Organizing and shopping for my accent cabinets with Wayfair Canada

New Year, new clean, am I right? Have you been watching Marie Kondo Tidying Up on Netflix?  Well, it is getting me into major clean mode and organization mode as I look around our apartment and see the clutter and messes from the twins.  One spot for example next to the TV was a basket of paper, markers and all their craft stuff and board games.  It was driving me nuts as I like my living room to be a “kid-free” clutter.  They have enough room in their bedroom.  Or do they? 

Anyways, I like free delivery and I went to to check out accent cabinets as we needed something for their games and crafts but something that would match our decor.  Here’s what I found.  The Andover Mills Rosedale 2 Doors Accent Cabinet. Best part it was under $200.

If you follow me on Instagram you may saw when I got this, as I shared it on my Instastories as I was putting it together.  Which was super easy and I had it done in just over an hour.  It is fantastic and it fits everything.  I am playing around with it for storage but it fits all the board games, I will put the twins crafts supplies in it as well but it is a perfect size.  The shelf length is 28.5” W x 13.7” and it fits the board games!

Here is the inside:



It’s a beautiful piece of new furniture that I love.   It adds a nice decorative touch.  Does your home need a little something new?  Well, keep reading and enter below as I have collaborated with to gift one lucky winner a $100 Wayfair gift card!  Afterall it is nice timing too for their semi-annual Bed & Bath sale!
Giveaway is Canadian only, it will end on Jan.28/19

Side note: I really like the Langley Street Ladder that Wayfair shared for craft supplies:

Wayfair $100 Gift Card

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with Wayfair Canada.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own.



  1. jan | 15th Jan 19

    It would cover the rug we have been eyeing because it is now on sale!

  2. ivy pluchinsky | 15th Jan 19

    i would get myself some outdoor gardening items as I want to start gardening more.

  3. Joni | 15th Jan 19

    my bedroom is such a mess and i have no idea how to even start to organize it

  4. wendy hutton | 15th Jan 19

    I been wanting extra storage in the kitchen- too many small appliances and really want some enclosed shelf the Rosendale 2 Door Accent Cabinet would be perfect

  5. Michelle W | 15th Jan 19

    I’d love this rug to make my living room more cozy!

  6. Anne Taylor | 15th Jan 19

    My grandson would be thrilled with the Darth Star Wars 10.5 ‘x 72’ Wall Panel

  7. Shirley OFlynn | 15th Jan 19

    I would like to get my home better organized in the New Year and Wayfair has so many wonderful options. I would buy the Imogen Ladder Bookcase to give me some extra storage in my family room.

  8. Amy Heffernan | 15th Jan 19

    I would get the Clair Grey Area Rug!!! Thanks!

  9. Rosanne Robinson | 15th Jan 19

    We moved into a new home in September so I have a long list of things that I would LOVE to get at Wayfair, everything from living room and kitchen furniture, bedding, bath sheets, rugs, storage units, outdoor furniture and that list goes on!

  10. Pat Drouillard | 15th Jan 19

    I would get a lamp

  11. Cathy Brown | 15th Jan 19

    I would use it to buy a new kitchen light.

  12. Stephen Gordon | 15th Jan 19

    Indoor garden accessories

  13. Linda | 15th Jan 19

    Need a new outdoor thermometer….the nice ones are really pricey!

  14. Catherine Robichaud | 15th Jan 19

    They have some really nice bedding at Wayfair. I would probably get a new Duvet Cover for my bed with it.

  15. Elaine G | 15th Jan 19

    I need to get a stand for my tv. I’d like to get one with storage space. So I would put it towards that.

  16. Lynne M | 15th Jan 19

    I would get a cabinet as a phone table/storage in out kitchen…this would solve our organizational issues~

  17. Lisa bolduc | 15th Jan 19

    We are rearranging our living room. I would the a new tv unit

  18. Janet M | 15th Jan 19

    I would like a new mattress.

