Heading to Sherkston Shores? Check out our latest vacation spot to see where all the action is

When you think of going to the lake here in Ontario, do you think of Lake Erie? I’ve never headed south in all the 22 years I’ve lived in Ontario.  We always go North to Muskoka or Haliburton so when I spoke with my stepmom about a fun vacation heading to Lake Erie to check out Sherkston Shores we were excited to explore.   Why we haven’t headed south to the Niagara region is beyond me.  It’s such a lovely drive and you’re in wine country!  Fill up on artisanal wines, cheese and food and head to your cottage at Sherkston Shores.  The town of Port Colborne is adorable too and not far from the resort if you need to head into town.  It’s like a 15-minute car ride.

If the kids are getting antsy from the drive if you’re coming from Toronto and need a bathroom break or are hungry, stop at Hutches in Hamilton, it’s on the way and on the water.  A great beachside diner with the best fries, burgers, hot dogs and salads, ’cause you know.  It’s all about balance.  Hop back in the car and in about 40 minutes you’ll be at Sherkston Shores.

What is Sherskon Shores?  It’s a resort.  You can own a cottage or rent out.  The cottages are trailers and you can even pitch a tent or bring your RV in.  This place is huge!  Most get around on a golf cart but where we stayed we were able to walk to where we needed to go, like the water park, grocery store and Family Fun Plex.  You’re going to see lots of pics with this post because there is so much to share.  I hope you’ll enjoy.  I’ll caption them and share my recommendations.

Our three bedroom premium trailer in Evergreen Village.  A/C, Fireplace, 2 bedrooms with bunk beds, 1 Queen Bed and a pull-out sofa.
I recommend Evergreen Village because everything is walkable, peaceful and you can drive to Elco Beach as it’s on the other side of the resort, there are 4 beaches in total on the property.  You can rent a waterfront property which would be beautiful. I’d love to try a waterfront property next time.  I fell in love with the resort and would love to own here. It’s fantastic for young families, in the daytime there is so much for them to do and once you head back to the trailer, cook dinner, watch a movie and put the kids to bed.  At night, there’s a Live Lounge where you can see some great bands and it gets pretty lively once the kids are tucked away in bed.


The kitchen, we ate at home mostly.   At Sherkston Shores they have a Boston Pizza and a great grocery store(Sobey products)


A lovely and spacious living room with WIFI and cable TV

Beds were fine and clean, I slept in the bunk bed with my kids while my stepmom slept here.


The resort attracts families and people of all ages, which adds a lot of life to the resort. But because of this some nights, it’s not always so quiet near the Family Fun Plex,  it wasn’t bothersome that it can be a little boisterous.  We all slept fine as we’re not renting out by the Family Fun Plex where at night it’s more of a bar atmosphere. 
I appreciated that one of the owners here at Sherskston Shores put this Slow Down sign out.  Her daughter made adorable chalk art.  Because people are mostly getting around in their golf cart, most didn’t follow the rules either. Some didn’t follow the one-way roads here and would roll through the stop signs.

There’s a lot of beauty to be found at Sherkston Shores.  I dropped the twins off at the Family Fun Plex for crafts for a little bit to explore the area.



SherkstonShoresHickoryLaneThis is around the Hickory Lane area.  It’s a short walk to the Whylewood beach, the grocery store and FamilyFun Plex. 
There are loads of activities you can do as a family, check out the calendar {here}

So what’s there to do? OMG, this place was so awesome for the kids.  Mini golf, skate/scooter park, crazy awesome playgrounds, beautiful beaches, water slides, pools, trampolines, live entertainment, arcades, fitness, boot camp and so much more!

SherkstonShoresCraftsCrafts and a concert just for the kiddos Saturday morning that was great.

ElcoBeach SherkstonShores

We loved Elco Beach the most, oh, the Quarry is another favourite.  Smaller and quieter.  Elco Beach is great because it’s shallow. We got the blue ball at the arcades.  I won it with the claw game, lol!

ElcoBeachSo much fun, it truly was spectacular.


Because….sunset selfie! 😉

00000IMG_00000_BURST20180811194028365_COVERFamily names in the sand, of course!
QuarryBeachSherkstonShoresQuarry Beach, loved it!  Little Sun Fishes swimming around and every Saturday night, they do fireworks at the Quarry.  I found this to be a great beach for families.

Ah, the waterpark area!  I loved it here.
PoolatSherkstonSHoresNow for some super fun times!  The pool area is lovely.  Three pools here. This one is shallow, great for kids. There’s a toddler wading pool off in the distance and by the tiki bar is a deep end pool.  We loved it at the pool such an excellent resort.
waterslides_sherkstonShoresThe waterslides are super fun! You can go single or double.
The Splash Pad was excellent.  A must and the playground is right behind it.
SherskstonShores Splash PadjpgSplashPad_2_SherkstonShoresIMG_20180811_133701Now for the adults….you may want a cocktail by the pool.
The bar is a part of Boston Pizza and that means affordable, not overpriced cocktails and food!




