Petal & Post – The finest in luxury, organic crafted beauty for home and family

I have come across a beautiful new online boutique called Petal & Post.  It is based in Toronto, ON and it has everything my little heart desires and I think you’ll love it too.  Keep reading because we’re going to offer a $100 gift card giveaway!
You can find products for House & Home, Wellness, Baby and Beauty.  I am particularly fond of the baby section as there are some seriously cute items there and brands that I love such as Finn & Emma toys and teethers,  The Laundress, LOVE MAE bamboo dishes and Mini Organic skincare just to name a few.  You can come have a look right here.  My post next week will be a review of the amazingly cute LOVE MAE set which got a lot of love on my Instagram and this adorable teether from Finn & Emma.

Petal & Post has gone above and beyond in sourcing and bringing Canadians the finest in organic, ethically crafted beauty for the home and family.  Each item has been hand selected and tested.  Everything has to be free from synthetic ingredients and meet the Purity Pledge to be free of toxins, be effective in their performance and offer absolute luxury.  I have found that shopping on Petal & Post has done the work for me.  I trust their knowledge and trust that I am buying clean, safe and toxic free products for myself and my family.  I love NHR Organic Essential oils.  I recently received my order and I had ordered Lemon and after inhaling that sweet essence I knew it was pure & true and I made another purchase ordering Lavender Oil which is a must-have in my opinion for the home.  It’s soothing & healing and great for kids.
When I was pregnant with my son that’s when I became aware of the toxic world around us.  Before that I hadn’t paid too much attention to ingredients and toxicity.  I knew what worked when it came to ingredients as an Esthetician but I didn’t even think of preservatives or toxic ingredients.  Like the founder Jamie MacLean when she was with child she wanted to ensure she was approaching her lifestyle in a way that would holistically nurture her body and her baby within.  That is something I have in common with Petal & Post and why I love this shops philosophy.  I care what I put on my skin and what goes on my children.  The same goes for clothing, dishes we use and toys they play with.

Introducing Petal & Post from Petal & Post on Vimeo.


Petal & Post brings together an authentic collection of the world’s finest organic, natural, small-batch and ethically crafted products. Their hand-selected and tested brands are each created using only the highest grades of ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients or sustainable materials.

We’d like to offer one lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby a gift card to my favourite shop valued at $100.  Giveaway is open to USA and Canada.
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~ Watch the video and/or visit Petal & Post and tell us what you like about the shop and what products you’d like to try~
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  1. Melinda | 5th Aug 15

    I like that this shop has natural products. I would like to try the 100% Argan Oil.

  2. Nicole L | 5th Aug 15

    I love the selection of products. Would love to try any of the baby products.

  3. Jeannie | 5th Aug 15

    I love the variety of items they carry! I would love to try one of the essential oils!

  4. kristen visser | 5th Aug 15

    I would love to try out the baby products for my little girl!

  5. Tanis | 5th Aug 15

    I love the organic/natural products they have and I would love the GREEN START – LITTLE LEARNING CHUNKY BOOKS for my son!

  6. Angela Mitchell | 6th Aug 15

    I’d love to try the NATURAL VEGAN MASCARA

  7. Victoria Ess | 6th Aug 15

    I like the purity pledge, and I would love to try their shampoos and conditioners, and facial moisturizers.

  8. LILLIAN BROWN | 7th Aug 15

    I would like to try


    Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer

  9. michelle tremblett | 7th Aug 15

    I love the variety of products as well as the baby products, awesome selection !

  10. Gillian Morgan | 7th Aug 15

    I love how cute all of their products are. I would love to try their FOREST FEAST BAMBOO DINNERWARE.

  11. loriag | 8th Aug 15

    I love their commitment to organics. I think their WOOD COLLECTION WATER BOTTLE is really sweet.

  12. Annie | 8th Aug 15

    They have such stylish items for babies, I can BARELY BREATHE!

    What really caught my eye, because I love knits, were the BOOTIES
    BY FINN + EMMA! So adorable. Really. I can’t get over it!

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  13. Katie | 8th Aug 15

    I would like to try the Ladies Bathroom Cleaner!

  14. Carol M | 9th Aug 15

    I love the look of the site and would like the salt pinch bowl or other wooden items

  15. s.w. | 9th Aug 15

    Love that the products are natural and organic. Would love to choose one the cleaners such as the : ALL PURPOSE CLEANER – LEMON & MINT

  16. Elena | 9th Aug 15

    Beautiful website, everything looks classy and luxurious. I’d probably treat myself to some of the hair products. The Golden Citrus conditioner caught my eye. Also, the makeup (like BB cream and eye shadow palettes) appealed to me.

  17. Lisa bolduc | 9th Aug 15

    Love how you wouldn’t see these products in a typical mall. Soo natural. Since my little guy is learning to potty train I would love the boys training pants

  18. iamalighthouse | 9th Aug 15

    I love the amazing organic and natural products. RGB nail polish looks great!

  19. Krista M | 9th Aug 15

    I really like how the products are in their purest form for a healthier experience. This company obviously really cares about our human bodies & keeping them free of toxins. They also emit a sort of serenity, like a spa. I am interested in trying some of the sensory products like “Perfect Night’s Sleep” as my child has special needs & these would be helpful.

  20. Robyn Bellefleur | 11th Aug 15

    I love that these products are all natural and I would love to try out the baby products for my daughter.

  21. craftyone | 12th Aug 15

    i like using they sell products with ingredients i am familiar and not harmful to the body

  22. Melissa Basgall | 14th Aug 15

    Beautiful products!

  23. Kristina | 17th Aug 15

    Luxury natural and organic products? Yes please! Great video.

  24. KellyPC | 17th Aug 15

    I love the Bucky Trophy Deer Head!

  25. jan | 17th Aug 15

    would love to try the Divine Rose & Neroli Toner Mist

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