Schmidts Natural Deodorant {Review}

 ” We are proud to offer a product that is vegan, cruelty-free, propylene glycol-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.”

This is my first natural deodorant review.  I have finally found a great toxic free, natural deodorant.  I first came across schmidts natural deodorant on Holistic Dads Facebook page and I went over to the schmidt site and bought the Bergamot & Lime deodorant.  When I got it I was really hoping this stuff would work. I have tried so many that none seem to work.  Well….I am a Schmidt girl now and I want you to be one too! Well, you can be a schmidt dude too to the dads here!

What’s inside?
Shea butter, cocoa butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, vitamin E and hops. Also depending on the scent, you get, the essential oil makes it smell clean & heavenly.  Crafted by hand in the Pacific Northwest, Schmidt’s Deodorant is made from a signature blend of 100% all natural ingredients that really work. Their formula effectively neutralizes underarm odour and absorbs wetness without the use of aluminum or other harmful chemicals.
How do you apply?
It’s thick and slightly granular.  It’s very fine though and you massage it into your underarm.  It comes with a spatula as well.  But as you massage the natural deodorant it thins out and it’s like nothing.  You won’t streak if wearing black as well.
You are left dry and comfortable and stink free naturally! Amazing.
Would I recommend this?
 YES!  However, if you are sensitive to baking soda, over time you may develop a rash.  It happens, it’s not the fault of the product and I did get a rash even though it’s a fantastic product.  Apparently, I am sensitive to baking soda and I would love to see a baking soda free one.  They have developed new roll-ons and the mineral enriched one looks pretty fab too, but I haven’t tried it.
If you are into natural skin care, care about what you put under your armpits and want to switch to a natural deodorant I swear this will be the best you have and will use.  My husband was amazed by it and I gave a sample to my friend to try and she’s now converted as well! 
Here’s what she has said:

” Schmidt’s Deodorant is in a class all its own. I tried the Lavender and Sage blend of Schmidt’s natural deodorant and it worked!” ~ Denise H.

Win a sampler set! Yes! A little something to get you hooked and with the Holidays around the corner, these make a great stocking stuffer and gift. 

Disclosure: schmidts is sponsoring the giveaway but I have purchased the product and was gifted additional scents.

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  1. Grace White | 9th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant is important because my armpits get so irritated otherwise. I would love the lavender sage scent

  2. Anonymous | 9th Oct 13

    Natural is important as it’s healthier for my skin. Would love to try Bergamot + Lime.

  3. Natty | 9th Oct 13

    I’ve been using natural deodorants since I was pregnant and haven’t looked back since. I’m ok with leaving all those yucky chemicals behind. I’d love to try the cedarwood as I really love the more earthy scents!

  4. MeghannC | 9th Oct 13

    This is exciting for me, because I have tried several natural brands and none of them work very well. The last one I tried left yucky “oil” stains on all my shirts, which has been a pain to get out in the wash!
    I would like Cedarwood & Juniper or Lavender & Sage.

  5. Amanda Costa | 9th Oct 13

    Having a mother who had breast cancer, I have often worried about the connection between breast cancer and aluminium based deodorants. This has made me cautious about what I use. I think the lavender sage sounds great.

  6. GingerG | 9th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant is important because I don’t want to put chemicals on my body! I would like the lime bergamot!

  7. caedmen | 9th Oct 13

    I would love to try the lavender and sage and natural is important since it is something I use everyday of my life.

    -Rachel N

  8. Brandi C | 9th Oct 13

    I really dislike putting chemicals on my body. I love pure and natural! I’d love to try the Bergamot + Lime!

  9. Jacquie Villeneuve | 9th Oct 13

    It’s important because I am tired of having to use men’s deodorant to avoid the harsh chemicals in women’s antiperspirant. Yuck. Yay for options! 🙂

  10. bnhollman | 9th Oct 13

    Way healthier and anything that works would be awesome! would love to try the bergamot and lime

  11. ...Jenny... | 9th Oct 13

    I have been slowly moving to natural products for me and my family so we can stop with the chemicals. I want for us to be healthier and safer. I would like to try the lavender and sage.

