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I’m making some lifestyle changes. Sigh…..  BUT it needs to be done and when I had the chance to work with my friend, Maggie Chilton who is recently a graduated Holistic Nutritionist I messaged her and said we need to talk.  In a nutshell, for the next 30 days, I am to cut out coffee, sugar, wheat and alcohol.   No more wine nights!  But you know what has been hardest? Cutting the coffee out. Just for 30 days to help reduce my aches and pains and inflammation(more to come on that later!) 
I have been in aches and pains off and on and I also got my hands on some great products from Genuine Health.  As you know, I’ve shared a few of their recipes in the past.  Remember the Genuine Health Happy Gut guide and those delicious Lemon Poppy Seed Bits?

Well, I have a sore knee.  I have a sore foot. Gosh, getting old sucks, lol.  Now I haven’t found the Fast-Joint care to work on my plantar fasciitis  yet but it is helping me with my back and knee. I would wake up stiff and limp with my bad knee until it got moving. But I am taking this more for inflammation.  I’d like to reduce that and I have heard great things about egg shells. Yes. 

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What I like about FAST-Joint care is the ingredients as I am not one to reach for a pharmaceutical.  The benefits of such a product are for bone health and  vitality.  Chasing the twins around, it’s something I need.  I am tired of being in pain. I am only 38!  Genuine Health provides the fastest all-natural relief from pain with whole-food ingredients – including BiovaFlex®, the most potent form of research-proven eggshell membrane that relieves pain, decreases inflammation and helps to repair damaged tissue – for results in only 5 days.  Did you read that? Results in only 5 days so I had to put to this to the test and was pleasantly surprised.  I mean if you want fast, effective relief from non-arthritic joint pain this may be a product you want to try.  Yes, I received a sample but it’s my opinion and it’s not influenced in any way.  It is helping me as I am continuing on with it. I hope over time it will help my heel pain next.  I see this as something I’ll actually continue to take for overall health.  Read more about the benefits on Genuine Health.



5 Tips to increase mobility
Stable joints are a fundamental aspect for active living while unstable joints increase the risk of injury affecting performance and ability to function. In comparison, mobility refers to our ability to move freely without stress on the body. This supports a healthy lifestyle and provides the fundamentals for solid framework during your workouts that will transfer over into your everyday life, making movement pain free. Jason McPherson, owner and partner of Crossbell Fitness, offers 5 tips to prevent future injuries and increase mobility to help stabilise joints.

Learn to Breathe Properly

Diaphragmatic breathing or “belly breathing” is where you inhale, forcing air into the lungs and down into the stomach.

Technique: Lay down on your back with knees comfortably bent. Place one hand on your chest and one hand just below the belly button. Slowly take a deep breath in, focusing on your stomach expanding and rising. Then slowly blow out with pursed lips while pulling your belly button towards the floor. It should feel as if you are stopping yourself during urination.

Build stability

This may sound like a bit of an oxymoron but you must have stable joints in order to have good mobility. If a joint is unstable and at risk of injury, the surrounding tissue will clamp down and tighten up. To avoid any possible injuries, take care of your joints with Genuine Health FAST Joint Care+. This all natural solution will help maintain your mobility and keep you moving.  

Frequency is everything

Simply put, incorporate mobility training into your daily routine, sometimes even more than once a day. Mobility is different from flexibility; flexibility is the absolute range of motion whereas mobility is an active range of motion.

Incorporate foam rolling

Foam rolling is like giving yourself a massage. Muscles and connective tissue have intricate webbing surrounding them call myo-fascia and this can become stiff with repetitive movements such as running.

Mobility will make you stronger

Simply put, if you have poor mobility, you’re not going to reach your full potential. If you can’t move properly, your body will compensate with dysfunctional movement patterns. With poor movement, you will expend more energy while doing less work creating a high probability for injuries.

If you’re tired like I am of being in pain, I hope finding this post on Genuine Health FAST-Joint care helpful because if you’re like me, I am tired of not doing anything.  I need to take care of myself for a happier me and to be a happier mother.  No more sitting around, hence the picture above.

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Remember this is why it’s important to take this:

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate: Both help support cartilage matrix
  • Elastin: Gives the tissue the elastic tension and ability to resume its shape after stretching
  • Transforming growth factor: A protein that plays a critical role in tissue repair, cellular differentiation, and immune function
  • Type I collagen: New research shows type I collagen may be the most valuable due to its ability to boost glycosaminoglycan production, lower inflammation in the joint, and normalize type II collagen production

Cheers! To yours in health~ Erica


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