Small Business Friday Feature: Funky Fluff

 Oh, how I miss my cloth diapering days! I love cloth diapers as much as I love baby carriers and buying both can be quite addictive.   I’d like to introduce you to FunkyFluff™, a Canadian business developed by two friends with a passion for fluff!
Who, What and Where is Funky Fluff?
FUNKY FLUFF™was founded by Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda. They are a small Canadian home based business and a team of two moms and longtime friends located in Toronto, Ontario.
Funky Fluff™ diapers are designed in Canada but made in China.  Through much research on their part, they have found a manufacturer they are comfortable with and one that provides the high quality that Funky Fluff™ is based on.  Their own children wear these diapers and they would never put them in any product that they wouldn’t feel comfortable with.

Since we are done with diapers I had friends of Everything Mom and Baby review their two styles that were sent to me.   Here are their experiences with Funky Fluff™.  Heather Lynn is a newbie to the cloth diapering world and Tara is the experienced cloth diapering mother.

The suedecloth fabric chosen for our FUNKY FLUFF Stay Dry diaper wicks moisture away from the skin, leaving baby feeling dry and comfortable while preventing rashes. Suedecloth is thinner and doesn’t pill like microfleece and in turn, remains to look new longer. Suedecloth is also much more resistant to staining. Messes are easier to clean up as poop “peels” off this material instead of becoming embedded in it. This fabric is also very durable, does not snag or tear easily and dries quickly.

First Impression:  My very first impression of Funky Fluff was intriguing.  A diaper that boasts a 3 in 1  system.   The diapers construction seems well put together.  I snapped and unsnapped the snaps for about a half hour checking to see how they would hold up, which they did.  The seams all look great and the elastics are nicely sewn.  I do like how the soakers have a built increase so that they can fit nicely into the shell when the diaper is snapped up. 
Another thing that caught my attention was that the diaper is trimmer.

Performance:  My first time using the Funky Fluff™ diaper I used the smaller soaker in the AI2 (All In 2) style.  I changed my daughter after two and half hours and found that she had a leak.  Perhaps she’s considered a heavy wetter.

The second time I used the diaper I used it as my beloved pocket style with the smaller insert snapped in the front again and changed her after two hours and NO LEAK.  Her bottom was nice and dry.  

The third time I used the diaper I used it as an AIO(All in One) two hours of wear and again NO LEAKS. 
I loved the fact that I can toss it the wet bag and forget about it.  I have yet to experience any other AIO and I  must say I can definitely see the appeal.  It’s just plain easy and so close to a disposable it almost made me re-think my diaper stash! They stay dry soaker did indeed keep my darling daughters bottom dry.
The final stage of my test was the overnight, leaving the diaper in for 12 hours.  I double stuffed the diaper with both soakers, as overnight my daughter is a heavy, heavy wetter and tummy sleeper to boot.
I stuffed the diaper as I would a pocket and left the larger soaker unsnapped and folded the crease and snapped the smaller soaker into the front.  I found when I snapped the larger soaker on the rear snap it gave my daughter a serious Plumbers crack, so I unsnapped it.  In the morning her bottom was dry, the liner of the cover was slightly damp and the soakers were indeed soaked.  I think if I just used one soaker, regardless of the size there would have been an accident.

Overall:  The diaper performs as it should and holds up to the wash and wear.  I do like the idea of 3-in-1 as it is unique.  The third snap to prevent the wing drooping is a great feature! I’ve never experienced the phenomenon myself but I see how well it works to prevent it. 

As an overnight diaper, with both soakers, it works amazing! I’m dubious if I could say the same with a single soaker.
If you’re new to the wonderful world of cloth and haven’t a clue what sort of system you’d like to set up, the 3-in-1 Funky Fluff™ Stay Dry is for you! Want the flexibility of changing your diapers as you see fit? Funky Fluff™ Stay Dry is for you!

Tara reviewed the Funky Fluff™ Bamboo 3-in-1 System
Funky Fluff™ Bamboo diapers were designed for parents who want incredible absorbency and natural fibres against their baby’s skin. Bamboo is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its crop grows quickly and requires little maintenance. Fabrics made from bamboo are especially soft and have great ventilation. They keep babies comfortable and cool. Bamboo is also one of the most absorbent fabrics available for cloth diapers.

