Petal & Post Shop: Kickee Pants #pottytraining

logoPetal & Post has the sweetest in infant apparel.  Resourcing the best in unique, the kind of a look that hipster/urban parents love , gender neutral organic clothing you can find something sweet there.  You won’t find Disney characters here!
My girls are growing up so quickly and we’ll be entering the potty training phase in fact we’ve started but it’s been a lot of clean up, lol.  With my son it was actually easier.  At 2 1/2 yr old he was more verbal and was excited about not wearing diapers any more.  I’ll admit the idea of potty training twins is daunting for me.  Where do I start? With my son bribes and prizes work.  With my girls…they don’t care.  What they do enjoy is the ripping their Delora’s off and running around in their birthday suit.
So when I had the opportunity to review something from the apparel line well let me tell you about the sweetest pair potty training knickers I have ever seen!
Kickee Pants.
kickeepantsThese training pants are super soft and ever so comfy!  A micro-fibre pad inside ensures that during the first phase of potty training, accidents are contained better than regular undies!  I just wish I could get more in bigger sizes.  The 1-2yr size is true to fit but my girls although they are 2 1/2 they fit into 4yr clothing and now I know the same goes for knickers. 
The twins were excited to have these and have them on and as I am typing my one twin is asking for her “panties”.  So there you have it.  I think I have to throw myself into potty training and stock up on resusable trainers and panties for my girls.  I love the idea over disposable but I I’ll grab some naty one’s for back up.

To view the whole Kickee Pants line visit Petal & Post.  It’s adorable and always make the nicest gift.



  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) | 24th Sep 15

    We are long past this phase and I am thankful for that. I love all the tools there are for kids these days.

  2. Amanda C | 24th Sep 15

    Love these pants! I may have to look into them for my little one 🙂

  3. Marya | 24th Sep 15

    Those are great! Wish they were around when my kids were little!!

  4. Tee | 24th Sep 15

    So cute! These would be great as presents. Thanks for introducing me to this brand. I’ve never hear of it. I love those potty training undies. Too cute.

  5. Jessica Harlow | 24th Sep 15

    These are totally adorable and seem really user-friendly too. I love the designs too. I love Disney, but it’s refreshing not to have everything covered in Disney characters once in awhile! lol

  6. Elizabeth O. | 24th Sep 15

    These are so adorable. The kickee pants would have been a lot of help had I known or even had them while the twins were in their potty training stage.

  7. Liz Mays | 24th Sep 15

    I like that there’s a bit more absorption in that first training phase. Accidents are inevitable.

  8. Carol Cassara | 24th Sep 15

    You are so right– those are adorable pieces! So sweet and unique. I’m sharing.

  9. Maggie | 24th Sep 15

    Those are so adorable! We are actually getting ready to potty train our youngest so we are pretty much done with this phase!

  10. Jasmine Watts | 25th Sep 15

    Those are great and I love the design very much!!

  11. Mykidsguide | 25th Sep 15

    Those are super cute. We are way past this stage, but I will get the kickee pants for my nephew.

  12. Rosey | 25th Sep 15

    The little ants on the seat are just too much!! How cute!

  13. Bonnie @ Living a Fit and Full Life | 25th Sep 15

    Those are so cute! I need to check them out!

  14. Jonathan | 26th Sep 15

    I hadn’t heard of Petal & Post. These clothes are so cute! My wife would love these.

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