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NudgeFoodMadeBetterAdThere’s a new mac n’ cheese in town and it’s called Nudge!  And let me give you a little nudge to read on as to why I like Nudge so much.  Plus we’ll have coupons for you!  There will be 10 winners to get a coupon from Nudge and Rolling Meadow Dairy.

Why does Everything Mom and Baby like Nudge so much?????
– It’s made with organic ingredients
– Made with Grass Fed dairy
– Non GMO
– No artificial flavours, preservatives or colours
– It’s a fabulous alternative based on the ingredients to no name brands, KD and other subpar premade foods. 
– When I don’t have time to make a from scratch I feel that is a much better alternative

Why does grass fed matter?
The primary health benefit of grass feeding is that the omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio of grass-fed milk is significantly improved (up to 300%) in comparison to that of non-grass fed milk (2). Less omega-6, and more omega-3 means more health benefits from omega-3, the healthy fats!
You can read more about this here.  It also has been found that those who are sensitive to dairy and usually okay with grass fed dairy.

What kind of Nudge products are available?  There is white and regular cheddar available and a gluten free option.

How do you make boxed mac n’ cheese?  Do you just throw everything in and mix it up?  Growing up my mom and grandma made it different.  Maybe you do it the same way but I enjoy Rolling Meadow products and I use their butter.  I melt a few tablespoons in a pan first, then I add the powdered cheese so a bechamel style sauce is being formed and I like to use 18% cream.  It’s rich and delicious but milk is more often used.  Once the sauce is made I then add the cooked noodles to the pan, stir and serve.  I gotta say……Nudge is really good. It tastes great.  It does not lack on flavour! 

NudgeMacNCheeseWhere can you buy Nudge?
It’s brand new and coming to more stores every month.  You are best to inquire with your grocery store manager but currently it’s at WholeFoods, Fortino’s, Loblaws, Fiesta Farms.

What have my kids said about it?
My son, 6yrs old ~ “You know what mom.  This is really good.”
The Twins, 2 1/2 yr old ~ Well…they were speechless(haha!) but they gobbled it up!

OK folks I want you to try some Nudge as well.  Would you be willing to leave a review on the Nudge Facebook page if I could hook you up with coupons?  You can comment on my blog post to register, tweet it out or even come to my facebook page and enter by commenting.  If you do all three you have a better chance of getting randomly selected.
Try Nudge!


  1. Kristina | 11th Sep 15

    Would love to try Nudge! The gluten free option would be perfect for our family. I am always looking for new, tasty GF products.

  2. Stephanie Coldwell | 16th Sep 15

    I love trying new mac n cheeses!

  3. Victoria Ess | 18th Sep 15

    This sounds like a great gluten-free food option for my family! Also, they look so tasty!

  4. Shannon | 25th Sep 15

    Sweet! I would love to try this!

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