Our Ford Edge Titanium Experience

Since my husband is the driver of the family I’ll have him start the Ford Edge Titanium review.  This was such a great ride!

Speaking as a man who has three kids and may or may not be going through a mid life crisis-the odds of me being able to own and drive a cool speedy little sports car are pretty darn long.
Imagine my very pleasant surprise that my wonderful wife, Erica had secured for us the usage of a Ford Edge Titanium SUV that looks and performs about as nearly as that dream car I’m going to get!
The Ford Edge Titanium not only has the just about sharpest name going, but its deep gorgeous blue paint job and sleek good looks separate it from other SUV’s in its class by a mile.  I am not a deeply learned car guy.  But I know when something works or not.  The handling is superb, like a much smaller car with a great deal of pick up and go and extremely sensitive brakes.  When you’re carting around a brood like mine you don’t want to fool around with the cars response.  It felt equally as good on the highway as in town something which is certainly not the case with large SUV’s in Toronto. 
The interior is roomy and comfortable and well designed both aesthetically and for function.
I don’t like desperately trying to find the headlights switch as darkness falls on the highway.  It can sometimes take 20 minutes just to figure out the windshield wipers on some over designed vehicles but the Edge made it pretty easy to get operating quickly and smoothly with confidence.  We were in a torrential down pour and the wipers came on automatically!
FordEdgeWipersOf great importance to me is a great sound system.  We like music and singing with the kids or when needed to calm them down with some good ‘ol Caspar Babypants.  I’m an old coot who has almost 10,000 songs on my iPod and I always felt there is not better place to listen to them than in the car.  The Sony sound system is spectacular! Have a listen:
I will end on a very practical note.  The Ford Edge Titanium is terrific on gas consumption! ‘Nuff said! Thanks Ford- a great ride!  Now I’ll pass the rest to my beautiful wife.
Well my opinion on the Ford Edge Titanium.  I loved how I felt in it.  I do believe this is one my husbands favourite SUV that we have reviewed.  As we were in an awful rain storm on the way to the cottage I felt we were safe.  The tires, the brakes everything- I knew we were in great hands.  I fit two Clek car seats in and a booster.  The storage was great and we got everything in from groceries, our luggage, my carriers and so much more. The BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) is a smart feature to have.  The lane keeping system uses a forward-facing camera to scan the road ahead. If you drift out of your lane the steering wheel vibrates to alert you. I played around with the seats.  Sitting in this vehicle was so comfortable and Ford makes it that.  With heated rear seats plus heated and cool front seats I would love to have this in the Winter for when we drive up to Horseshoe Valley.  I also really like the Vista Roof which is a panoramic sun roof.  I loved having it open and letting the sunshine in. 
As a blogger I need to stay connected and the Ford Edge Titanium is packed with technology.  The SYNC with MyFord Touch keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.  You can even talk to the car(when your synced in) and ask for suggestions by simple saying “I’m hungry” and it will suggest places!  Do Not Disturb is another great feature where it can block incoming phone calls and text messages.   Don’t worry though- the messages are saved and the phone calls can go to voice mail.
Ford Edge Titanium WheelAs a family of five we truly enjoyed working with Ford and having the privilege to try out the new 2015 Ford Edge Titanium.  What do you look for in a car?

For us it’s easy. We want it to be safe and smooth on the roads, handle exceptionally, have good gas consumption and get us to where we need to be safely and all the extra perks make it even better!



  1. Dawn | 1st Sep 15

    Oh my goodness, I love the Ford Edge Titanium! Well, who wouldn’t it’s got an awesome sound system 😉 but seriously, I find that Ford makes a superior looking vehicle and no matter the model it’s always a luxurious ride.

  2. Angie | 1st Sep 15

    Wow! That is a beautiful looking SUV! And windshield wipers that come on automatically during a downpour is brilliant! I love a good sound system too! This looks like an amazing ride!

  3. Stephanie | 1st Sep 15

    I wish my vehicle was bright blue and had wind shield wipers that came on automatically! Sounds like a great choice!

  4. Mykidsguide | 2nd Sep 15

    This car looks so cool. I have never driven a Ford. I wish I could test drive this, too.

  5. Patricia Figurski | 2nd Sep 15

    Wow! That’s a great car! I love that it has such awesome sound system…and you’ll be able to have your music there..

  6. Randa @ TBK | 2nd Sep 15

    I love the technology that all Ford vehicles have. We will be looking at trading in soon, and I want an Explorer so darn bad. I don’t mind the Edge as well!

  7. Christine | 2nd Sep 15

    Ah! We are actually looking at the Ford Edge Titanium SUV. So happy you like it! LOVE that the wipers come on automatically, what a great feature!!!

    First thing we look at when we look at vehicles is the trunk, we love vehicles with nice trunk space.

  8. Liz Mays | 2nd Sep 15

    From the good gas mileage to the comfort and spaciousness, this looks to be a really nice vehicle choice!

  9. Elizabeth O. | 2nd Sep 15

    I love SUVs. This one looks spacious and very reliable in terms of driving for hours.

  10. Lisa Rios | 3rd Sep 15

    Ford Edge Titanium is one car which my husband has been loving so much. Usually Ford cars come up with great technology & this one looks awesome with those great features. And I love that gorgeous blue color as well!

  11. Yona Williams | 3rd Sep 15

    Great duo post from you and your husband. I think that it’s very cool that the windshield wipers come on automatically – how convenient! I also like the name, and the exterior looks pretty nice too.

  12. Maggie | 3rd Sep 15

    Looks like a really nice SUV! We have actually been looking at the different models of crossovers because we are going to be buying one in the next couple of months. We will check this one out for sure!

  13. June Murphy | 11th May 17

    This is my kind of SUV especially with the blind spot system and sound system. @MamaAshEMB

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 13th May 17

    What a great looking SUV. I’m afraid that I don’t like automatic windscreen wipers, I’ve had them on rental cars and I found it very distracting.

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