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I have a great new business to share with you called Sleep Belt.  I have a couple of favourite kangaroo care products and Sleep Belt is one of them.
Sleep Belt is a kangaroo care product made for use around the home or hospital.  Packing your hospital bag? You need to add Sleep Belt!
As a mom of multiples and premature twins I wish I had the Sleep Belt at the hospital as I was fumbling learning how to hold two babies and do skin to skin with them both.  But it’s not just for mom.  Dad can share in on the experience of skin to skin too.  It’s quite a magical connection and feeling having your baby nestled close skin to skin.
I happened to meet the maker of Sleep Belt a little too late but my lovely and talented friend from TrinaPhoto just had a newborn and I knew she could use such a product. More to come below….

About Sleep Belt:

A hands free skin-to-skin support system, SleepBelt allows baby to sleep soundly on mom or dad’s chest while giving parents their hands back to read, use a tablet, or their smart phone; it literally belts your sleeping baby to you!  With a new baby, breaks are important… Make the most of them.

How is it different?
The SleepBelt’s simple design facilitates the smooth transfer of a sleeping baby from your chest to its crib.  With no shoulder straps to wriggle out of, you simply stretch and pull the SleepBelt off of your baby.  Moms know… you don’t want to wake a sleeping baby!  Easy and quick to get on, it also ensures baby stays snuggled in their most comfortable position (knees tucked or froggy), has no buckles, knots or clips to dig into mom or dad, and can double as a belly binder in a pinch!

Would I recommend Sleep Belt?
I truly think the Sleepbelt should be added to your baby registry.  Kangaroo care is so beneficial for your new born whether you are having multiples or a single pregnancy and/or whether baby is born on time or making it’s way into the world early. Read below on the benefits and to learn more on kangaroo care click here.

What are the benefits of skin to skin?

  • It regulates baby’s temperature & breathing
  • It helps in the development of the immune system and brain
  • It’s calming & improves quality of sleep
  • Increases the ever so lovely oxytocin.
  • Skin to skin also promotes milk flow.

        So you have the facts.  Now how about the review?

                                Sleep Belt Review by Trina Turl,
I wasn’t prepared for how much I would like the Sleep Belt. I use it almost every day. In fact, most of this review was written while my newborn daughter was snuggled up on my chest in the Sleep Belt. It’s so nice to have her cuddled with me while I connect with the outside world via email and social media. I especially like the Sleep Belt because it frees up my hands for working at my computer. I’m self employed, so it’s nice to have that connection with my baby while working.
We also use the Sleep Belt for story time. I can have Evelyn in the Sleep Belt which frees up my hands to hold a book while I read to my older daughter.
The fabric of the Sleep Belt is soft and light. Once or twice I’ve even forgotten I had it on after Evelyn was out of it! It didn’t make me feel hot or sweaty. The Sleep Belt is really stretchy and holds my baby like a snugly hug. Evelyn loves being in the Sleep Belt. She’s so comfortable that she falls asleep quickly every time. When I’m ready to get up, it’s easy to transfer Evelyn into her crib. She hasn’t woken up!

So lets help and spread word on this new Canadian company!

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How do you not help but smile at Trina and her little one in the kangaroo care pic?
Sweet. It makes me want more babies!
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Good Luck.

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  1. Lisa Bolduc | 17th Dec 13

    I love the aqua blue one

  2. Lori's Place | 17th Dec 13

    I love that this belt features a smooth transfer of a sleeping baby from your chest to its crib. How cool is that.

  3. Lori's Place | 17th Dec 13

    Yes I found your blog post helpful. It is good to know you like and use this product yourself. That says allot.

  4. GCash | 17th Dec 13

    I’d never heard of these but they look great. Thank you for featuring these belts. I’ve added one to my ‘need’ list 🙂

  5. Juliee | 21st Dec 13

    I like that it is Easy and quick to get on

  6. eleanor | 24th Dec 13

    I like that it so convenient and I can have skin to skin contact.

  7. Kim O | 24th Dec 13

    I love that it gives you your hands back to get things done!

  8. Sue2Sueper | 26th Dec 13

    It is nice that there are no shoulder straps, makes it easier.

  9. kim noakes | 27th Dec 13

    I would love to win one of these sleep belts as my son and his wife just had twin boys and it would come in very handy
    Kim Noakes

  10. Katy Emanuel | 27th Dec 13

    I love that it is great post c-section

  11. Katy Emanuel | 27th Dec 13

    This post was definitely helpful. I hadn’t heard of this before but will definitely be looking into it for when this baby arrives.

  12. Anonymous | 28th Dec 13

    What an amazing product! I will definitly be checking this out!

  13. Choochoo Li | 29th Dec 13

    Never heard of this before, might have to try this out for my upcoming baby, love how it looks so secure and allows skin-to-skin.

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