Sangria Kombucha

This month is flying by.  In fact, Summer is flying by, right? What are you plans since back to school is only a few weeks away?
Well, we’re going to indulge.  I am not going to stress about bed time.  I am not going to stress about anything because my kids want to do that I would normally say “no” to. Okay, I might still depending on what it is.  You want a yogurt popsicle after breakfast? Sure here you go.  Maybe I am just giving up as I am tired and can’t wait for school to start and perhaps I would love a day trip to the spa to recharge but I am not going to stress over the little things in life. 

Next week we are heading up North.  We started one part of our vacation a little early in June going to Kingston which was ok-more stressful than anything.  It was a nice drive though.  The best part was driving back and staying at Merland Park Cottages.  My husband has another week left of vacation so we are going to head up North to the Muskoka area.  We have a car to review from Ford and a resort to check out too.  We also plan to BBQ a bit, hit patios, visit grandparents in Barrie and have more beach fun.  I’ll need to do a liver detox once we’re back, lol.  Check out Orange Naturals for Detox tips on their blog too!
Fall is a good time to start a new cleanse and I hope to stay on the getting healthy band wagon.  In fact, I have a great recipe I want to share with you as we kick back and enjoy the last lazy days of Summer.  This one is actually a nice, healthy spin on sangria I got from my Joyous Health cookbook.  So make a batch, put your feet up and relax.

kombucha-sangriaSangria Kombucha
1 Apple
1 Orange
1 Peach
2 tbsp of grated, fresh ginger
Juice of 2 limes
6 cups of plain kombucha (1.5L)
1 bottle of your favourite red wine
1 tsp liquid stevia or 1/4 cup of liquid honey

Chop the fruit into chunks and combine all the ingredients in a large jug.  Naturally you are going to discard the seeds, pits and cores 😉 

and speaking of things a little fizzy…..

When I think of Summer break I think of lounging, no plans, going with the wind, drinking, eating and really not giving anything too much thought other than to relax and have fun.  Some of my favourite things to help my body after a little over indulgence and after a workout when I am really good to myself is the MagPop! – it’s yummy and fizzy  and a great way to get the magnesium your body craves! Combined with vitamin C and electrolytes, and no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours,I am getting a good daily dose of magnesium glycinate.  I encourage you get a sample today at  

Now I have to get back to our lazy days of summer.  We have a heat wave in Toronto so we’ll be staying in our air-conditioned apartment watching Netflix but first we’ll hit our fabulous indoor pool!  Stay cool everyone!  I wish you all a great day. May August be a great month for you and follow me on Instagram to see what we’re up too!

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  1. kathy downey | 23rd Aug 16

    I cant wait to try this Sangria Kombucha,it sure looks refreshing

  2. kathy downey | 31st Aug 16

    The summer is passing by so fast just days away and the kids will be back to School and we will be back to packing lunches and homework

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