My favourite stocking stuffers for a healthy New Year!


Give the gift of health indeed!  I cannot say enough good things about Santevia and the newest from them is the Power Stick($17.99)!!!! On sale now at Santevia you can find Santevia locally at health stores and eco-friendly specialty shops all over Canada.  Tuck this into the stocking is generous as you are giving the gift of healthy drinking water where water is alkalized and chlorine is reduced! You can eliminate 300 single-use plastic water bottles from entering the landfill with each Santevia POWER Water Stick. Can be easily popped into a water bottle and off they go.  It’s been lab tested that it reduces chlorine.  This a favourite of mine!


I love Abeego!  Canadian as well and made of beeswax.  These reusable food wraps($6+) are a treat and is a great gift to give. Eco-friendly and chic these can be used over and over again.  You can read my full review on Abeego.  Easy to clean, easy to use it lets your food breathe!
4c4ccfc87f7b03fdc5256b6e3bb337ce_ra,w380,h380_pa,w380,h380For kids or adults grow herbs indoors from Potting Shed Creations from  Organic, heirloom seeds need I say more?  I think I am going to order a bunch because I know my son will love this.  There are various herbs and flowers to choose from, visit Potting Shed for other store locations and fall in love.


Saje Wellness is one of my favourite shops and their shops are exploding across Canada with a few new ones right here in Ontario!  I love essential oils personally and the gift of GOOD HEALTH is perfect to pop in the stocking.  With blends for the immune, liquid sunshine, stress release and tranquility I think this is a great step in the right direction for 2016!


Lemon Lily Tea, handcrafted right here in Toronto! Lemon Lily makes 100% natural and certified organic teas which are free of artificial flavours, glutens and GMOs.  I love their teas and feel even better knowing I am drinking clean, quality and free of worry tea.  Pictured above is their Maple Leaf Tea.  There is so many to choose from, 150 natural & certified organic loose leaf teas you will end up buying for yourself as well.  The ingredients are unique and you’ll love a cuppa.  Buy online or pop by their shop to buy a can or in perfect stocking sizes baggies.

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Power Stick & Water Bottle Giveaway


  1. Jeannie | 22nd Dec 15

    I like that I can take it anywhere I go and put in a cup or bottle that I currently have.

  2. Chrissy | 22nd Dec 15

    Love the convenience of grab, put it in and go.. I’d take this hiking with me

  3. Wendy | 22nd Dec 15

    Love the versatility of being able to use it in any bottle of water. Great for on the go!

  4. Erika Letson | 22nd Dec 15

    I love that is reduces chlorine, which I am concerned about consuming!

  5. Melanie Barclay | 23rd Dec 15

    I like how Each Santevia POWER Water Stick lasts 3 months or 180L / 48gal

  6. Shannon | 23rd Dec 15

    I love how versatile the power stick is! This would be the perfect gift for a busy mom!

  7. Erin | 23rd Dec 15

    I love the portability.

  8. Carey Hurst | 23rd Dec 15

    What isn’t there to like about this . Lab tested , the amount if chlorine it reduces is awesome , I love these things , perfect to take on hikes , vacations etc . Always wanted one . Thanks for giveaway .

  9. Selena | 23rd Dec 15

    I love essential oils too, they are my medicine chest. and I am so intrigues by Abeego!

    • Erica | 23rd Dec 15

      Abeego is fantastic and so unique. I love using it.

  10. TJ Turnbull | 23rd Dec 15

    I like how convenient it is to just take anywhere and have the confidence that it will work.

  11. Tainan Lu | 23rd Dec 15

    I like that it’s Simple & Easy to Use

  12. ChrisBa | 23rd Dec 15

    This is cool

  13. tara e | 23rd Dec 15

    love that it’s simple to use and easy to take with

  14. Heidi c. | 23rd Dec 15

    I love the convenience of this as well as the benefit of eliminating impurities.

  15. Suzi | 23rd Dec 15

    I love that it will help me have great-tasting, chlorine-reduced, alkaline water !

  16. Cheryl | 23rd Dec 15

    I like that you can shake out the chlorine and minerals!! 🙂

  17. Tannis W | 23rd Dec 15

    I like that it’s easy to use and portable.

  18. Maritess S | 23rd Dec 15

    I like that it is q healthy choice and the convenience it offers is a plus for sure.

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