The Quest 1000 from Hoover- The Robotic Vacuum that makes cleaning so easy!

Holy moly, have you heard about the Quest 1000? Did you join me over the Holidays for the Hoover Twitter party? Well, if so you would have heard Scott MacGilvary swooning over the Quest 1000 and let me tell you.  I got one!  This little robotic vacuum is a dream to own.  I truly wasn’t sure what to expect and you’ll find out below, just how suprised I was.  I mean, how much dirt could a little vacuum really pick up?

From @HooverCA you control and direct your #Quest1000 to the areas you need cleaned through local WIFI! Click To Tweet

Things I love in a nutshell

~ I can do dishes and have my floors cleaned all on its own while I am in the other room. #Multitask
~ I can program my Quest1000 from my phone so it can clean when I am not home
~ Or I can be in the kid’s room, in the shower, in the kitchen and at the push of a button from my phone(WIFI enabled), start it
~ Hands-free
~ It vacuums well thanks to its cool sensors
~ I’ve named it “Mother’s Little Helper”
~ Saves me time
~Easy to clean/empty

Powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion battery for 120 minutes of fade-free runtime the #Quest1000 from @HooverCA is a must have! Click To Tweet



The @HooverCA #Quest1000 has a #TriCleanSystem that utilizes a side brush, an advanced brush roll and powerful suction! Click To Tweet

How did the Quest1000 know where to clean?
QuestNav 3.0™ Technology – 360° Laser mapping technology learns and adapts to the room and navigates systematically in the most efficient path to provide thorough cleaning across your home. When done, it automatically returns to the docking station to re-charge.”

  When done it goes back to its dock to charge.  I love this part as I found it remarkable that it knows and you can watch my video on Instagram.  I’ll admit, I found it rather cute as “he” figured it out.  “Mother’s Little Helper” can easily switch from carpet, tiles to hard wood floors.  If you need a specific area that needs to be cleaned, you can push the “Spot” button.  Also, don’t worry about it falling off stairs.  It won’t as I had this tested out at a friends place who had stairs, as we do not.  It can sense them.  We watched in amazement as it zig-zagged across the room cleaning the floors as it went from room to room.

The Set-Up is really easy.  Download the app(For iOs or Android). Name it, confugure it and charge it.  You’re set.  While your sitting on the couch, open the app and push “Start Clean”.  Or you can get up, walk over it to it and put it on.  We always get a kick out of it, the kids love “Mother’s Little Helper”.

It comes with a Tri-Clean System which picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair on your floors, along walls and even in corners.  You’ll see in the video above that little sweeping movement.  It picks up the little crumbs and such asI found that the corners were done pretty good, but I did end up sweeping up a little, like the odd little crumb it missed.   Still a brilliant machine that I would never give up as it provides such a great “service”.  I can be writing this blog post as my floors are getting cleaned because let’s be honest.  Since having kids, I can’t believe the crumbs, sand, dirt, mud etc that comes with having them, hahaha.  Especially the crumbs as we tend to eat and snack around the coffee table.


So much dirt did it pick up?

QuestNav 3.0™ Technology provides laser mapping, which enables the #Quest1000 to intelligently navigate your home for the most efficient clean! @HooverCA Click To Tweet

Hoover-Quest1000-BrushI don’t know about you, but I am pretty impressed.   I seriously love that I can vacuum without having to do it myself, especially when I am too tired and too busy. I’ve found that it works great for our apartment lifestyle.  What do you think? Are you impressed with how much it can hold and pick up?  
If you see the Hoover Quest1000, pick it up and fall in love with the innovation for having clean floors while you have your feet up.

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  1. HEIDI C. | 31st Jan 17

    I used to have a Roomba but it always seemed to get trapped multiple times. This one sounds so much more effective.

    • Erica | 1st Feb 17

      Our Little Helper never gets trapped 🙂

  2. Elizabeth O | 31st Jan 17

    would love to have one ,that look so great

  3. kristen visser | 1st Feb 17

    Seriously the coolest tiniest vacuum ever! I would love to sit back, relax and let the vacuum do its thing while entertaining us all as the cat chases after it lol

    • Erica | 1st Feb 17

      Hahaha! YES! The cat would go nuts over it 🙂

  4. kathy downey | 1st Feb 17

    Thanks for the detailed review,i could really use one like this !