  12. DKScott | 9th Oct 13

    Natural is important bc there is so many scary ingredients and chemicals in regular deodorant. It makes me sick thinking of putting those onto my skin each and every day.
    I would be purchasing for my husband…he would be into the fragrance free. 🙂
    Kristina S
    kristina_ann_scott at

  13. Annie1 | 9th Oct 13

    Natural is important to me because I have allergies to certain preservatives.

    I’d like the Fragrance Free or the BERGAMOT + LIME

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  14. Paula Lynn | 10th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant is very important to me as I’m trying to be as non-toxic as possible with a family history of breast cancer. So far I haven’t had much luck with natural deodorants, so much that I made a blog post and YouTube video about it. I haven’t tried Schmidt’s yet. I would like to try Lavender Sage.

  15. Attila & Tamara | 10th Oct 13

    It is important to me because I’m trying to avoid yucky chemicals in all of our personal care products. I’d love to try the BERGAMOT + LIME

  16. Glogirl | 10th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant
    is important as it
    doesn’t contain
    chemicals and won’t
    harm my skin. I’d
    love to try the
    Bergamot + Lime scent.

  17. Julia | 10th Oct 13

    Natural deoderant is important to me because I am breastfeeding and want to minimize the chemicals I pass on to my son. Bergamot and lime sounds like an intriguing combination!

  18. 20 Monkies | 10th Oct 13

    I love natural deodorant – and natural products in general – because it’s healthier for us and – well, why would one want to put chemicals on their body?

    The Cedarwood & Juniper or Lavender & Sage sound like amazing scents! 😀

  19. Plum Pretty Sugar | 10th Oct 13

    Thank you for sharing! We love this!


  20. Kim G. | 11th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant is important because it’s something that we need and it’s better to use something natural than something with chemicals. I’d like to try the fragrance-free

  21. Angela M | 11th Oct 13

    I’ve recently decided that I want to try a natural deodorant. I’ve changed a lot of shampoos, creams, toothpast, soap, etc. to more natural stuff and for some reason I’ve overlooked deodorant and I use it everyday. I’d like to try their Bergamot and Lime.

  22. Aleasha | 11th Oct 13

    I am all for natural products. I’ve been in the search for a great natural deodorant so I would love to try this product. I think the lavender and sage would be the first one I would try!

  23. eleanor | 11th Oct 13

    I would like to try a natural deodorant because it is aluminum free. I’d like to try the Fragrance-Free.

  24. Anonymous | 12th Oct 13

    really interested in trying as it is aluminum free and paraben free.

  25. Val | 14th Oct 13

    The ylang-ylang smells great. I only use vegan toiletries and Schmidts is completely vegan.

  26. Jessica | 14th Oct 13

    it’s important to me to not absorb chemicals into my body. i would like to try the cedarwood/juniper

  27. Lori Bazan | 14th Oct 13

    I would try lavender and sage scent. I have never used a natural deodorant before, would love to try!

  28. Anonymous | 15th Oct 13

    all about no chemicals. like the Ylang-Ylang + Calendula

  29. Tannis | 17th Oct 13

    I would much rather use a natural product than something with all kinds of chemicals and things you can’t pronounce in it.
    Bergamot and lime sounds delish!
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  30. natasha severson | 18th Oct 13


  31. natasha severson | 18th Oct 13


  32. Anonymous | 18th Oct 13

    i love natural products, ylang one sounds great

  33. Blueoceans | 18th Oct 13

    Love that it is paraben-free and phthalate-free.The best scent for me is the YLANG-YLANG + CALENDULA.
    Lynn M

  34. Sue2Sueper | 18th Oct 13

    I would choose FRAGRANCE-FREE

    I think it is good to go more natural as much as possible.

  35. Angie | 21st Oct 13

    The cedarwood/juniper sounds amazing, and I love this product!

  36. Anna .w | 25th Oct 13

    Natural deodorant is important to me because I have very sensitive skin and most of the commercial deodorants leave my skin itchy and with a very unpleasant raw feeling.

  37. Anna .w | 25th Oct 13

    oops!I forgot to put I like the BERGAMOT + LIME !

  38. Tina | 25th Oct 13

    I am trying to replace most of what I use with natural products. I would want calendula one.

  39. poppy | 27th Oct 13

    would love to try bergamot-lime. I’m getting back to basics and don’t want ingredients that I don’t know. natural is great!

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