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I’ve done it!  I’ve done it!  My twins are potty trained and no more diapers!  This is freakin’ awesome.  When I first found out I was pregnant with twins I was like “Oh, my god! Seriously?”. I knew it meant double the work and double e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.  Potty training had been floating around in my head since they turned one.  Parents, I’ll be honest.  If you can do EC training, good for you. That’s amazing.  For me, no way in hell was I going to start early.  

TIP: I started when the twins were ready for my own sanity.  I waited so they could comprehend what it was and what it meant. They are 2 1/2 yrs old.

How I potty trained twins:
I did the whole rewards thing.  It worked so well with my son that I went with what I knew.  I had to have two potties. Have twins? Get two potties.  There is no sharing.  If they have to go they both have to go, lol. Sometimes at the same time and just to copy the other.  It happens.  My twins can be a little competitive against each other.  
I emphasized about going potty and when I’d see that look on their face, I’d grab them and put them on the pot. Soon enough the next time they felt the sensation they’d run to the potty.  We had only a handful of accidents.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to potty train.  Thank you, Universe.

From potty to toilet: 
It took a little time.  At, first they were scared to sit on the toilet even with the toilet trainer.  I introduced it to them and by two weeks I was like I’m getting tired of cleaning the pots as we had one Ubbi and on Bjorn.  I told the girls to try sitting on the toilet and that mommy didn’t want to keep washing the pot.  Sugar was first to do it.  Then Banana followed.  Again, they did when they felt ready with a little push from me.  They liked stepping up on the stool and flushing the toilet.
I started putting the twins in pull ups and was paying attention to how dry they were.  We knew to go potty first thing in the morning as I’d instigate it, during the day I gave them the independence to figure it out themselves and when we were on our way out I’d tell the twins to go and when we got home and before bed.  So the routine was in place.  If they had to go in public I brought the Ubbi 3-in-1 toilet trainer.  I never leave home without it!  I wish it came with a carrying case.  But that’s what old grocery bags are for, right?
Night training.  Sugar was night trained first. She was waking up dry.  Banana is only recently night trained but they both wear little knickers at bed.  No diapers, no night time pull ups.  They were waking up dry so I made the leap and FYI, if you are looking for training knickers- I love So Rad for boys and girls.  They are leak proof, wedgy proof and have a natural absorbing layer.  Plus when they sit, their bits are covered.  I saw some knickers for little girls and I was like “what the hell? They are children and don’t need panties LIKE that”. Think shorts that are too short and the crotch is barely there.
So at night time I told the girls “we don’t pee in bed. If you need to pee call me and I’ll get you”.  “Yes, Mama”.   So far so good! So I’ve declared we are done with diapers.  I started in November and the whole process took ’til now. The end of January. 

Which potty I used and love:
The Ubbi 3-in-1 potty combines functionality and design providing parents with the convenience of a single product throughout all the phases of potty training and beyond:

1) potty

2) toilet trainer

3) step stool.

The potty has a built-in splashguard and a deep inner bowl that is easy to clean and remove. Ergonomically designed for comfort, the toilet trainer has integrated handles for an added sense of stability and security with a non-skid edge that is contoured to safely hold the child in place when on the potty or on the toilet. The potty rests on a colorful and contemporary bottom that keeps firmly on the floor without sliding around, converting into a practical stand-alone step stool.

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Priced at $49.99, I really like it.  The twins like it.   So if you’re in the market for a potty I recommend the Ubbi-3-in-1.  Even though it was sent to me to review(thanks so much Oyaco!) I think it’s awesome and it took us through all the stages of potty training.   It’s easy to clean, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.  Removable inner bowl and a built in splash guard plus it’s compact and portable.

I hope you’ll share this post.  Do you have any potty training tips?


  1. parentingpassage.com | 1st Sep 17

    Ubbi 3-in-1 toilet trainer looks cool. I’m going to try it out. Thanks.

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