Shop Feature: Snuggle Me Organic~ #cosleeping with your newborn


“The Snuggle Me Organic provides a familiar hug that helps babies stay content when not in mother’s arms. This allows babies to feel calm and content, helping them to get the rest they need.”

I have something beautiful and wonderful to tell you about my friends.  It’s making me want another just so I can use this amazing cosleeping bed from our friends at Snuggle Me.  Giving baby their own sleep space within the bed allows parents to sleep confidently, knowing baby is safe and comforted.  The Snuggle Me is by far the most comfortable cushion for both baby and parents to sleep with.  It has no hard edges, buttons or straps and doesn’t take up too much extra room.  I wish I had this for all of my children.  How perfect would it be for your little one to sleep in bed with you? Co-sleeping was the only way I could get any rest with my babies and this would have been appreciated.

Why Snuggle Me?
Snuggle Me is designed for babies 0-6 months and is designed to “snuggle” your baby as it’s made with a unpadded and slightly raised centre sling.  It actually gives them the feeling of being held which in return means a happy and content baby so they can rest longer.
Because of it’s slick design, the cushion will form a sling around baby’s back.  This creates a hammock-like effect keeping baby safely positioned on their backs, they are not able to roll or turn against their own weight and it also helps prevent flat head.  I also like that it’s portable.  Take it with you where ever you need to go.

So many uses? Who knew?


tummy time

infant massage

acid reflux relief

as a changing station





Where is Snuggle Me made?
They are handmade in Minnesota.  The owners, Mia Carr and Laurie Carr also are a part of the manufacturing process, by hand filling each organic cotton and organic wool Snuggle Me, making the Snuggle Me Covers and also carefully packing each and every single Snuggle Me order that comes in.  

Where can you buy Snuggle Me?
You can buy directly from Snuggle Me Shop and I have a promo code to use!  If you are expecting or looking for a gift save 15% with code EMB15 (it expires Dec.1/2015)

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