Recipe of the Day for Toddler-Baby Meatballs

Meatballs for baby:

8oz (1 cup) lean minced/ground beef
4oz (1/2 cup) mashed potatoes

Pre-heat the oven to 350 deg F, 180 deg C.
Combine the ingredients and blend well.
Roll into 1 inch balls.
Place on a baking tray and cook for around 20 mins.
Drain the fat, then cool and serve.

 How easy is this moms?  I’m going to use ground pork since I have it thawed and I’ll add some thyme, a touch of salt and pepper.  Or even better for sweetness use mashed yams or butternut squash instead of regular potatoes.
I hope Charlie will like this!


  1. Mama Ash | 13th Jan 10

    I used Herbs de Provence since I don’t have any thyme on it’s own. Maybe the lavender in this herb mixture will calm my little fire ball?

  2. Mama Ash | 14th Jan 10

    This turned out quite yummy as I added a dash of Parmesan cheese to the potatoes for extra flavour. Please note if your child is under 1 year of age do not add it because of the sodium level.
    These meatballs were a hit for Master Charles.

  3. Anonymous | 18th Jan 11

    Sounds good this is what I am going to make my 10.5 month old boy tonight with ground turkey. He loves everything so far I am sure he will loved these. Good idea!

  4. Mama Ash | 18th Jan 11

    I hope he enjoys them! It’s even nice to substitute with yams, parnsips or whatever else! Make it in the form of a patty and broil in the over with some cheese….yum!

  5. Debbie White Beattie | 30th Jan 17

    This is a really great recipe. I bet the moms that find this recipe will be very happy to make this and the babies bellies will be full and they’ll hopefully sleep !

  6. wendy hutton | 28th Apr 19

    these look great, I haven’t had meatballs in ages

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