Shoosha Truly Organic Skincare for Mom and Baby

 ” We create gorgeous USDA certified products. Their certification means our products never contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, DEA’s and other unspeakables.”

It was love at first touch & smell. I swear. As a mum with a trained nose thanks to working in an aromatherapy clinic for a few years, I know a good product when I smell it.  Especially when there’re essential oils and I want to use the best on my babies skin.
I came across Shoosha in a National Post article about eco-friendly products that are on the rise and indeed it is. The Shoosha brand is growing and expanding coming to a shop near you. In fact, I just came across Shoosha at my local health store. What a delight!

So what is Shoosha all about?

True. Organic. Skincare.  No hidden junk in it what so ever.  The quality is utterly amazing.  I’d have to say the best I’ve used as well and the beautiful combination of the essential oils used from lavender and chamomile to lavender and vanilla infused Baby Massages oil…the Protective Diaper Butter (which is stellar!) 


My girls are teething right now and with that can come a sore little tush.  To soothe and heal the redness around the tush I’ve used this.  Redness was gone after the next diaper change.  I love this product so much because A) it works B) quality C) it’s organic and smells amazing.  It’s loaded with rejuvenating oils to repair skins tissues like Evening Primrose, Calendula, Coconut, Lavender for that heavenly smell(this is high-quality lavender too!)  The diaper balm is cloth diaper safe!

One of the things I look forward to when bathing my girls is following up with an infant massage using this oil. Shoosha Calm Baby Massage Oil.  It’s gentle & moisturizing ingredients infused with lavender and vanilla will take you and baby away. It’s so rich in vitamins(E from the Safflower & Sunflower for example) yet light for massage and it leaves my babies unbelievable softer than imaginable and smelling like heaven.

Shoosha Gentlest Baby Wash & Shampoo is exactly as it states. A perfect wash for balancing and washing your babies skin.  It won’t strip away your babies natural oil secretion(that is still developing), it’s light and when you open the bottle…Take a nice deep breath in.  I love washing my girl’s hair with this too.  So gentle & beautiful.  It’s got Aloe Vera juice infused with Chamomile, Coconut Cream, Lavender & Vanilla(their signature scent) and so much more goodness. Do check it out!

Replenish Baby Lotion.  Okay, we all use this! I couldn’t resist.  With cooler weather and getting the heat on we all were getting a little dry and I wanted to smell and be as soft as my twins.
It is so fresh and made without preservatives that it comes with an expiration date. It’s made in small batches. I love fresh skin care and love that feature.  It’s got a great balance of oils such as Calendula, Evening Primrose, Safflower, Almond Oil.  Perfect nourishment for babies skin.


Shoosha Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum is a must-have for mums in the house.  I’ve been using this for just over 2 months and have seen a significant decrease in pigmentation in my beloved tiger stripes.  Also sun damage in on my face.  I have one little-pigmented spot under my eye by my cheekbone(in between the two) and it’s getting lighter and lighter day by day.  But I feel this is a must-have for other reasons as well.  It’s super rejuvenating, to me this is like liquid gold for your skin care as well. Use at night before going to bed to hydrate and repair your skin. I can be clumsy in the kitchen and often will get a burn here and there and I use this immediately when I get a burn. In fact, I got a bad burn just last night! It’s on my face and I applied this oil on it immediately. Today it is not red at all. It’s tender to touch but I am confident it will heal and not leave a scar. 
It’s loaded with healing oils. Rich oils like Borage, Grapeseed, Lavender(benefit: to heal burns!), Olive Fruit Oil & Tamanu.  Lavender & Sweet Orange & Tangerine infused.  It smells amazing but made with the most anti-inflammatory ingredients which are why I think this is great all around. In fact, I think the citrus oils in this helps lift the pigmentation.  This is a must have oil. Get it.

Oh, the early days of breastfeeding and treating sore, dry, cracked nipples. Well here is the ultimate healing butter for your breasts.  Shoosha Rescue Nipple Butter brings instant relief I swear! It’s a miracle pot of goodness of oils & butter.  Sea Buckthorn is one of favourite skin care secrets for its healing properties and to restore delicate skin.  This is another must have as it has multiple healing properties not just for the breasts. This is going on my face to heal my oil burn as well.  It’s got Vitamins A, C, E and Chamomile, Cocoa Butter(you don’t need to remove this balm prior to breastfeeding.  It’s completely safe), Avocado oil, Beeswax, Sunflower.  Um…yeah…know a mum expecting? Are you breastfeeding and have sore callused nipples?  Get this product.


Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap.  Okay, babywearing & cloth diapering folks I think this soap is a must for when washing your carriers and diapers.  It’s liquid and has gentle, non-toxic ingredients to be gentle on your babywearing textiles.  If you use it for regular laundry you need to use a natural stain remover as this detergent does not remove stains. One I love is by Buncha Farmers Stain Remover.

 Lastly Shoosha Butter Bars.  My husband is a big fan of bar soap and these are just as lovely as the rest of the line.  Comes in 6 different scents.  Cool Mint Tea is my favourite!

This whole line is utterly amazing.  If you see it at a store near you, pick it up.  You will love it!


Disclosure: This was post written in collaboration with Shoosha True.  I was gifted product in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Gail A. | 25th Sep 13

    Love organic baby products!

  2. Jennifer Geddes | 25th Sep 13

    I love the fact that it is fresh and has an expiration date. I would definitely purchase it because I would know what is going on my baby is safe!

  3. Jennifer Geddes | 25th Sep 13

    My favorite product is the protective diaper butter.

  4. Tannis | 25th Sep 13

    I like that their products are organic and have yummy ingredients that you can pronounce, not chemicals!