Pros: the bamboo makes it a soft feeling diaper that retains its softness over time – it does pil, but not in the same way as fleece, more like a well-used towel.  This is a bonus over similar pocket diaper designs that rely on the fleece. The double gussets are great and do work to keep things contained.  The hip snap (third snap) is both practical and integral to keeping this very stretchy diaper in place.  My heavy wetter requires all the soakers all the time, but they aren’t bulky so not a big deal.  No rashes to speak of (just some irritation from leg elastics) when used overnight so it’s decent for sensitive skin.

It’s comparable to a Charlie banana or FuzziBunz in almost every way. The main difference is the liner stays soft, unlike the microfleece.   Overall it’s a decent PUL based pocket diaper.

Cons:  this is a glass half empty/half full observation – as bamboo is super soft stretchy it doesn’t keep it’s shape entirely so, as DD would jet around the front lining would start to puff out the top/front of the diaper.  Additionally figuring out which snap to snap the soaker took some time – definitely not both or it noticeably pulls on the diaper.  
One thing that really stands out to me is how much the material pulls when you unsnap – every time I open and close the diaper I am concerned the bamboo is going to tear and as a result feel I have to be extra cautious when removing the diaper.
 It’s not the most absorbent diaper I’ve used but would be fine with extra layers.
The only other semi-con I feel I should note is that it requires line drying. In an of itself not a big deal, but notable in that I would recommend a full-time user to have a few extra on hand to compensate for drying time.  The extra leg gussets also take a little bit of extra drying time.

Reading both reviews, I’d have to say I’d be willing to try both for when baby #2 comes.  I love reading honest reviews like the two above.  We do have a giveaway to offer you and a discount code!


  1. induetimeramblings | 3rd Aug 12

    They have snaps that close the legs to make sure the diaper will fit even a skinny baby.

    wilkinsrus at gmail dot com

  2. Maryam | 3rd Aug 12

    I love these diapers! I love the inner gussets. I love that Funky Fluff is run by WAHMs in Toronto!

    maujo_84 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  3. Brooke T | 3rd Aug 12

    the bright colors!

  4. lace | 3rd Aug 12

    I love the fun color choices of snaps to diaper

  5. Jeannie L | 3rd Aug 12

    I like the one size fit all. Don’t have to worry about buying the right size.

  6. MamaHunfy | 3rd Aug 12

    I like the versatility!!!

    hun423 at

  7. laura cadoret | 3rd Aug 12

    I love that you can roll it up and snap it closed when its dirty and I’m on the go!

  8. Sarahplus3 | 3rd Aug 12

    i love the colors.

  9. jennafish | 3rd Aug 12

    i like that they are made by sahm and are one sizw

  10. Lacy | 3rd Aug 12

    I love the funky color combinations and natural fibers.

  11. Shelly | 3rd Aug 12

    I love that you can use it as a pocket, AI2, or AIO. they all have their place!

  12. Olivia L | 3rd Aug 12

    Double gussets are my favourite feature

  13. Viviane11 | 3rd Aug 12

    I like the center channel with the inner gussets,and that you can use the diaper as an all-in-two

  14. J. Olson | 3rd Aug 12

    What feature don’t these diapers have?! I love that it a “3 in 1” diaper the most!

  15. Chrys B | 4th Aug 12

    Their wet bag looks great. I also like the colorful snaps.

  16. Neva Hurlbut | 4th Aug 12

    I love the double gussets.

  17. Laura | 4th Aug 12

    I love the materials they use – they’re so nice and soft, and they don’t leave red marks on my son’s chunky thighs!!

  18. brookebogey | 4th Aug 12

    I like the fact that there are hip snaps, double gussets and that they have bamboo diapers as well.

  19. Jessica S. | 4th Aug 12

    I love the 4 snap rise. They diapers get so tiny, it is definitely a true One Size diaper!

  20. Emily B | 4th Aug 12

    I love the double gusset! Nothing keeps messes in better!

  21. Erinn Sluka | 4th Aug 12

    Love the One Size fits and leak protection…Erinn A

  22. XxnoelxX | 4th Aug 12

    3 in 1 what a great idea! And I lve the colors.

