Our home away from home with @DeltaWinnipeg

Oddly enough even though my hubby and I grew up in Winnipeg (in different areas and slightly different times) neither of us had ever stayed in a hotel there before.
It was slightly surreal to check into the Delta in Downtown Winnipeg– and see the city from a tourists point of view.  Gosh looking at the photo below brings back so many memories!
But let me tell you.  This hotel had everything that we needed.  We thought the pool would be closed for renovations but we were happy to see it open and the outdoor pool is awesome.  My son loved it the most.  I loved the little wading pool for infants.  That is family friendly and smart.  The attendants were nice and helpful and to see an outdoor pool in downtown Winnipeg is rare!
Every person that we dealt with from the front desk, the door men to the restaurant servers and maids were welcoming and genuinely warm and friendly.  Like true Winnipeggers.  Hey-we have twins toddlers and a 5 yr old boy.  We’re not always greeted with sunshine and rainbows.
But at the Delta Winnipeg it truly was nothing but smiles and open arms.  Do you know how refreshing that it? That is worth it’s weight in gold.  My husband always said that “Friendly Manitoba” never seemed friendly to him.  But this trip actually made him change his mind.  Minor miracle there.
The Delta Winnipeg is marvellous for families.  When dining kids aged 6 and under eat free. They have a killer breakfast buffet or you could choose from the menu like I did.  You gotta have Eggs Benedict!  The servers were so great with the kids.  Like really great and genuine.  The interaction with them and the kids made me as a customer feel good.  The natural ease of it all.

Location, location, location.  The Delta Winnipeg is located in the middle downtown, close to absolutely everything.  Oh I am getting so home sick as I write this. Memories just come flooding in.  This trip was really special.  Anyways, in the Winter if you’re travelling to Winnipeg you are a block away from the MTS Centre or you can walk through the Skywalk to the Jets game.  It gets super cold in Winnipeg.  Don’t even get me started on “Wind Chill” warnings.Our room.  Oh how I loved our clean, modern room. Safe for my twins to be toddlers in and they even had their own cribs to sleep in.  Clean, spotless pack n plays.  
We drove from Toronto to Wawa and spent the night there.  Then we arrived 12 hours later from Wawa,ON to Winnipeg,MB  around 7pm.  We were exhausted! It was so nice to flop onto a bed, enjoy local brew and have this lovely delightful tray brought up for us. Milk and cookies for the kids and cheese and crackers for me and hubby.  Such a lovely touch!
Our room had a balcony so we had a great street view of the downtown core and the new vibe Winnipeg has started building is back in the core.  It didn’t hurt that there is a Elephant & Castle pub with entrance from the hotel lobby.  I will say though…The Elephant & Castle pub should get high chairs since they are attached to a family friendly hotel.
The only minor drawback is the underground parking.  Mind you when it was built SUV’s didn’t exist! My husband found out the hard way.  He dinged our SanteFe XL on the pillar as we were backing out.  But there is wonderful valet and the underground parking has easy access straight from underground to the hotel.  Not hard at all to bring luggage from the car to your suite.
So what else can I say  about our vacation at the Delta Winnipeg?  Well we spent most of our vacation staying there.  It was fun, it was worth it, it was our home away from home.  As a family of 5 you can bet we’ll be staying there when we go back to visit.  
My son lost his first tooth in our suite, the twins went in the water for the first time thanks to the infant wading pool at the hotel.  I got the much needed friendly reality check from Friendly Manitoba and it brought me back home and to my old self.  People there are professional, they take pride in their jobs and are pleasant as they should be.  I hope you’ll get to visit Winnipeg and see the beauty that the city has.  In its people and surroundings.

Delta Winnipeg.  Thank you for having us.  We slept so good and you made my kids and I feel at home. 

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  1. Tammy Mitchell | 16th Sep 14

    Erica I followed your journey on your trip home. It really sounds like you left your heart there. The Delta Winnipeg sounds like my type of hotel that speaks to my luxurious side!

    • Everything Mom and Baby | 16th Sep 14

      We’re ready to move back. We just need to find DH a job there. My brother though thinks we should be in Calgary. Either way I’m done with Toronto. Ontario is a spectacular Province though!

  2. Mom vs. the boys | 17th Sep 14

    we always look for a hotel with a pool and I love that this one has the option of indoors or out!

  3. Everything Mom and Baby | 17th Sep 14

    Totally! I found the infant wading area a really nice touch too. The work out area is nice too.

  4. Elizabeth FrugalMomEh | 17th Sep 14

    That pool looks amazing! The Delta looks like a pretty unique hotel that has a lot of details beyond the basics covered. What a wonderful place to stay!

  5. Alyssa K | 17th Sep 14

    I have never been to Winnipeg but that sounds like such a great hotel to stay at for a larger family! Congrats on the first lost tooth and baby steps to swimming! Such great memories and milestones made there! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  6. Randa Derkson | 17th Sep 14

    That eggs bennie looks amazing.

    I’m glad to hear about your stay. I have never stayed at The Delta before, but I’ll have to give them a try next time I’m away from home. It’s nice to feel welcome and comfortable where we stay.

  7. Kelly Hutchinson | 26th Sep 14

    What a gorgeous building. And that is just the outside! What an elegant place to stay.

  8. Ellen | 26th Sep 14

    Wow that is just gorgeous. I would love to stay there some day.

  9. Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack | 27th Sep 14

    What a great place to stay. It looks beautiful.

  10. Crystal | 27th Sep 14

    My family of 5 isn’t always well received either. People see the kids and expect they’ll be nightmares. Not so…well, most of the time. So glad to know you had a great experience. The hotel looks lovely.

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