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Earbuds.  Let’s dish about them.  My mother is adamant that my kids are not to use them, especially my son who likes to wear them when gaming.  “Nothing should go in the ear!” as she yelled at me when we were in Winnipeg this past summer and the fact that my son said he hears the game better and his friends when he has them on as his friends have the full gaming headphones with a mic.  That was enough for me to say “NO MORE EARBUDS!”  Let me tell you about CozyPhones.


My kids have been using these off and on, especially when it comes to wearing something like this when we are out, in the car etc and I don’t want to hear the games or shows.  They are super comfy, my twins liked them a lot but sometimes we struggled to put them on because you have to search for the right spot to move the earphone to fit correctly over their ear.  My son got a little hot wearing it as it’s made of fleece but nonetheless, I like that it’s not an earphone that goes directly in their ears.  Ideally, kids should wear something like this for their ears one hour or less or at least to take frequent breaks and if your kids are gamers they should rest their eyes too.  Every 20 minutes or so they should look out the window for eye health(something I learned this summer at the optometrist as well!)


CozyPhones are built tough with a flexible and durable 36-inch braided cord and sturdy 3.5 mm stereo plug. The cord is made to last under normal wear and tear of everyday living with your child.  I was impressed as I wanted to try them on too and see how loud it got.  Even on my phone at full volume, there is a significant difference in level of sound compared to my usual Apple earbuds.  The max volume limit on a pair of CozyPhone headphones has it set that 85 decibels are the highest it will go.

I will go and say and that I do recommend CozyPhones.  The fact that worst earphones/buds produced can go so loud and damage children’s ears within minutes is scary to say in the least and as we live in the electronic age of devices that even toddlers are seen wearing headphones, you ought to check out CozyPhones as they are a fantastic alternative and priced just right at $25.78(on sale) 

“you have to know your free time isn’t costing your child lifelong hearing problems.” ~ Dr.Papsin(read more here)

Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with CozyPhones as we were gifted product to conduct a review.


  1. Jasmine | 1st Oct 18

    Fantastic review, Erica! I’ll have to get these for my daughters.

    • Mama Ash | 1st Oct 18

      They are on sale! Hurry and order 🙂 Great stocking stuffer too if you can wait that long.

  2. Jessica | 1st Oct 18

    My mom forwarded me your post, hahaha! I am told she’ll be getting these for Ben 😉

  3. Christine | 1st Oct 18

    We love these for our travels! From the plane, train to the car for our road trips. They are so comfy too.

    • Mama Ash | 1st Oct 18

      We take them for our travels too.

  4. Sapana V | 11th Oct 18

    I am new to CozyPhones… But it seems like a great product! Thanks for the review. Would love to check it out…

  5. nicky | 17th Oct 18

    These look like such great headphones!

  6. Jonnie | 18th Oct 18

    These sound like a great alternative to earbuds. I love that the volume has a limit! I wonder if they could make them with a lighter material than fleece that would still be comfortable but not as hot?

  7. kristen visser | 18th Oct 18

    These are adorable and such a great idea!!! I want one for both of my daughters.

  8. jan | 18th Oct 18

    Fantastic idea. When I initially saw them I thought they held the earphones in the ear.

  9. kathy | 20th Oct 18

    I have been thinking about getting these for my granddaughter,they seem like a good quality product!

  10. Lynda Cook | 22nd Oct 18

    I love these, I like that there is nothing that goes into the ears!

  11. nicky | 22nd Nov 18

    I got the panda ones for my kiddo – so cute!

  12. kathy downey | 25th Nov 18

    I have a set for my grandson and he loves them,so easy to use !

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