Pomegranate Citrus Brunch Punch

‘Tis the season! My favourite time of year and Presidents Choice always knows how to deliver great food and holiday decor.  Last week I had the pleasure to attend a media event for #PCInsidersCollection and discover delicious food and holiday decor.  Have a  look at just some of my favourite holiday pieces for the tree and when entertaining and scroll to the bottom for all things delicious.








Are you getting inspired?  When it comes to entertaining I like to create an ambiance and Loblaws has everything you need!  We snacked on Pâté Brioche Bites with a Dill Pickle Relish, I devoured the Applewood Smoked Ham with Red-Eye Gravy.  The chocolate Orange Brioche Bread Pudding was fantastic!  What are you going to cook for Christmas dinner?   Get their recipes {here}




So let’s talk about this cocktail! 

All of us at the event were enjoying this lovely bubbly! You can easily add sparkling wine for a boozy version by swapping out one of the bottles of Italian soda for a 750-mL bottle of sparkling wine.   I added Prosecco.

[yumprint-recipe id=’27’]I hope you’ll try this recipe. If you do, let me know and I hope I’ve given you the incentive to visit your local Loblaws Superstore.

Disclosure:  Although this post is not sponsored, PCInsiders did feed me well at the event and I was gifted some products as a thank you.


  1. Elizabeth Vlug | 20th Nov 17

    Haven’t tried it but just printed it. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Mama Ash | 20th Nov 17

      I’ll be making it when I go to my dads and Stepmoms place over the Holidays. Can’t wait!

  2. kristen visser | 29th Nov 17

    I am so excited for the pc insiders collection! and i was just thinking what to drink for my girls christmas party since i can drink and this will be a perfect option 🙂

  3. DebH | 1st Dec 17

    Oh I think I would love this one!

  4. Elizabeth Vlug | 5th Dec 17

    Just an update. I made this for a family gathering and it was loved by all. So refreshing. Its a keeper. Although I did forget to add my mint after I went out and bought it.

  5. Rosanne Robinson | 5th Dec 17

    Ummmmmm this pomegranate citrus punch sounds really tasty and unique, thx for sharing the recipe.

  6. Florence Cochrane | 5th Dec 17

    I love the recipe for the Pomegranate Citrus Brunch Punch. I think this would be great to serve over the holidays.

  7. Tannis W | 8th Dec 17

    Oh yum! This punch sounds delicious and easy to make too! 🙂

  8. Cheryl H | 8th Dec 17

    Oh yum, sounds delicious and such a great punch to get your taste buds ready for a delicious meal

  9. Carol M | 9th Dec 17

    Everything sounds so yummy. Love the PC insiders collection.

  10. Victoria Ess | 10th Dec 17

    This sounds really really good!

  11. Athena | 10th Dec 17

    This sounds great!

  12. Treen Goodwin | 10th Dec 17

    Oh yummy sounds delish , thanks for sharing the recipe , a must try 🙂

  13. Silvia D | 10th Dec 17

    I would like this!

  14. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 10th Dec 17

    This sounds really good, might try it out this Christmas. Thanks for sharing

  15. Holly D | 13th Dec 17

    oh, this sounds delicious! And so festive looking too. Might give this a try for a Christmas Eve party.

  16. LILLIAN BROWN | 13th Dec 17

    Thanks this pomegranate citrus punch sounds really good for a gathering I am hosting.

  17. Janet Meisner | 14th Dec 17

    Thank you for the recipe. i will try it.

  18. Wanda Tracey | 26th Jun 18

    Oh my this sounds so refreshing. The combination of pomegranate and cranberry juice sounds so deliscious. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  19. wendy hutton | 25th Nov 18

    thanks for the recipe this sounds great will have to try it

  20. Laurie P | 31st May 19

    now that’s a flavorful recipe!

  21. Twingle Mommy | 31st May 19

    Sounds delicious (and simple to make!).

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