  19. Jennifer Wilson | 15th Jan 19

    I need the $100 gift card so I can buy a slipcover for my ratty couch.

  20. Carolle H | 15th Jan 19

    I would get a duvet cover for my bed

  21. Simone | 15th Jan 19

    I’d love to put this towards buying an amazing grey, tufted sofa!

  22. patricia gautreau | 15th Jan 19

    Would be so nice , thanks for the chance .

  23. Julie F | 15th Jan 19

    I am looking for a table or chest for our hall!

  24. Kim Tanti | 15th Jan 19

    After 9yrs of living with a green bathtub we have finally finished our bathroom. I just need a medicine cabinet and towels/

  25. Charlene Lucas | 15th Jan 19

    I just moved into a much smaller space and need a storage solution for my clothes in place of a bureau as I’m in an open space.

  26. l p | 15th Jan 19

    new things for the bathroom. thanks

  27. CL Chin | 15th Jan 19

    We are in need of a new coffee table and also have to get my son a bed. This would help a lot!

  28. kristen visser | 15th Jan 19

    I seriously need curtains! I have my back door and back window with nothing on them. It’s okay during the day but love the privacy at night

  29. Michelle Policelli | 15th Jan 19

    I would love this gift card as it would help us to put it towards a new sofa set!

  30. Melinda | 15th Jan 19

    I would love the Arias 24 Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set.

  31. kathy downey | 15th Jan 19

    I would probably get a new Kusilvak Round Accent Mirror

  32. Katherine O | 15th Jan 19

    There’s so many things on my list, I’m not even sure where to start.

  33. Ameirah Taha | 15th Jan 19

    We are redoing our living space now, on the list is TV stand , bookcase & … from wayfair oh yes I have been looking. There is a couple of great bookcases I would choose from. Many thanks i love that show so much is leaving me as they do not bring me joy.

  34. Julie Bolduc | 15th Jan 19

    I like the Navasota Pillow Cover theyhave alot of nice

  35. Karla Sceviour | 15th Jan 19

    ohh,I need it because I sure could use some retail therapy right now! I`d probably buy some new comfy sheets for my bed!!

  36. Louise Chapman | 15th Jan 19

    I’m hoping to get a new couch and put the money towards it!

  37. Carole Dube | 15th Jan 19

    I need extra storage in the kitchen the Andover Mills Rosedale 2 Doors Accent Cabinet. would be perfect in my kitchen. Thank you!

  38. Tannis W | 15th Jan 19

    I have never shopped from wayfair yet! A gift card would be a great way to get started with some shopping!

  39. Tannis W | 15th Jan 19

    I forgot to add, I like this cabinet:

  40. Kam | 16th Jan 19

    We need some new area rugs, so this would be so helpful towards getting those!

  41. Rebecca | 16th Jan 19

    I would love to get new bedding for our master bedroom.

  42. Emily B | 16th Jan 19

    We really need a small rug for our entry, Wayfair has the most beautiful things!

  43. Jenness M | 16th Jan 19

    I’m redecorating our master bedroom and I’d love the Darrah Upholstered Storage Bench!

  44. Shelley Hickey | 16th Jan 19

    I would love the same piece that you bought and I need the $100 so my hubby doesn’t freak out on me LOL

  45. Jenny Major | 16th Jan 19

    i love that white stand

  46. Jay M | 16th Jan 19

    I got all of our basement lighting at Wayfair. Couldn’t be happier with the lights and their customer service. I would love to get a storage ottoman (a longer one, to put trays on top).

  47. Amy C | 16th Jan 19

    I need Storage & Organization suggestions. I would get the Halstead Hall Tree by Beachcrest Home

  48. Andy d | 16th Jan 19

    I would love to get a new area rug for our living room.

