My favourite products to nourish and tone your body during weightloss

I myself am getting back in shape for the hundredth time and I have found a routine I actually like and look forward to doing.  It’s called Bikini Body Mommy and it’s free and awesome.  I love it. Down 10 pounds so far and am on day 18.  Now that I’ve cut wine out I hope to drop some more weight, hahaha.  But something I find women are forgetting to do is to taking care of their skin.  I’ve seen “go fund me” campaigns come up with extreme weight loss where women are asking for donations for surgery to treat the loose skin.  That’s when I started thinking about a skincare regime for the body, so I put my esthetician thinking hat on and here my suggestions for healthy skin to go along with your weight loss.  The skin is the largest organ.  We know how it stretches as pregnancy is a great example.  So if you are working out don’t forget to take care of your skin.  You can help tone and tighten your skin and prevent stretch marks by using some of the products I’ve listed below.  Plus it feels so great after a good workout.  It’s like a mini spa treatment.

Body scrubs and/or dry brushing.  With body scrubs, I find it nice personally to exfoliate my body once a week.  I love the feeling of being super soft and removing those old dead cells.  The skin can “breathe”, negative energy is released and I just feel better after a good scrub.  Dry brushing is great to do daily as it stimulates the lymphatic system and the method is to do light brush strokes always in the direction towards the heart. The same for when your scrubbing.   I like to spend time on the back of my thighs when I am dry brushing,  I’m like “I’m gonna brush that cellulite outta my thighs”, hahaha.  Just a gentle reminder, if you shave- shave first then scrub. Salt scrubs can give you an extra zing.

I love the oils used in Clarins Tonic Body Scrub. Rosemary and mint are stimulating and smells delicious.  CakeBeauty products are decadent and smell diving too without the guilty pleasure and LoveFresh Lemon Verbena is citrus heaven for the senses and detoxifying as well.  

TIP: Leave the scrub on a little longer, don’t rinse away right away.  Enjoy the steam and aroma of the salts and sugars work on exfoliating your skin.

Delicious, nourishing body oils
Now to care for the skin after your scrubbing.  I love oils.  Oils are beautiful, nourishing and usually are pretty clean ingredient wise.  
TIP:  You want your skin to be a little damp as you massage the oils.  They penetrate better than creams and I personally find them better than body creams.

BodyOilsI love using Clarins Tonic oil.  I used this on my clients when doing pregnancy treatments. It smells so good and works so well.  It was a top seller when I worked in the spa as it firms and tones the skin and prevents stretch marks.  Zaya Body Oil is rich in nourishment and contains Pink Grapefruit which targets cellulite.  Osmia is a new oil I’ve come across and is soothing and helps with water retention.  

So if you’re a skincare junkie like me, I hope you’ll try these out.  These are just some of my favourite brands and is not sponsored in any way.  Have a skin care question? Ask!  

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