Make your own Lavender Water!

I’ve received some essential oils to sample and review from Thursday Plantation Canada and it’s getting me back into my aromatherapy days at the clinic I used to work at. Lavender oil is one of my favourites and must haves.  I use it for my burns when cooking, healing cuts when the kids get hurt playing to making Aromatic waters and soothing fevers. You can mist this after a shower, mist it on your clothing, brush through your hair. This is also a lovely mist for kids before bed on their pillow.  I hope you like this refreshing and soothing recipe.  I like to use amber bottles.  Alternatively although they can be tricky to find you might find them at health stores if you don’t want to order online on Amazon.  But you know what I do? I keep my Station Cold Brew Coffee bottles since they are amber.  I wash them and store them.  I go to the Dollar store with my Station Brew and test out the sprays to see which ones fit.  


Bottled spring water is unsuitable so pick up distilled water or genuine Rose water, NOT the kind for baking.  Allow the mixture to ripen for one-two weeks in a cool dark place and shake it to disperse the oils.  When ready pour through a damp coffee filter paper, this will clarify the the mixture as a number of unmodified essential oils cause water and alcohol to turn cloudy.  Filtering also helps to reduce the problem of separation of oil and water.  Re-bottle the mixture and label.  Store in a cool dark place and use up within 3 months.

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Where to buy Thursday Plantation Lavender oil- Online at Thursday Plantation or find a store near you.

FYI: Never use tap water as it does not keep well. It also imparts a chemical odour to blends, intensified by synergy. Bottled spring water should also be avoided because it harbours bacteria. Distilled water is on the other hand is relatively inert and has excellent keeping qualities. 

Lavender benefits: Just to name a few, it’s analgesic, antiseptic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, sedative

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  1. Rebby Roberts | 18th Oct 16

    I’ve never heard of this before! This sounds amazing, I’d love to try to make some lavender water!

  2. Judy Cowan | 25th Oct 16

    Sounds very easy to make, will have to try.

  3. Victoria Ess | 18th May 17

    I’ve never thought to add this to water!

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