  49. Wendy Coderre | 16th Jan 19

    As a senior I could use so many items so will be a challenge to decide what to get. TY for opportunity! Have a great day! <3

  50. Doreen Lamoureux | 16th Jan 19

    Oh, I definitely need a card. We are moving soon and will be nice to get a furniture piece or two to help add character to our new space.

  51. andrea amy | 16th Jan 19

    I would use it towards getting a new cat tree for my cats!

  52. Wendi Maroon | 16th Jan 19

    I need help!! I’m one of the most disorganized people I know!

  53. Diane T | 16th Jan 19

    I been wanting extra storage in the living room, the Rosendale 2 Door Accent Cabinet would be perfect

  54. Jenn | 16th Jan 19

    That is a beautiful cabinet! For us, a storage bench by our entryway would be really helpful. I am eyeing the Gainsborough Wood Storage Bench.

  55. Joyce Poyton | 16th Jan 19

    I would buy an area rug.

  56. Lester Cabug | 16th Jan 19

    I would get a new Kusilvak Round Accent Mirror

  57. Miranda | 16th Jan 19

    I would buy baskets for my son’s toys

  58. Irene Nimchick | 16th Jan 19

    Would love a darrah storage bench for all my blankets.

  59. Calvin | 16th Jan 19

    Would get some outdoor lights, area rugs.. also some nice curtains..

  60. Lee-Ann | 16th Jan 19

    There are so many things at Wayfair that I want but I’d start with a nice set of new towels for my main bathroom.

  61. Monique L.S. | 16th Jan 19

    I have friends who have purchased from Wayfair and were very happy with the products. I would love to get a coffee table or livingroom rug.

  62. HairpinLegs | 17th Jan 19

    I would use the $100 gift card to buy the Demott Rectangular Writing Desk ( from

  63. Tabby72 | 17th Jan 19

    I’d love to win because I need more storage solutions. I’d buy storage containers!

  64. Heather Howard | 17th Jan 19

    We’ve always had 2nd hand items and now that we have our own home we would like to furnish it to ourtastes….so I would probably put it towards new light fixtures and maybe the 62″ Mittens Cat Tree for our cats.

  65. Judy hunting | 17th Jan 19

    There s such beautiful items on wyafair, I would love to try it out

  66. Heather Swanson | 17th Jan 19

    I would get some new pillows mine are years old.

  67. Beverly S Edwards | 17th Jan 19

    I just moved into a new condo and want to start fresh with decorating! I purged a lot of stuff from my house before moving, and I would like some new wall hangings and accent tables.

  68. travelbuds | 17th Jan 19

    There is a flatware set that I’ve been saving for. This would be perfect for that.

  69. Donnas | 17th Jan 19

    We have a corner of our dining room that is filled with JUNK. I’d like to get a cabinet (and I do like the ladder shown in your post.

  70. Sarahsweeps | 17th Jan 19

    A better question would be what wouldn’t I get haha. Our apartment is still quite bare, a couch or rack for pots and pans would be nice!

  71. Anu Chopra | 17th Jan 19

    I would get a couple of door mats and a rug.

  72. Erin N | 17th Jan 19

    I would love to order some decorative pillows for my couch, and maybe a rug! I love WayFair!

  73. Alanna Watt | 17th Jan 19

    We need a wayfair gift card because our kitchen chairs are falling apart- screws are literally coming out of them. We’d love to get a new set!

  74. Lynda Cook | 17th Jan 19

    I would get a side table or something like that for my plants!

  75. Josh S | 17th Jan 19

    I would get some new kitchen gadgets.

  76. Cheryl Germain | 17th Jan 19

    I would get the Arias 24 Piece 100% Cotton Towel Set in colour jade, because I definitely could use some fluffy, new towels.

  77. Edith Rennes | 17th Jan 19

    I need to win this contest so I can get something I normally would not get…I’d use to get new silverware.

  78. rhiannon | 17th Jan 19

    Could definitely go for some new artwork for my white walled apartment!

