Retailer Feature of the Week: #Giveaway

I am so thankful when retailers reach out to me.  I would never have known about this shop had they not contacted me!  It is fabulous and truly one of the finest natural health stores I’ve come across online.
Are you into a natural lifestyle? Love healthy food? has such a great selection of vegan, dietary supplements, gluten free and other products.
Pop over to HolyTaste to see for yourself.  Prices are great, customer service is top notch and you’ll find some amazing Ayurvedic products too.  I ordered Kale chips, Himalayan Sea Salt and natural cleaning products.
What I especially like about this site is all the Himalayan Sea Salt products it has.  If you are using refined regular table salt.  Put that junk away and discover real salt.

What’s wrong with table salt?
* It’s chemically “cleaned”-sodium chloride offering no health benefits
* Contains little to no nutrients
* Table salt is missing over 80 minerals

 I love SALT.  I am a salty gal and when you taste the difference in using quality products for cooking and baking you’ll see why it’s so much better.    Check out the FAQ from Lumiere de Sel.

But here are some reasons.
* This holistic natural salt, is truly wholesome: all 84 minerals and trace elements are available in a unique form, that can be easily absorbed and metabolized by the body.
* It offers a rich, naturally delicious taste.
* the hues red, pink, rose, white are just some of the ways to see it’s minerals and iron content
* Himalayan salt is healing ( I add a dash to my babies food for the mineral content)

I love to add a sprinkle on top of my chocolate chip cookies before popping them in the oven!

Another product I love from Lumiere de Sel that you can find on is their salt lamps and I’ll be giving a medium sized lamp away for one lucky fan of Everything Mom and Baby!

I didn’t bother with little night lights for the kids rooms. I have one in our living room, one in the kids room and I even one attached to my computer.  It’s warm pink hue is magical, relaxing and comforting.  It’s a beautiful piece to have in your home.

What’s so great about Salt Lamps?  
 Helps clean and purify the air
Known to improve mood and concentration
Helpful for asthma and upper respiratory problems
Has soothing and calming effect
Helps alleviate feelings of depression
Reduces fatigue
Reduces electro-magnetic pollution
Improves overall wellness
Assists with the natural healing process

                             Shop  Save 15% with code: 110513holy
                   Win a Medium Sized Salt Lamp and enjoy the benefits of tranquility.
                                      Canadian giveaway only! Sorry US fans.
                                  Stay tuned for more reviews from


  1. Lori Bazan | 6th Apr 14

    Gluten free and Organic foods are my two favorite sections. I would love to try cajun-lemon-pepper-almonds3oz

  2. Erika E | 6th Apr 14

    Fair Trade Organic Spices and Organic Chocolates & Jams are a couple of my favourite categories.

  3. elaine r | 7th Apr 14

    Interesting looking into the Organic Health Foods-so many items that I had not heard of.

  4. Nic | 8th Apr 14

    The Organic Chocolates and Jams as well as the Protein categories are my faves!

  5. kitblu | 8th Apr 14

    I love all the salt lamps. For cooking I favour basil and lemongrass. Under spices, I would get the sweet curry powder so I could make a meal for a friend who doesn’t like heat.

  6. Brianne Hager | 8th Apr 14

    Some of my favorite categories are Cooking Essentials and Fair Trade Organic Spices.

  7. bellz | 9th Apr 14

    I really like the Himalayan Salt Products and the Organic Coffee & Tea

  8. alexahennessey | 9th Apr 14

    What an awesome site. Love the Fair Trade Organic Spices and the Ayurvedic products 🙂

  9. Katy Emanuel | 10th Apr 14

    What a great site, I could see myself spending a great deal of money on their site! I like the Gluten Free Food, Body Care, Himalayan Salt Products, Environmental.

  10. maria | 10th Apr 14

    The organic health food and the dietary supplements.

  11. Lisa H | 11th Apr 14

    My favourites are the Organic Chocolates and Jams, and the Organic Coffee and Tea.
    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  12. M | 11th Apr 14

    I’ve been meaning to get a salt lamp. It would be great to win one 🙂

  13. bula | 12th Apr 14

    The Organic Chocolates and Jams sound great.

  14. bula | 12th Apr 14

    The Organic Chocolates and Jams sound great.

  15. Darlene Schuller | 15th Apr 14

    I love the body care, and environmental sections the best.

  16. Andrea S | 15th Apr 14

    Fair Trade Organic Spices and Organic Chocolates are my faves!

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