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If you’re looking for a microwave, look no further. The Quick Touch Crisp is an amazing household appliance.  It has done so much for me-especially saving me time.  The easy to use inverter microwave combines more even heating, brown and crispy results, with features of the Quick Touch. This microwave knows the right power level and time to suit different food types and switches to grill when it’s needed.  The convection grill, you read right. The convection grill is very cool to see and use in a microwave.  It’s a 1000 watt grill element in conjunction with the crisper pan to crisp foods that can become soggy from standard microwave reheating. 

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I haven’t used a microwave in almost 15 years.  My husband had a junky little one that came in his apartment when we were dating.  It made food soggy and it didn’t always cook through or defrost so I sad “No More!”  Well, fast forward to 2016, 3 kids later, small kitchen, city living and overwhelmed with my old school ways.  From defrosting, to prepping, to cooking to warming up.  Time was sliding through my finger tips and we weren’t in the budget for a microwave.  When I had the chance to review and attend a media event for the launch of the Quick Touch Crisp I was, “Yes! Sign me up!”.  Well dear husband mixed up his work schedule and I missed the event.  I was upset to say the very least but I attended virtually through tweeting and sharing info on the #QuickTouchCrisp and was able to receive this beautiful device to review.  In a nutshell- I’ve been blown away.  Using it for the first time was like a 100 pounds of pressure lifting of my shoulders.   I was like “Oh, so this is how it is”.  So let me go through what me as a mom loves about this.


1. Convenience– At the push of a button I can get on with other things done while I have food prepping in the Quick Touch Crisp.  Whether I am using it for baking or cooking or making pizza as it’s 5pm all of a sudden.

2. Child Lock– A brilliant design to add to a microwave.  I could see my twins were intrigued with this shiny new device.  And it is surprisingly light as I lifted it up to the counter!  Ok, back to the lock.  You hold down the “A Bit More” button and your little turkey’s won’t be able to disrupt cooking or injure themselves.

3. The Beeping.  It’s not loud at all! You can even adjust the sound.  It’s really a dreamy microwave.  I know…I said dreamy.

4. It softens butter, it melts chocolate– Perfectly. I have found I am baking more often for the family as half the time I forget to bring the butter out to room temperature and make chocolate treats with dried fruits and nuts.

5. Nothing comes out soggy– I can make grilled cheese sandwiches, crispy chicken wings, cook frozen pizza and it comes out perfect.  As if it was cooked in the oven! I will add that if you use mayonnaise instead of butter it won’t be crispy.  When I ran out of butter I tried the “best kept secret” which was to use mayonnaise instead of butter it didn’t come out crispy.  So use butter.  Nothing can replace how good butter is.  I also tried olive oil too and it was crispy, melted cheese heaven.

6. Bacon– I can make crispy bacon in the microwave.  I can put in the the special pan that I will get to shortly and a paper towel.  Place my bacon, push the button and never get splattered with fat ever again! Now, if you like Maple flavoured bacon it will stick to the paper towel so maybe try with out or bake it in the Smart Oven Pro.

7. The Auto Cook features–  Heat up your coffee perfectly by pushing the coffee mug button, make perfect popcorn with no burnt kernels by pushing the popcorn button.  It comes with 18 Smart Cook & Grill auto menus, 7 Smart Reheat auto menus, 4 Smart Defrost auto menus and 2 auto Melt & Soften menus.

8. I can dry herbs, toast nuts and roast vegetables!  No more hot oven to make me sweat in the summer in our apartment.

9. Crisp. Crisp. Crisp.  From pie shells to fish to quiche. This microwave does it all.  FYIIf you have this microwave, download the recipe book.

10. The Breville 12″ Crisper Pan.  It comes with a magical pan.  As food cooks it releases steam, but non-metal dishes used in microwave cooking cannot get hot enough to evaporate this steam as it hits the plate. This leaves condensation on the plate that is absorbed into the food, creating soggy food.  The secret to achieving crispy results in a microwave is using a pan that can get really hot, just like a baking dish in an oven. The Breville Crisper Pan is a specially designed, microwave-safe, metal pan with adjustable legs that allow the pan to get close to grill when needed so food forms a golden top and a crispy bottom.  The integrated Smart Cook & Grill setting brings microwave, grill and crisper pan together by preheating the pan and switching from microwave to grill when needed for better, crispier results.


As I discovered using the Quick Touch Crisp I would share and tweet out a new function I’d discover.  Now, I have had this for about 2 months?  I cannot think of anything negative to say about this.  And I would if there was something.  But this has been a dream to use.  Priced at $599.95 this is the microwave you’ve been waiting for.  If it’s time to upgrade, look no further.
Quick-Touch-Crisp-TweetMake this!  School is almost over, snacks for the park is what you will be preparing for and these are delicious and easy to make.

Breville-Granola-BarsToasted-Coconut-Almond-Granola-BarsI hope you’ve enjoyed my review and I hope you will check it out at Breville retailer near you. If you liked my review let me know.  Share it, Like it, Tweet it! Thanks for visiting and have an wonderful day! 
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  1. Elizabeth Vlug | 6th Jun 16

    Thank you for your review. Sounds like an amazing appliance. Crisp was always missing from other microwaves and this is a game changer.

    • Erica | 6th Jun 16

      Crisp was definitely missing. It’s a game changer for sure 😉 Thanks for commenting!

  2. DARLENE W | 27th Jul 16

    when we need a new microwave we will surely check this one out

  3. Lynda Cook | 24th Aug 16

    This looks like a great appliance to own, we use our microwave everyday, so this would be great to check out!!

  4. Victoria Ess | 21st May 17

    Sounds really handy!

  5. Hema | 19th Aug 18

    Amazing review, I am sold 🙂

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