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I’m an Orange Naturals Moms and pretty proud of it.  It has taught me so much about health and treating minor ailments naturally.  I’ve always loved homeopathy, naturopathy and alternative health.  I know what to use and I don’t fret anymore.  If you’ve seen my recent my ad in August issue of Sage Magazine and the December issue of Alive(thanks BeWitchin’ Kitchen for sending me this!), you’ll know “Gentle can be Strong”.  Being an Orange Naturals mom has also taught me there are alternatives. But what I do like, well let me share my favourites for the kids and adults.  If you want four products or want to try Orange Naturals start off here.  Stock up. They are on sale at


Sleep Tight for Kids,  Not only do I love this but many other moms I chat with love it too and it helps!  Sometimes my kids can get restless, my son does for sure especially when overtired.  All three of my kids run in circles.  I pull this out and they know instantly what to do and I tuck them and wish them sweet dreams.  It’s a calming and relaxing blend, it’s non-drowsy, non-toxic and gentle.  Nothing artificial.


Turmeric.  I add it to my smoothies. You can even make a wicked “bulletproof” coffee or latté with it.  It’s not too strong as it’s an alcohol base. With everything added I don’t taste it really.  With tea add 3 drops, lemon, 4 cups of water and honey to taste.  It reduces pain and inflammation. It protects the liver, aids in digestion.  Apparently turmeric can be an alternative to taking ibuprofen.

Fever.  In the news recently Tylenol made headlines that it shouldn’t be given to kids for the treatment of fevers.   The ingredients alone make me sick with parabens and artificial colours and flavours but what’s a parent to do when they don’t know otherwise? Fever is good but it makes us panic.  I’d like to suggest a gentler and effective product.   We know it’s the bodies way of fighting infection, increasing white blood cells.  But there are alternatives!  


Stress and Calm.  Oh my saviour.  With three kids, no help and no family when things get a little chaotic or I lose my cool(keeping it real ya’ll.) I recommend this to friends and family.  With the holiday rush too…well this will help you find temporary relief from the stress of daily life.


So you see gentle can indeed be strong.  I love these alternatives to traditional methods and that there is something for kids to help dose off to.  With Christmas around the corner(YAY!) they can rest well the night before!  I love that there’s a gentler product for fevers and turmeric to reduce pain.  Who knew? I hope to continue working with Orange Naturals as their products are great, affordable and when you take them you’ll know the difference too.

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Disclosure.  Even though I am an Orange Naturals Moms, all opinions are always my own and is never influenced in any way. I am proud to be #ONatural.  Be well.




  1. Tammy @inRdream | 2nd Dec 15

    Some of my favs too! Although I have never tried a Turmeric tea? Thanks for the suggestion. Congratulations Erica, you look fantastic!

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