  79. Florence Cochrane | 17th Jan 19

    I would love to use the money towards a set of new lamps.

  80. Leanne | 17th Jan 19

    I need the Wayfair gift card because I’m about to buy a new house and I don’t have any furniture . Would love to get myself a new coffee table .

  81. Louanne B | 17th Jan 19

    I would love a new light for the kitchen. Our light is getting so very outdated! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and the chance to win!

  82. Rosa Cross | 17th Jan 19

    I need to update my decor and this would sure help me do that.

  83. AD | 17th Jan 19

    I would love a Wayfair gift card; they always have lovely and unique products that have a personality. I would put the gift card towards a new coffee table with some storage built in. Thanks!

  84. Anita D | 17th Jan 19

    I would love to get a rug for my kids playroom

  85. LILLIAN BROWN | 17th Jan 19

    I would get the Bordeaux Warming Technology Blanket if I won your contest

  86. Margaret Huitema | 17th Jan 19

    This would be great to win as I need a new rug for my livingroom.

  87. Alisa Ecker | 17th Jan 19

    I would love to buy a new storage unit, so I can store all of my dvds and music cds. I would love to to win this!

  88. Marc-Andre Taillefer | 17th Jan 19

    i would get myself some outdoor gardening items

  89. Michelle | 17th Jan 19

    I would get a beautiful new bookshelf.

  90. Noel Zilkie | 17th Jan 19

    Great contest! We need a new pendant light for our dinning room and I have my eye on a really nice farm house style one that my husband and I actually both like 🙂

  91. Darci Paice | 18th Jan 19

    This would be wonderful, I am looking at a number of things on their site right now and I love this bedding set Downieville Comforter Set, new towels, as well as a spoil me item, wind chimes. I would also love a rug for the front door but would probably be practical and choose bedding and towels as they would be enjoyed on a daily basis and are needed.

  92. Laurie Paranica | 18th Jan 19

    I’m hoping to buy new living room furniture. Thanks for this chance

  93. Paula Schuck | 18th Jan 19

    I need some new items for my youngest daughter’s room actually. We need to revamp that one asap. Her bed is the biggest change we need to make. It is a loft bed and she has kind of outgrown it.

  94. Pam Moerbeek | 18th Jan 19

    My bedroom is so small need ideas for extra storage

  95. nicky | 18th Jan 19

    I’d love to get a storage solution for my front entryway! So much stuff to organize there 😉

  96. mihaela sauder | 18th Jan 19

    I really want / need a coffee table!

  97. mihaela sauder | 18th Jan 19

    I need a coffee table

  98. melly | 18th Jan 19

    Inspiring blog! I need to watch Marie Kondo Tidying Up on Netflix!

  99. Janice McKay | 18th Jan 19

    I’ve got my eye on a sofa. And a headboard. And so much more! I love Wayfair

  100. Julia Gabriel | 19th Jan 19

    I need a cute little accent table for a corner in my hallway.

  101. Tammi L. | 19th Jan 19

    We need a new coffee maker so I’d buy the 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker that’s on sale – it almost covers all of it. How awesome would it be to buy a Cuisinart coffee maker for $9. Thanks for the chance!!!

  102. Alayne Langford | 19th Jan 19

    I have had my eye on this pretty little bar cart for a while now..
    Kahnah Bar Cart

  103. Bruce L | 19th Jan 19

    We bought a vanity for our daughter and the mirror came with a small blemish and they sent us another one, no questions asked. Really respect Wayfair’s Customer’s Service. If I win I would order the Crosland 1000 Thread Count Solid Colour 100% Egyptian-Quality Cotton Sheet Set because we need to start replacing some of ours.

  104. Kim Iannetta | 19th Jan 19

    I would get some storage unit for my daughters toys

  105. Kim Iannetta | 19th Jan 19

    Or maybe a book shelf!!