  23. Carlie Van Amerongen | 4th Aug 12

    I really like the double leg gussets. Also, Funky Fluff has proven that you can take a good idea (the AI2 full + half pockets) and make it better, by adding the snaps to keep the soakers in place, a must for a wiggly, active baby. Finally, the waterproof lining at the top would be so helpful, as my baby is a tummy sleeper and sometimes leaks out the top of the diaper. I can’t pick just one feature!

  24. Jess | 4th Aug 12

    I like the color combos.

  25. Lizzwisniewski | 4th Aug 12

    I love the double gussets

  26. Tara | 4th Aug 12

    love the colours and the hip snaps
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  27. tobyhir | 4th Aug 12

    Double gussets!

  28. Ali P | 5th Aug 12

    I like this its an AIO AI2 and pocket! Choices are awesome!

  29. Robin | 5th Aug 12

    Double gussets!

  30. Cori | 6th Aug 12

    I love all the colours of these diapers!

  31. ashley picco | 7th Aug 12

    I love that it can be used in so many different ways (pockets are my fav though)

  32. Lee-Ann | 7th Aug 12

    It’s nice to have options of how you would like to use the diaper i.e. pocket vs. AIO.

  33. Little Miss Kate | 8th Aug 12

    I love the dual pocket opening, no more pulling inserts!

  34. Anonymous | 8th Aug 12

    I like that the suedecloth is much more resistant to staining.
    Kristina S.

  35. Shayna | 8th Aug 12

    I like all of the color options

  36. Angela M | 8th Aug 12

    I have never used cloth diapers before but I am due in November and I am trying to learn as much as I can. I like that these diapers sound versatile perhaps compared to other cloth diapers.

  37. Vanessa | 9th Aug 12

    These look so cool! I may have to get one or two for my stash that I’m starting. Looks like a lot of thought was put into these. 🙂

  38. aus_chick | 9th Aug 12

    i love the snaps that contrast with the diapers. so bright!

  39. mean green mom | 9th Aug 12

    I love that they are available in bamboo- and all those snaps 🙂 Plus their site is fun and informative.
    thanks for the chance

  40. Michelle J. | 10th Aug 12

    I love the 3-in-1 concept, but I realllly like the color options!

  41. Sarah Douglas | 10th Aug 12

    can’t beat the double gussets!

  42. Linda | 10th Aug 12

    Fun color choices!

  43. Melanie | 10th Aug 12

    I love that it’s really a 3-in-one diaper, so you can use it whichever way works best for your baby!

  44. KFender | 10th Aug 12

    I love all the cute colors!

  45. Stephanie Hansen | 10th Aug 12

    I like that the shakers have creases so they fit easier when the diaper is snapped smaller.

  46. Anonymous | 10th Aug 12

    double gusset! scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  47. evolker | 10th Aug 12

    I LOVE that you can get them with bamboo materials!

  48. Kristina Flavin | 10th Aug 12

    I love so many things! I love the colors, the double gussets, 4 rises, color snaps!!! I love it all really

  49. Brittany Land | 10th Aug 12

    I like the color combinations the best.

  50. virginiabelle2000 | 10th Aug 12

    I like the bamboo and the colorful snaps

  51. Jen F. | 10th Aug 12

    I like that you can snap it up like you can wrap a dirty dipe closed so it doesn.t dirty the inside of the wet bag

  52. "GoldenPeaches" Amy Miller | 11th Aug 12

    I like how it’s a pocket, AI2 or AI1 depending on what you like.

  53. Karissa | 11th Aug 12

    i love their color combinations. i’ve been eyeing funky fluff for a while now

  54. ~Kelly | 11th Aug 12

    I like the double gussets.

  55. Beth Ann | 11th Aug 12

    I love that it’s a 3 in 1. If you don’t like pockets, you can try it out a different way! 🙂 It’s very versatile!

  56. B R double E | 11th Aug 12

    All the “snap” related features are my favorite things about this dipe.

  57. Guatejen | 11th Aug 12

    You can make this into whatever type of diaper you want: pocket, aio, hybrid, etc.

  58. Julie G. | 11th Aug 12

    I love that it can be a pocket, AI2 or AI1!!!

  59. Ashley B. | 11th Aug 12

    I love the versatility and the bamboo inserts!

  60. Kristi Holifield | 11th Aug 12

    I love the colorful snaps!

  61. Joelle Ferrell | 11th Aug 12

    I love the crossover snaps.

  62. Talia | 11th Aug 12

    Those colorful snaps are pretty cute, but I love inner gussets!

