Nourishing Breast Milk by Cheryl Millet

I am happy to have my first guest writer on Everything Mom and Baby.
Cheryl is going to share with you the importance of the right essential fatty acids to give you and baby the best milk because we know…. breast is best.
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Nourishing Breast Milk!
Powerful stuff breast milk…and more nourishing for the baby than a green smoothie!!
Many moons ago and in various cultures, babies/children were breastfed until 5 years old.  Then there was a time when moms were encouraged to take up formulas for convenience…then back to breastfeeding and only several years ago the recommendation was to breastfeed for 4 months, but now it is 6 months according to the Public Health Agency of Canada:
Today, most women are breastfeeding their babies. Breast milk is the best food you can offer your baby. Health Canada and the World Health Organization recommend that it should be the only food or drink for the first 6 months of life and after that breastfeeding should continue – with the gradual introduction of solid foods – for 2 years and more.
I totally agree…breast milk is the best food AND even better if the quality is there.  Several years ago, I heard about a thesis on breast milk versus formula, and the outcome was that formula was just as healthy as breast milk…not sure of the details. Let me explain.
If I were to build a house, and the raw materials delivered were inferior, then I would expect a house to be sub standard.  What goes into our bodies builds our bodies and builds our breast milk.  Our body is truly a miracle but it cannot produce essential nutrients out of thin air.
Preparation and more preparation…
Creating a healthy baby starts with planning…yes you could consider eating healthy before conceiving but let’s focus on the vital nutrition needed to produce nourishing breast milk.
The first milk from the breast is the colostrum.  It is rich in amino acids (protein) approx 50% and fatty acids (omegas, specifically DHA and DPA) approx 50%.  The amino acids are vital for the intestinal and immune system development (because 70-80% of the immune system lies in the gut).  The fatty acids are vital for further brain development (including the nervous and hormonal systems.)
Certain amino acids and fatty acids are essential which means we must consume them regularly to meet our needs.  To prepare for a healthy baby, one should know that generational we are depleted of omegas and our balance of omega 6 to 3 is out (according to Japanese Researchers, an omega 6 and 3 imbalance is the key reason for all Westernized diseases including the increase in learning disabilities…ask me to email you this info.
A healthy omega balance is 1:1 omega 6 to omega 3.  Corn oil is 80:1 and fish oil is on average 10:1. Simply meaning, excess omega 6 in the body causes inflammation which is part of every pain, ache, symptom and disease.  Time to consider a healthy balance of 1:1 healthy omega 6 to healthy omega 3.
I have been studying omegas for the past 2 years and it appears that we, woman, are suppose to convert the plant sources of omegas (short chain) from birth (that is if we received healthy fatty acids ourselves) until puberty and store them in our adipose tissues (which is why we have more fat cells) at which time we have babies, and express the long chain fatty acids into the baby during the third trimester and in the colostrum.  The state of the nation is that the majority of women do not have their babies at puberty often, plus we do not convert the short chain fatty acids very well.  In Iridology (the study of the eyes), it wasn’t uncommon to see digestive issues in children.  The digestive issues are the root causes for allergies which are popping up more often and earlier.
For starters, I encourage all to consume foods that are raw, whole, organic/natural or fresh/local, and supplements from the same…this is my 5 finger philosophy.
For protein, I recommend consuming organic only and search for grass/plant fed animals.  If animals are eating grains, there omega 6 and 3s will not be balanced.  According to Paul Nison, many cultures (and long living people) consume a small amount of animal protein.  Quality is key here!
For omegas, I recommend a mammalian source from Auum Inc. as these omegas fit into my philosophy on foods.  Bio available omegas will be easily digested by the body and Auum omegas contain the essential vitamin D3. for information
Please check out my blog for more information on omegas and more (enjoy the Barefoot and Healthy! Article…so important for all of us) or check out my Events for upcoming presentations which will provide more details on all of the above.
Look forward to connecting with you, and I enjoy questions and feedback. 
Make it a healthy day for you and baby!

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