oh Snap Baby Carrier by BabyHawk

I have a weakness for the company Babyhawk as I am on the hunt for another version of my beloved Toddlerhawk.
It’s called the oh Snap and I want one…really…really bad.  I hope there’s an online store somewhere in Cyberspace that has them on sale. These carriers are awesome, they are comfy and supportive and it keeps my bebe nice and secure for his size, plus they can carry the weight of up to 45pds+. Triple padded top straps, foam core bottom strap makes it the perfect baby carrier for larger babies.
It is the most comfortable carrier I have worn and now they have this style.
I love the Blakely Bloom, I think that would be a nice one for spring and summer 😉
It only makes sense to have one that matches the season…right?! Hmm, I wonder if Papa Ash would agree. If you see these on sale please let me know!
I have to get the Blakely Bloom and hopefully I’ll have an oh Snap to blog about 🙂 I will post where to buy these as well….you could go directly to Babyhawk.
Canadian shop locations and online shops:

I got an Oh Snap…stay tuned for a review……

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