  63. Krystal | 11th Aug 12

    I love the bamboo soaker!

  64. Baby Bottom Line | 11th Aug 12

    LOVE the colours!!

  65. Julie | 12th Aug 12

    Love the color of the snaps vs. diaper

  66. Amy V | 12th Aug 12

    i love that there is more than one option for the diaper

  67. Britni Bradford | 12th Aug 12

    I love that it is bamboo and OS.

  68. BabyBugaloo | 12th Aug 12

    Cute designs!!

  69. BabyBugaloo | 12th Aug 12

    Cute designs!!

  70. Anonymous | 12th Aug 12

    I love the versatility and the ways you can adjust the use of the diaper with the different soakers.

  71. Anonymous | 12th Aug 12

    I love the versatility in the soaker choices

  72. kelsea yetton | 12th Aug 12

    Love that you can use it as an AIO or AI2, its amazing how unique it is in being able to use it any way!

  73. CJ | 12th Aug 12

    I love the double gussets and the color choices!

  74. Cass | 13th Aug 12

    I’ve never seen a diaper that is a 3 in 1!

  75. The Beer's | 13th Aug 12

    I love the extra snap features.

  76. Beth R | 13th Aug 12

    I love the double gussets and the dual opening
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  77. Beki | 13th Aug 12

    love the bamboo soaker and the snap colors so cute

  78. Alex Liz R. | 13th Aug 12

    I like the 4 size adjustments and the double gussets.
    arobinson45 (at)

  79. Samantha Jenkins | 13th Aug 12

    I love the two pocket openings and the snap for the insert!

  80. Melissa & Ronnie | 13th Aug 12

    I know it’s superficial, but I love the different color snaps

  81. SF | 13th Aug 12

    its funky! love the diff colored snaps

  82. Nikki | 13th Aug 12

    I really like the versatility — some times I want an AI2, other times, a pocket is what we need. I love diapers that give you options 🙂 ngiraldi at gmail dot com

  83. Erin B. | 13th Aug 12

    I love that they are made with Bamboo – so soft!

  84. Tannis | 13th Aug 12

    I like that the diapers can be used as “All-in-1”, “All-in-2” AND “pocket diaper”
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  85. Ranu Tanu | 14th Aug 12

    I like that they have hip snaps to give a nice fit and avoid wing drops

  86. Christina G | 14th Aug 12

    I like the double gusset design

  87. Sella | 14th Aug 12

    I love the double row of snaps!

  88. Mary Roberts | 14th Aug 12

    Double gussets! Great for keeping things “contained”!

  89. caedmen | 14th Aug 12

    My favorite feature is the gussets and the multicolor snaps.

    (Rachel N on raffelcopter)

  90. Meleakua | 14th Aug 12

    i loooove the cute color combos, and i love that they have a bamboo option!

  91. Geri Fink | 15th Aug 12

    Double gussets are always good

  92. Stephanie | 15th Aug 12

    I like the snaps on the legs for chunky baby thighs!

  93. Bekah Kuczenski | 15th Aug 12

    I love that this diaper can be used as an aio, ai2, or a pocket diaper! That’s awesome I would love to try this diaper!

  94. Krista C. | 15th Aug 12

    I really don’t like to support companies that outsource to China, and it has nothing to do with the quality. It has to do with boosting our own economy, and it has to with ethics. China does NOT have the worker’s rights that we do. Their workers are treated terribly.

  95. Shannon | 15th Aug 12

    I like that it can be used 3 ways.

  96. The Secret Life of a SAHM | 15th Aug 12

    I love the gussets!

  97. Hannah Avery | 15th Aug 12

    The 3 in 1 system sounds quite intriguing. I think this would make a nice diaper bag diaper.

    -Hannah Avery

  98. Meleakua | 15th Aug 12

    how the frak does one pin the different colored diapers?! i can’t for the life of me figure it out!!!

  99. Breanne | 15th Aug 12

    I love the colors

  100. aperry | 15th Aug 12

    pocket, ai1 or ai2!!

  101. Heather Jacobs | 16th Aug 12

    I like the one size fits all and all the colors!

  102. Heather Jacobs | 16th Aug 12

    I like the one size fits all and all the colors!

  103. lockwk17 | 16th Aug 12

    It can be used as a AI1 AI2 or pocket

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