    • Tannis | 25th Sep 13

      And yes, I think it would be a product I would buy.

  5. Tannis | 25th Sep 13

    The hazelnut butter bar sounds delicious!

  6. Andrea S | 25th Sep 13

    Love that the products are fresh, I would definitely purchase them

  7. Andrea S | 25th Sep 13

    Would love to try the Shoosha Calm Baby Massage Oil.

  8. Tanis S | 25th Sep 13

    I like the idea that Shoosha Rescue Nipple Butter brings instant relief! I might need this soon!!

  9. Tanis S | 25th Sep 13

    I’d love to try the Lavender Vanilla Replenish Baby Lotion

  10. aperry | 25th Sep 13

    I like that they use essential oils. Would like to try for sure.

  11. aperry | 25th Sep 13

    the gentle baby wash

  12. Annie1 | 26th Sep 13

    Love that they are using Borage Oil in their products. I have heard so many good things about it!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  13. Annie1 | 26th Sep 13

    My favourite product would be their Dream Butter Bar; it sounds fantastic!


    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  14. Melissa Finn | 26th Sep 13

    Love tha they are organic!

  15. Melissa Finn | 26th Sep 13

    Would love the Shoosha nipple rescue butter.

  16. Aleasha | 26th Sep 13

    I love learning that their laundry detergent is safe enough for baby wearing products. Never thought of looking for a product like that!

  17. Aleasha | 26th Sep 13

    Would love to try their rejuvenate stretch mark serum. I have a few stretch marks and scars that I would love to get rid of.

  18. Anonymous | 26th Sep 13

    No toxins! I’d like to try the Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap

  19. Jack | 26th Sep 13

    I like the looks of this … baby due in 2 weeks and would love to try some!

  20. Flower | 27th Sep 13

    The baby wash and shampoo and the baby massage oil are like a must ! Baby coming in 4 weeks would be well used !

  21. Lisa H | 28th Sep 13

    I liked learning that there are essential oils in their products. I love the smell of lavender an vanilla!

  22. Lisa H | 28th Sep 13

    I’d love to try their Cool Mint Tea butter bar. Just thinking about the scent makes me feel invigorated. 🙂

  23. Diana | 28th Sep 13

    I like their laundry soap line of products.

  24. Diana | 28th Sep 13

    Yes it most certain is something I would buy.

  25. Diana | 28th Sep 13

    I most like their sweetwood butter bar.

  26. Victoria Ess | 28th Sep 13

    I loved learning about them in general, as I’m always looking to find organic health and beauty products. I think it’s so important to limit toxic chemicals that come in contact with babies, so I would totally buy it.

  27. Victoria Ess | 28th Sep 13

    My favourite product is the baby massage oil.

  28. eleanor | 29th Sep 13

    I like that it’s organic and has rejuventating oils to moisutrize skin.

  29. eleanor | 29th Sep 13

    I would also like to try the Sweetwood Butter Bars for adults.

  30. catamo | 29th Sep 13

    Love Organic. I am looking forward to checking out these products. Hope I win

  31. catamo | 29th Sep 13

    My favorite product is the protective diaper butter.

  32. Angela M | 30th Sep 13

    Wow, that is an enthusiastic review! I like that they use natural quality ingredients and that it still smells awesome. I’ll keep my eye out for these products.
    angela mitchell

  33. Angela M | 30th Sep 13

    I’m most interested in trying the Sensitive Skin Laundry Soap.
    angela mitchell

  34. Ameirah Taha | 30th Sep 13

    i totally would try,, organic is way better

  35. Ameirah Taha | 30th Sep 13

    i have never tried any of these products but would love to

  36. Wendy Hutton | 30th Sep 13

    I like that they are organic, and yes this is something I would buy

  37. Wendy Hutton | 30th Sep 13

    the dream butter bar sound nice

  38. Jessica | 3rd Oct 13

    i like that the products are naturally scented. i hate that so many natural things are unscented!

  39. Jessica | 3rd Oct 13

    love the laundry soap

  40. DKScott | 7th Oct 13

    I love the quality ingredients put into this product.
    kristina_ann_scott at

  41. DKScott | 7th Oct 13

    Oops and yes, its something I would totally buy.

    kristina_ann_scott at

  42. DKScott | 7th Oct 13

    Would love to try the Replenish Baby Lotion

    kristina_ann_scott at

  43. Allen Dawson | 9th Oct 13

    These are natural products and do not contain any harmful ingredient. Thank you for sharing information on this. They are useful in treating skin infections.

  44. Ariane Delorme | 10th Oct 13

    What a gorgeous line! I would definitely love to try the Baby Wash and shampoo and the massage oil with our new baby, due mid-november!

  45. Ariane Delorme | 10th Oct 13

    I LOVE the fact that they’re organic, but definitely fell in love with the name and branding!! I hope we’ll find this line very soon in the Montreal area, I would love to try it!

  46. Anonymous | 10th Oct 13

    i love that it’s organic! i would like to try this, for sure.

  47. Anonymous | 10th Oct 13

    fave product is the stretch mark serum

  48. Katy Emanuel | 10th Oct 13

    I like that is has an expiry date which means there are no nasty preservatives being used in it.

  49. Katy Emanuel | 10th Oct 13

    I would love to try the stretch mark serum and the bar soap. We really like bar soap in our house but it is hard finding a good natural one that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

  50. Ghada Alwahidi | 25th Feb 16

    My baby has eczema and her pediatrician gave us a prescriptions for all these steroid creams but I was uncomfortable using them, so we went to a health Store and were recommended the protective diaper palm (which can be used on babies face and body). Literally 30 min after using it once her face and body started clearing up and looks nourished. I’m definitely going back to get the rest of line. Very happy mommy 🙂

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