Margarita on a hot, fabulous day!  Yes, I got a brain freeze, lol!  Ah, I want to go back to Sherkston Shores.  My husband was so sad that he couldn’t come so we will book again for next year.  The price for 3 nights at our Premium cottage with taxes it was $1550.


We played foosball by the bar! I forgot how much I enjoyed doing that.  Playing foosball that is 😉 


And then we went to the arcades

This game was nuts!  If you go, do play this game! You move around with it.  I think I paid $25 for 150 game tokens. Most games were 4-6 tokens.
IMG_20180810_230146The staff at the arcade are so nice!  I was trying so hard to win the Paw Patrol stuffies and one of the employees tried to win us two for the twins and he did!
00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20180812200256220_COVERThe girls were over the moon!  I swear, lol.  What a nice thing to do.  

00000IMG_00000_BURST20180810181918094_COVERJust some of the other things you can do here, this does cost extraIMG_20180811_192059
We had such a fabulous time at Sherskton Shores.  It is packed with so much to do and is the ultimate family resort. I hope you’ll consider it the next time you plan a family vacation.  It opens on May.1 and closes on Oct.31 and I had a lot of fun sharing my experience with you.  I really want to go back and who knows, maybe we’ll end up buying a trailer here and come every summer.  Here’s a map of the resort if you’d like to see how big it is.  If you’re looking to book, stay in Evergreen Village and remember at night it can turn into a party scene once the kiddos are in bed.   Would I recommend Sherkston? You bet!  We’re going back next year and I can’t wait!



  1. Stacie | 17th Sep 18

    That looks like a great place to take the family! I love the accommodations, the water park, the scenery – I love it all!

  2. Shannon Gurnee | 18th Sep 18

    That sounds like a great place for a traveling family. I love to stay places with my family that feel more like home.

  3. Lynndee | 18th Sep 18

    That looks like the perfect place for the whole family to have a getaway. I will keep that place in mind since we are planning to visit my brother in Canada soon.

  4. Estelle | 18th Sep 18

    Sherkston Shores has something to offer for every member of the family! We’ve been to Toronto in Canada but haven’t been to Ontario, so this is good to know.

    • Mama Ash | 20th Sep 18

      Toronto is in Ontario 😉 Toronto is the city in the Province of Ontario.

  5. Rachel | 18th Sep 18

    This looks like a great vacation spot! I have never heard of it before. I like the rental property and also the mix of beach and activities.

    • Mama Ash | 20th Sep 18

      I’d even consider buying a trailer there…so much fun!

  6. Melanie | 19th Sep 18

    That looks like the best family destination. My kids are going to have so much fun splashing through the trip! Such a neat concept for a resort.

    • Mama Ash | 20th Sep 18

      Right on Lake Erie! You’ll love it 🙂

  7. Aduke Schulist | 19th Sep 18

    That looks like a fun resort. My kids would all have a blast!

  8. wendy hutton | 22nd Oct 18

    that looks like a great place to vacation at fun for the whole family

  9. kathy | 23rd Oct 18

    Oh my this sure looks like a fun spot for a family getaway!

  10. kathy downey | 22nd Nov 18

    I also meant to say your photos are lovely.

  11. wendy hutton | 27th Apr 19

    this looks like an amazing place to visit

  12. Treen Goodwin | 17th May 19

    Wowsers looks like a great place , the kiddos looked like they had a blast !! oh and you as well 😉

  13. Kimberley | 17th May 19

    I live in the Niagara Region and Sherkston Beach has always been a great destination for families. Glad you enjoyed your stay in our neck of the woods.

  14. Shirley | 19th May 19

    This would be a awesome place to have a vacation I would love to go there

  15. Elizabeth Vlug | 19th May 19

    Looks like a great place for a family vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 19th May 19

    This looks like a very enjoyable place for a family vacation, everyone was having a lot of fun.

  17. nicky | 19th May 19

    That splash pad really looks excellent! Perfect for kiddos, especially those too small for waterslides 🙂

  18. kathy downey | 20th May 19

    Wow,this certainly looks like a fantastic spot to take a vacation.Everything looks so inviting !

  19. Lynda Cook | 20th May 19

    Looks and sounds like a great place, never a dull or boring moment!!

  20. Jonnie | 20th May 19

    This place looks awesome!

  21. wendy hutton | 25th May 19

    looks like a great place to take the family

  22. loucheryl | 25th May 19

    This would be a really nice place to bring my family to get away from the city. We don’t have a cottage so this would be amazing to visit. Looks like such a nice, small town.

  23. Marilyn Legault | 28th May 19

    Looks like so much fun for the family. I didn’t know this place existed.

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