Recipe of the Day for Baby- Mixed Root Veg Puree

Mixed Root Veg Puree
You can choose any 3 from the following:

carrot/sweet potato/butternut squash/potato/parsnip/rutabaga

Wash, peel and chop. You can boil theses veggies for 20min or steam.  I prefer steaming veggies to keep the nutritional content up as boiling loses some.
Once boiled or steamed, puree the veggies, if you need more liquid for puree use the water from your boiled pot or steamed pot.
You  can also add baby’s usual milk.
As I’ve mentioned before you can find some of these veg’s already freshly peeled and chopped at Bruno’s Fine Foods($2.99-$4.99) and at Sobeys($2.99-$3.99) that are commercially done. All are found in the salad section.

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