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Playtex has come out with something that is completely new to make bottle feeding easier for you and baby.  After all-it’s not always an easy transition. Believe me I KNOW!  We gave weaning a go so I could explore Playtexs’ newest innovation and with trial and error we’ve come around full circle.  Although we still breast feed exclusively if I need to break away for a media event or a much needed mommy break and to reconnect with my girlfriends I can leave home feeling confident my girls will still get my milk and it will be with Playtex bottles.

Playtex has come out with 4 new nipples:

Angled Nipple: for upright feeding, these nipples are designed to allow for a more comfortable feeding position for baby.

Breastlike Nipple:  Designed to mimic the breast, these nipples are designed to provide a seamless transition from breast to bottle.  
Full sized Nipple: For wider mouths, these nipples are designed to provide a comfortable feeding experience for older and larger than average babies.  
NaturaLatch Nipple: NaturaLatch nipple features raised, textured area that is like the breast and is designed to promote latch-on. Perfect for babies switching from breast to bottle. Available in slow flow, medium flow, fast flow and y-cut — perfect for all stages of baby’s growth.
Our experience from breast and bottle feeding has been interesting.  Like I mentioned above my twins are exclusively breast fed so some days were easier than others when it came to bottle feeding.   Sometimes they took the bottle and sometimes not. I think finding the right nipple from Playtex helped.
Tip: To help give them the bottle I  found warming the nipple helped and expressing a little milk onto the nipple as well to help them latch on and drink.
We pumped and tried and tried some more. Babies truly decide if they want breast or bottle but my tips helped, lol! We got the Variety nipple pack which is genius because not all nipples are created equally just like a mothers nipple comes in all shapes and sizes when little one is suckling.   Playtexs’ newest innovative nipples help you skip the trial and error.
Having twins as well they have different mouth shapes.  So with this set it was fascinating to see my first twin preferred the new Full sized nipple where Baby B preferred the Breastlike Nipple.
One a side note. What I didn’t know was that Playtex also has a Petite nipple.  Great for many twin moms who have to bottle feed and sometimes twins come early and with that their sweet little mouths can open only so much.  This is a great nipple to know about that I just wanted to mention.
So if you’re thinking of weaning and want to make an easy transition try it with Playtex and pick up the variety pack ($7.99).  The Bottle and Nipple Gift boxes make for an even easier transition.  The Drop in Nursers are great for convenience and the Ventaire bottles have been loved by friends as well.
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What interests you in Playtexs’ newest innovative nipples?
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*I’m a #MomTrust blogger for Playtex and all opinions are my own.


  1. Nicolthe pickle | 29th Mar 14

    I think it’s great that they have a naturalatch. That they’re trying to make it as easy as possible for baby.

  2. Nicky | 29th Mar 14

    this looks great – a useful innovation that seems much better for baby (and therefore parents too!)

  3. Jonnie (JB) | 29th Mar 14

    I love that you can get a variety of nipples in one pack so your baby can try out different ones and decide what he likes best

  4. Juliee | 29th Mar 14

    I think Playtex has always had the best products for babies. Like that they have so many nipples to try.

  5. Tanis S | 29th Mar 14

    How easy it is for my little one to use!

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