The Quote Keeper from Petal and Post {Giveaway}


If you’re looking for a cute gift that will last a lifetime you need the Quote Keeper from Petal and Post because kids truly say the darnedest things.
Small enough to toss in your diaper bag to leaving it in a special spot in your home it comes in a durable metal container and a ring to keep all those memorable quotes together.  The paper is amazing quality and it is tear proof, waterproof and  made with earth-friendly soy based dyes and is sustainable.

A fun and flexible system allows you to expand your ring as your family grows… or as your quotable kid fills your cards with all of the side-splitting things that you’ll want to remember on their wedding day, or when you’re old and grey

So what do you think? Pretty cute and clever.  I love jotting down things my son says.  Like “What if the Earth was made by a tired Baby?” It makes no sense. I know, but it’s also probably only funny to us.  


Petal and Post would like you to have one too.  These do make great stocking stuffers or a little something to bring and gift to a friend we are giving away 4!  So pop over to my Facebook page to enter or enter below.
Quote Keeper Giveaway


  1. Suzanne G | 7th Dec 15

    This is such a great idea as you think you will always remember the priceless things they say but you do forget.

  2. Bianca Munoz | 7th Dec 15

    I LOVE this! So neat! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Aleasha | 9th Dec 15

    Such a cute idea! My kids are always saying the funniest things. I like this way more than putting it in my phone.

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