well I’d have a hard time picking one!

  5. Sarah Husvar | 7th Oct 14

    Looks like a super fab and functional jogger! Joggers are always my favorite choice – “no limit strolling” as my husband calls it. Love my Bugaboos!

  6. Jennifer Van Huss | 7th Oct 14

    I love how sleek it looks!! It would be a great running stroller!

  7. Ann B | 7th Oct 14

    That looks like quite a high tech stroller! Wow. Wish they looked like that when my kids were younger.

  8. Spaceships | 8th Oct 14

    That looks like an awesome stroller!

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