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aboutDo you drink smoothies? Do you have a favourite way to get all those greens in?  I must say that since I’ve started Beachbody I feel healthier and I actually feel better-emotionally too.  I am happier and I think it’s also the fact that I am making time for myself and that I am drinking shakes.  I have the whole family drinking them but did you know that Orange Naturals makes one just for kids?!?! I love adding Orange Naturals tinctures to my smoothies too.  Right now I am adding their Turmeric tincture to my smoothie.  It’s great for inflammation.

I don’t know of another company that does so since I am making smoothies for myself I have started making them for kids.  I feel that I have been starving my son.  I can’t believe that I’ve had these bags of shakes and wasn’t consistent.  I feel awful.  Because he was so hyper, he couldn’t control himself and in class he would be easily distracted.
Well two weeks now of having a smoothie in the morning using the ND Shake Kids Vanilla he has improved so much.  He is finishing his work in school, he’s not fidgeting, he’s listening and when it comes to bed he’s not fighting it and ready for our 8pm lights out.

So what’s in the ND Shake for Kids?

First off it’s been formulated by Naturopaths.  It’s a nutrient dense blend of plant proteins(it’s SOY FREE!) , it has greens and super fruits.  It’s a professional custom made formula just for kids!  It supports health of the bones and teeth and there is nothing artificial.
NDShakesKIDSCome see what’s inside on the Orange Naturals website.  I just had to tell you all because I’ve seen such a turn around in my beautiful son. I sneak in the fermented cod liver oil with our smoothies too otherwise the kids wouldn’t take it.  It’s for kids aged 5-12 and there is also a TEEN Shake too!

Check it out.  You can buy Orange Naturals at Rexalls and most health food stores.  Or online.  Here’s a list.
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Disclosure: I am part of the Orange Naturals Mom Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own

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