    • Erica | 1st Feb 17

      You’re so welcome!

  5. Julie | 1st Feb 17

    I really want one of these in my life!

    • Erica | 1st Feb 17

      I hope you get one! It is pretty awesome.

  6. Treen Goodwin | 1st Feb 17

    I want one so bad , but i don’t think it would be very good in my home with all the dog fur, ughh ,, it would make my life so much easier tho , thanks for sharing <3

    • Erica | 1st Feb 17

      How come? I bet it would do a great job picking up dog fur.

  7. nicky | 1st Feb 17

    Neat! I’d love a Quest 1000 for our house.

  8. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 1st Feb 17

    Thanks for a great review, I’ve been eyeing these robots for a while now and would love to have one.

  9. Victoria Ess | 1st Feb 17

    This looks amazing! I’m wanting one of these!

  10. Wanda Tracey | 2nd Feb 17

    This little Hoover helper sounds amazing!!

  11. Lushka Smith | 5th Feb 17

    Oh would love one of these, thanks for the review.

  12. Lynda Cook | 5th Feb 17

    I would love one of these, I am always sweeping or vaccuming up dog hair and this would help to keep it under control!!

  13. Elizabeth O | 6th Feb 17

    this is great,would love to have one of it.

  14. Tannis W | 7th Feb 17

    I despise vacuuming. I would love one of these!

  15. Jenn | 13th Feb 17

    This sounds amazing! It’s crazy that such a little gadget like this can still be so powerful and effective. I’d save a lot of time if I had one of these since all our rooms have carpet.

  16. Judy Cowan | 14th Feb 17

    This looks like it would be very handy to have especially with four pets running around.

  17. Calvin F. | 20th Feb 17

    This looks very useful 😛 my cat would freak out.

  18. Wendy Hutton | 20th Mar 17

    this owuld be so neat to have

  19. Lynda Cook | 20th Mar 17

    This would be awesome for everyday use to keep up on the hair and crumbs!!

  20. Suzanne G | 20th Mar 17

    I would love to have this and thanks for the great review.

  21. Elizabeth Vlug | 20th Mar 17

    This sounds like an amazing machine. And a great battery life too!

  22. June Donnelly | 20th Mar 17

    This would be fantastic!

  23. Betty S | 21st Mar 17

    I would love to have one.

  24. Amy Heffernan | 21st Mar 17

    WOW!! This would be a moms dream come true! What an amazing product!

  25. Carole D. | 21st Mar 17

    I would love one of these! My daughter own one and love it!

  26. jan | 21st Mar 17

    I dream of one of those robotic vacuums……!

  27. s powell | 21st Mar 17

    robotic vacumn I never tried one but it looks awesome

  28. Debbie White Beattie | 21st Mar 17

    I’ve never used this type of vacuum but from the pictures it can clean up everything off the floor which I didn’t think they were capable of. great vacuum !

  29. Tannis W | 21st Mar 17

    Wow, I would love one of these!

  30. Gord | 22nd Mar 17

    With this vacuum I could feel like Homer Simpson. Just sit back and watch TV.

  31. Andrea Amy | 24th Mar 17

    This looks really awesome!

  32. Wanda Tracey | 24th Mar 17

    Wowzer! The quest 1000 robotic would be so amazing to have!

  33. Michelle Policelli | 25th Mar 17

    This vacuum looks amazing!

  34. Julie bolduc | 25th Mar 17

    This looks like a great vacuum

  35. Brenda Penton | 27th Mar 17

    I love that I can control it from my phone! That’s pretty neat!

  36. Leeanne C | 27th Mar 17

    I don’t have one of these quest 1000 vacuums would be awesome to own one.

  37. Krista M | 29th Mar 17

    This Hoover Quest 1000 would be a daily living game-changer. To not have to waste so much time vacuuming would be ideal! More time for fun things!

  38. Jenny | 2nd Apr 17

    I just love efficient technology that is compact but powerful. The Quest 1000 is exactly that. Hope to get one soon!

  39. kathy downey | 15th May 17

    This would certainly make my day much easier!

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