  106. Danielle | 19th Jan 19

    In 2019 we are planning a kitchen/living area renovation and would love to win the $100 gift card to buy some accents for the area.

  107. Linda Svarovsky | 19th Jan 19

    I need a new bedspread

  108. Olivia. Clow | 19th Jan 19

    I love the ladder book case I need to be more organized in 2019 . Thanks for this wonderful opportunity

  109. Victoria Ess | 20th Jan 19

    I’d get the blanche dresser!

  110. Denise M | 20th Jan 19

    I’ve moved into a new house and need new furniture. I would definitely use the money towards all the new furniture I would buy. My first purchase is a new kitchen table!

  111. Anna Ngo | 20th Jan 19

    I need this badly !

  112. Jade | 20th Jan 19

    I love wayfair! Such amazing and affordable items

  113. Eliz T | 20th Jan 19

    My fiance and I just bought our first home, we’ve got our essential furniture, but I would love to get some nice accent pieces for our living room!

  114. Cathy Brown | 20th Jan 19

    I need the Wayfair gift card so I can get some great stuff for my home. I need a new light for the kitchen, a new end table for the living room and I love their outdoor summer items.

  115. Peggy D | 20th Jan 19

    Have never bought anything from Wayfair before and would be so excited to pick up something nice for the house – our basement in particular could use an update. Thanks for the contest op!

  116. Melissa Faulkner | 20th Jan 19

    I am hopefully moving into a new place soon so will buy some storage items and it would be helpful as I like to be frugal and this would help!

  117. Deb Dorrington | 20th Jan 19

    I would get the beautiful Henderson cream and beige area rug. It’s on sale and the gift card would cover it.

  118. Pam | 21st Jan 19

    Our current coffee table is stained and has lost some of the finish so I would love to update it with the Cainsville Coffee Table or Leach Lift Top Coffee Table

  119. Juliee Fitze | 21st Jan 19

    I want to organize my closet so would get storage containers .

  120. Ann Freele | 21st Jan 19

    would use it for storage options for my kitchen

  121. Lauraleigh | 21st Jan 19

    I would definitely purchase an entryway shoe rack. I have a husband and 2 kids but if you saw the pile of shoes in our entryway you may think 10 people live here. I’m always tripping over shoes, its been a dream of mine for years now, to own a shoe rack.

  122. leana | 21st Jan 19

    My lighting in the kitchen is still from the early 1990’s, I could really use this giftcard to update it!

  123. Bailey Wilson | 21st Jan 19

    I would get something to store the baby’s clothes. Right now they’re all in a laundry basket!

  124. Sunshine H | 22nd Jan 19

    My main living area is really bland, and I would love an area rug. A friend got one from Wayfair, and I’m envious of the one she chose.

  125. Suzie B | 22nd Jan 19

    I haven’t updated my home in YEARS; I would love to put the money towards a new area rug

  126. Alison Braidwood | 22nd Jan 19

    I’d get the Montpelier hand tufted area rug in grey/silver for my bedroom.

  127. Kay Burke | 22nd Jan 19

    Need a narrow key holder for the foyer – good clean up start.

  128. Serena white | 22nd Jan 19

    Need to do my sons big boy room within the next 6 months and I love so many products at wayfair!

  129. Brittany Humbke | 23rd Jan 19

    I need a gift card for Wayfair because we’ve been living in our house for over 4 years and the only furniture in our living room is our couch. People ask where our stuff is lol. I’d buy a coffee table.

  130. Krista M | 23rd Jan 19

    Just loving the Alberts Geometric 7 Piece Comforter Set from Wayfair! Would be ultra cozy for the winter!

  131. Krista M | 23rd Jan 19

    Sorry forgot to add that I need a $100 wayfair gift card because I haven’t treated myself to a nice bedroom set in so many years & it would be so fun to shop for myself for once!

  132. Jackie M | 23rd Jan 19

    I’m looking for a new ottoman.

