Oh No! My baby has a cold! Here are some tips….

Well, I’ve been here a couple of times since Master Chunk has turned 1.
I was anxious about the whole ordeal of his first cold, he didn’t get one until after his 1st birthday but my heart ached at his sad, little cough.  I put onions in his socks so they’d absorb through his feet, I hung an onion in his crib, I even made an oldschool English recipe of onion cough syrup.  It actually tasted pretty good.  I tried the home made remedies as my doctor didn’t offer me anything but to wait it out and now I am more relaxed when Master Chunk gets sick.  What are you gonna do right?  It happens and yes I am done with the onions as so is Chunk.

Here’s what I do normally.
I make him tea with honey, nature’s natural antibiotic. He was over the age of 1 yr(due to honey not being pasteurized) when he got his first cold, for a younger baby use your discretion but I did make him Camomile teas under the age of 1 year minus the honey, I made s sugar syrup that my Aromatherapist teacher taught me.

Rosehips has the highest for Vitamin C content and I add a little honey since it’s natures #1 antibiotic.
I also give him Camomile and I use Egyptian Camomile flower buds as they are the best quality.
*Please note that honey is safe for most babies over the age of 1 year old

I give him some homeopathy medicines.
My faves are:
Boiron-Coryzalia (for stuffy nose and sneezing)
Boiron-Stodal Cough Syrup
Homeocan-Phytux Cough & Cold
Vicks– Baby Vapo Rub (made in Germany, and has Lavender and Rosemary)

This is wonderful as well for when babe has a cold:
*Keep at least one of these on hand in your medicine cabinet

Sambucol– For Kids
Anti viral flu care, made with Black Elderberry Extract
Heel– Brocosin (Honey & Lemon)Consult a health care practitioner for children under 2 years of age

Homeocan– Homeocoksinum Kids Flu Buster
Boiron-oscillococcinum for children
*during flu season as prevention I put one vial of the oscillococcinum in his bottle and mix it up

 But when your baby is sick, it’s best to give breast as it is less mucousy(if that’s even a word) than formula and it provides ferocious antibodies to your little sick, ever so sweet babe, that formula obviously doesn’t.   I always picture a little army of white blood cells fighting off those evil sick cooties when he’s on the boob and those sweet blue eyes looking up at me, saying “mommy make me feel better”.  Tear jerker I know.
I do use oscilococcinum for prevention.

Rubbing Oil

 I also massage the oil into his little cute feet..well they ain’t so little! A couple of drops of Oregano Oil from North American Herb and Spice. The Rubbing Oil is a life saver as well. A-1 Nutrition in Winnipeg can ship this out to you. It’s a serious must have, let her know Helen’s daughter, Erica sent you. 😉

300-1120 Grant Ave
(204) 475-7522

Homemade Chicken Soup is always yummy and soothing and I put it in his sippy cup, if under the age of 1 no salt should be added to the stock.

My favorite humidifier is the Ultrasonic Bionare Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier($89) that can be found at the Bay.  Easy to clean, adjustable mist and no leakage and filter free!

And last but not least, you usually have to wait it out( it can last 7-10days) but our babes have to get sick, that’s how they build their immune systems. I think it’s harder for us than them.

But for goodness sake take them to the doctors first and follow your doctors recommendations.  These are just some of the things I do and I am not a doc just a mom.

And for fun here’s that Onion Cough Syrup recipe:
1 Onion cut in half
1-2 tablespoons of brown sugar(honey if infant is over 1 year)
Pour the sugar or honey over the onion and let it sit over night.


  1. Tamara from BebePure | 14th Dec 10

    It is interesting that you mention the onion cough syrup as that is the stuff my mom and dad would give me when I was old enough to remember. I remember hating the smell, but the taste was OK thanks to sweet honey :).
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Mama Ash | 14th Dec 10

    It actually tastes pretty good, LOL! I showered Charlie in Onions when he has his first cold, LOL!
    Stuffed them in his socks, well it’s in the post 🙂

  3. NURSE MUM on the RUN | 14th Dec 10

    Love all of these products too!

  4. Natalya | 14th Dec 10

    My mom made the same to Aris when he had a cold: an onion syrup. I also tried the recipe I found on internet: juice of ginger root, combined with juice of lemon and honey. He did not mind it, too. It boosts an immune system.

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