Toy Feature 1: Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef- A lesson behind every bite!

“Immerse yourself into Professor Maxwell’s 4D Kitchen and discover the science behind food with 18 interactive recipes that come alive in augmented reality! What’s the difference between good fat and bad fat? What is Gluten? Why do apples brown? Professor Maxwell explains the wonders of food science, while teaching you many of his favorite recipes, like making your very own pizza as you learn about the power of yeast. There’s a lesson behind every bite, so put on your apron and let’s take these yummy recipes for a spin, with step by step videos that come alive in augmented and virtual reality!”

Do you have a little foodie in your home?  Then you HAVE to check out one of the coolest toys for the holidays this year and even if you don’t have a foodie, this may just be the inspiration your child may need to get into STEM education and learning through play.   We’ve been enjoying making Smashed Avocado.   My twins are 5 and their big brother helps(he doesn’t want his photo taken, sorry!) but they love avocado and a perfectly soft, runny egg. There are so many great recipes for kids in this and it’s quite brilliant.   It encourages your child to make their own snack and going to the grocery store can be made more fun with this in mind as you teach your kids about weighing their food to figure out how much it’ll cost, to picking out what to make and what to eat.   Learning the chemistry behind it all is rather neat too!  I think rock candy will be next to try!

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What is STEM?
STEM-based products are for promoting and fostering a healthy habit within children to engage in projects and activities that focus on science, technology, education and mathematics as we inspire creative play through our line of books and toys. 

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Here’s what the 4D Chef comes with:
4DChef_1About 4D Chef:

• 42 Page Book – Includes 18 immersive recipes, each with step by step instructions with detailed videos that come alive in augmented reality. The book acts as a “menu” as Professor Maxwell appears to discuss the science behind the recipes first, like the effects of gluten and yeast, good fats vs bad fats, why bananas continue to ripen after picked, and more as he then walks you through the recipe to make a delicious meal or snack! 

• Hands-Free Goggles – This set includes a set of goggles to create a hands-free experience, allowing you to turn the pages of the book for an immersive experience. 

• The Lesson Plan – This is a unique, educational and lesson based product, in which the professor delivers core scientific values within each of the recipes, establishing and fostering a fundamental and healthy understanding of food science to empower children to make better food choices.

• Step-by-Step videos – Each step by step instruction comes alive in augmented reality, showcasing the process in detail for a thorough understanding of the recipe and the science behind the food.  

• The Materials – This kit includes a complete set of materials, providing measuring cups and spoons, a whisk, rolling pin and much more including an apron to dive in and experience the recipes and projects right out of the box! 

• App – Download the free app in the Apple iOS or Google Play store and use any smartphone to get started! 

• 42 page book of recipes and food science
• Hands free AR Goggles
• Measuring Spoons
• Measuring Cups
• Spatula 
• Whisk
• Cutting Board
• Poach Pod
• Rolling Pin 
• Knife
• Wood Skewers
• Paper Muffin Liners
• Clothespin
• Chef’s Hat & Apron

So, what are you getting for the kid(s) in your life this Christmas season?  I hope you’ll check out Professor Maxwell’s 4D Chef!

This kit is available now at Costco  for $29.99, regularly $39.99!

Disclosure: This post was in collaboration with 4D Chef.  In exchange for this post, I have received perks in the form of products and/or compensation. All opinions on this blog are always my own. 



  1. kathy downey | 16th Nov 18

    This sure sounds fun thanks we certainly would be interested in the 42 page book of recipes and food science.

  2. Lynda Cook | 16th Nov 18

    This looks so cool, I know a few kids that would love this!

  3. nicky | 16th Nov 18

    Very cool. I love STEM games and toys that are getting more popular now.

  4. Sarah | 17th Nov 18

    Wow! This looks like a fun kit. My daughter loves getting involved in the kitchen and I think she would enjoy this a lot.

  5. ivy pluchinsky | 17th Nov 18

    My niece would enjoy this a lot!

  6. Carole | 17th Nov 18

    That looks so cool my oldest granddaughter would love this.

  7. Kam | 17th Nov 18

    That’s pretty cool!

  8. Jonnie | 18th Nov 18

    This looks like such a fun set! I love that it combines cooking and science lessons.

  9. Janet Meisner | 18th Nov 18

    This looks like fun and educational also.

  10. kathy downey | 23rd Nov 18

    I do love educational sets like this,learning can be so much fun !

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