  133. Caitlin Herring | 23rd Jan 19

    As a 19yr old who just moved out, buying new furniture is very pricey! I could use this gift card to get a nice piece for the living room or entry way.

  134. debra | 24th Jan 19

    The more I look at this storage compaaartment the more I must have it?

  135. Jen L | 25th Jan 19

    I actually need an accent cabinet to keep my fancy dishes in, not enough space in my cupboards! I have my eye on one from Wayfair tbh.

  136. Donna Evans | 25th Jan 19

    My granddaughter just moved in to an apartment and needs storage furniture.

  137. debra | 26th Jan 19

    i need this so much I actually need 2 of these to go on both sides of our key board. this would help keep us organized and they would give style to my living room

  138. Tara Gauthier | 26th Jan 19

    We are in the midst of doing some major reorganization and re purposing of space in our house and could use any help can get. With this gift card I would love to get a shelf to store some items we want to display. This one caught my eye – but I definitely need to do some more looking on this site as so many great items.

  139. debra | 27th Jan 19

    I would like to finish my room and get a new bed one that is higher off the floor

  140. Marlene V | 27th Jan 19

    I would get some new bedding for my daughter.

  141. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 27th Jan 19

    I need some new shelves so this would come in very handy should I be lucky enough to win. 🙂

  142. Debbie White-Beattie | 27th Jan 19

    I need new bedding especially a comforter

  143. Jolie | 27th Jan 19

    I need new pillows for my family room 🙂

  144. Heather Sibley | 27th Jan 19

    I need new towels for our master bathroom.

  145. Ron | 27th Jan 19

    We need a new dog bed so would get one of those.

  146. Erin McSweeney | 27th Jan 19

    i would get the 12″ x 12″ Peel & Stick Subway Tile in White, i’m wanting to redo my kitchen and these would be great

  147. Eileen | 27th Jan 19

    I need better storage solutions! I’d get some drawer organizers to make it easy to find things. Like this one:

  148. lisa | 27th Jan 19

    A lift-top coffee table would help with organization… we love the Frederick Lift Top Coffee Table one!

  149. Dulcie V | 27th Jan 19

    I love Wayfair!

  150. Dianne G. | 27th Jan 19

    I am hoping to do a bit of decorating to brighten up our home. I would love a Wayfair card to get started and I would get the Watercolor Flower Home Shower Curtain to brighten the bathroom and maybe some hand towels to match some of the colours of the curtain.

  151. BobbiJO Pentney | 28th Jan 19

    I would love to buy something beautiful.

  152. Carol M | 28th Jan 19

    I’m doing some redecorating so I would the card to get a new lamp.

  153. Lori N. | 28th Jan 19

    I would love to get a new rug for the living room!

  154. Melissa Dupuis | 28th Jan 19

    I’d like to start reorganizing and decorating my bathroom as it really hasn’t been touched in 8 years (decor wise).

  155. Denise F. | 28th Jan 19

    I would put it towards a coffee table. I’m really liking the ones that lift for eating.

  156. JoKing | 28th Jan 19

    I am in desperate need of new dinnerware. I am liking the Noble Court 30 Piece Dinnerware Set.

  157. Wanda B | 28th Jan 19

    I would love to get the Baker Wooden Flatware Caddy by 222 Fifth.

  158. Jenny b | 28th Jan 19

    Hoping to get a TV stand with lots of storage like the Verlie TV Stand on WayFair.

  159. Cassandra D | 28th Jan 19

    Needed for a beach adventure. With the winnings, I will purchase a Beach 4 Person Tent.

  160. Kristi F | 28th Jan 19

    My lamp in the bedroom is not working very well so I would get a new one!

  161. Carina Vause | 28th Jan 19

    We are putting an addition on our house. That gift card could put a dent in my Wayfair wish list for sure.

  162. Laurie P | 6th Feb 19

    That cabinet has really caught my eye, I’ve been looking for something like it for our front entrance!

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