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Pretty Organic is probably one of my favourite lines in natural skin care.  I get to review lots of skincare lines and as an Esthetician, I can tell you confidently that this line is pure, clean and effective.  Pretty Organics stands true to their ingredient listings. They don’t cheap out nor greenwash.  Here are some of my favourite products from the line that will restore, heal and give you beautiful skin.
I am in love with their Rose Petal & Oatmeal Cleansing Grains.  It is amazing.  The gentle creamy blend of the oatmeal grains when water is added gives a fantastic consistency.  Rose is soothing and the scent is heavenly.  Rose is great for sensitive skin! I use this 1-3 times a week. It’s gentle and does not strip the skin.  You are left with a beautiful glow.

EyeRepairBalm_CROPPEDMy husband has taken over and took my Eye Repair Balm.  The light balmy texture when your rub into the palm of your hand is perfect! Not too rich but smooth and light.  You don’t want a thick lotion around the eyes.  That can contribute to puffy eyes!  Their Eye Repair smooths out fine lines and prevents future damage thanks to Rosehip Seed oil.  Naturally high in Vitamin C.

LavenderMagnolia_CROPPEDI love, love, love oils for the skin!  High quality, pure and clean facial oils will not cause you to break out. It is a must-have for all women concerned about ageing and treating skin conditions such as acne, mild rosacea, dry skin and sun damage.   Nourishing Facial Serum is soothing and hydrating for dry skin.  Lavender soothes the senses and calms.  This is when I incorporate a nice facial massage. Moms try to do this every night with any serum you have at home.  I’ll post a video on how to massage for a nice therapeutic technique that drains the lymph and improves circulation.
It’s not greasy at all and goes on either alone or if you’re extra dry this Winter you can follow up with a moisturizer.
If dry hands is an issue for you grab a jar of their Luscious Lavender Hand Butter.

Where to buy Pretty Organic?
Visit them online at
They are a Canadian company that takes pride in creating affordable, high-quality skincare.  It’s a Must Have!  Go on and treat yourself.

Do you have any skin concerns? Are you looking for something new? Feel free to ask a question about your skin by commenting below.



  1. Jennifer (momvstheboys) | 10th Feb 15

    such pretty packaging too, I always find I’m attracted to packaging first.

    • Erica | 10th Feb 15

      It can really suck you in 🙂 Pretty Organic has pretty packaging and pretty, therapeutic ingredients too.

  2. Heather Lynne | 10th Feb 15

    These sound so nice and “pamper-y” 😉
    I love that!

  3. Bonnie Way | 10th Feb 15

    These sound amazing! I’m always looking for new products to try to help my skin… my acne is bothering me again and leaving me growling in the mirror. 🙁 I’ll have to check into this. I do like the idea of using less chemicals on my face and skin so this product sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing! (I’d love to see that massage video!)

    • Erica | 10th Feb 15

      Is your acne more so along the chin? What is your skin type generally? Here are some tips on treating the condition.
      Some recommendations from Pretty Organic that I think will you is:
      Radiant Cream Cleaner: It has natural AHA’s to help gently exfoliate the skin and treat the hormonal break outs.
      Black Tea & Cocoa Cleansing Grains. Once a week.
      Roman Chamomile Tonic- Restores PH and calms inflammation.
      Rose & Citrus Serum-healing the blemishes and regulating for the skin. Also a gentle AHA because of citrus.
      Either the Soothing Mud Mask or the Purifying Mud Mask. Maybe if you have hormonal break outs along the chin and jaw you can use that one.
      To hydrate after using the serum or if you want to skip the serum, Pure Radiance, Sweet Relief or even Harmony may give you happy skin once again.
      If you try my recommended regime let me know how it works out for you. Feel free to email me or ask more skincare questions below. 🙂

  4. Angie@Echoes of Laughter | 10th Feb 15

    I love when I see Canadian companies making great products! I have never heard of these products, but I am going to check them out. I am very careful about what I put on my skin and organic is always best. Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Erica | 10th Feb 15

      I think you’ll enjoy them. I am really pleased with this company. When I go back into practicing esthetics and aromatherapy I’ll be using this line. I hope they do professional!

  5. Britney | 10th Feb 15

    This is awesome! I haven’t heard of this company before but I’ll have to check it out!

  6. Carrie Chance | 10th Feb 15

    I have never heard of this company before. I will have to check them out

  7. Shasta Walton | 10th Feb 15

    I’ve never heard of this brand. I love natural make-up and will be checking this out!

  8. Suzanne Rudge | 11th Feb 15

    Pretty Organic sounds like it would be perfect for me. I have been on the hunt for something gentle on my skin and the way you describe the Rose Petal and Oatmeal Cleansing Grains sounds heavenly!

  9. Beth@FrugalFroggie | 11th Feb 15

    I haven’t heard of Pretty Organic Cosmetics. May have to try it out.

  10. agatapokutycka | 12th Feb 15

    It sounds like a lovely brand. I would like to try some of their products.

  11. Leigh | 3rd Oct 21

    Any idea what happened to their line? I can’t find it at whole foods anymore… 🙁

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