Small Business Sunday Feature: Carre Jaune. Little Wonders Great Care!

Being an Esthetician and being a product junkie, researching skincare is one of my favourite things to do.  And when I come across a fabulous line I get rather excited and have to tell everyone about it.

About Carré Jaune:
 Carré Jaune(in English it means yellow box. Something Sylvie’s daughter loved to point out when learning shapes)
Carré Jaune was created by a mom of two is 100% natural, uses dried fruit extracts such as apricot and banana instead of essential oils.

What Everything Mom and Baby love:
Carré Jaune is an organic line from Quebec, Canada using intriguing, healing and delightful nutritious oils and butters like Capuaçu butter, Sea Buckthorn, Tamanu and Apricot oils.
All are highly nourishing for you and your little one’s skin.

All Carré Jaune formula contains the following NO’s :

  • NO Phthalates
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Synthetic or chemical ingredients
  • NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • NO BPA


I received travel sizes of the line and I am savouring every last drop.  My son’s skin truly has never been so soft.  I can say I am 100% pleased with the whole line.
First of the Apricot Bath Powder is made from dried fruits such as Apricot and Banana.  It also contains Oats and Tapioca!  This is so gentle and lovely.
The Natural Foam Wash is something I even use to wash my face but it is oh so gentle for your baby.  Carrot extract, Neroli(one of my favorite essential oils) and Witch Hazel makes this safe for all skin types.  I love it’s creamy texture even though it’s a foam.
 Apricot Cream.  Oh, Carré Jaune’s Apricot Cream.  I could not stop smelling my arm as I did a test rub.  It smells so pure and like delicious ripe Apricots.   
The Apricot Cream also has some of my favorite oils and plants in it such as Sea Buckthorn and Calendula.   It is a healing and protective cream.  A must have to moisturize your child’s skin.


Apricot Massage Oil…if you know how much I love the Apricot Cream you’ll know I feel the same way about the massage oil.
You can smell a hint of the highly sought after and making a breakthrough in skincare Tamanu Oil. Tamanu is high in fatty acids, anti-inflammatory, healing and overall a remarkable oil.  You will also note that Carrot, Rice Bran Oil also make this oil complete.  I love massaging my son with this oil.


Cupuaçu Pommade is your answer to diaper rash.  Carré Jaune uses Sea Buckthorn hand-picked from Quebec as well as Rice Bran and Cupuaçu butter.  The Cupuaçu butter gives this pommade its smoothness that I’ve never felt before in a diaper cream. 
This is cloth diaper safe too!  Anywhere where the redness is or in the creases of baby’s neck and thighs you can use this.  I use it for my skin irritations as well.  I love the cupuaçu butter in this!


Cupuaçu Balm is a handy balm that you can toss in your bag.  It calms and treats sunburned skin, treats wind burn cheeks and heals cuts and scratches.  Made with Cupuaçu butter(of course!) and Carrot, Sea Buckthorn and Tamanu.  Talk about nourishing! A must have.

This line is a high quality, affordable organic skin care and definitely a favorite of mine so naturally, I give it my:

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  1. Annie1 | 22nd Jul 12

    I love that they donate 1% of their net profits to an organisation helping children in need.

    I believe my favourite product would be their apricot massage oil

    Anne Taylor

  2. Jessica | 23rd Jul 12

    i like that there are no chemicals in any of the products and i like the foam wash that you reviewed!

  3. Olivia L | 23rd Jul 12

    I like they’re Canadian, and I’d love to try the cupuaçu pommade

  4. Catherine | 23rd Jul 12

    I love that these products are all natural! I’d love to try the foaming wash, or the diaper cream.


  5. Anonymous | 23rd Jul 12

    I like that they are Canadian. The apricot cream sounds lovely!

  6. MamaHunfy | 23rd Jul 12

    I like that they use 100% natural, uses dried fruit extracts such as apricot and banana instead of essential oils and the bath powder sounds wonderful!

    Vashti M

  7. leanne_mac | 23rd Jul 12

    I like the cupuaçu pommade

    leannemacg at

  8. Lisa KH | 23rd Jul 12

    I like that the products are 100% natural and my favourite product would be the Natural Foam Wash.
    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com
    rafflecopter name: Lisa K

  9. Aleasha | 23rd Jul 12

    I love that the products are all natural….I would love to try the apricot bath powder!

  10. marlibu | 24th Jul 12

    Love that they are natural

  11. Happy Chinadoll | 24th Jul 12

    100% natural, made in Canada
    Love to try natural foam wash

  12. Katy Emanuel | 24th Jul 12

    I love that they donate 1% of net profits to an organization helping children in need

    Favourite product would be the apricot cream

  13. Angela M | 26th Jul 12

    I like that they have an extensive list of things that are NOT in the products. So many times a brand will advertise “no parabens” etc. but then have a bunch of other nasty stuff in the products. I’d like to try the cupuaçu pommade.

  14. Anonymous | 27th Jul 12

    I love that this line is created by a Mom! And I love even more that it has none of the junky stuff!

  15. Tara F | 30th Jul 12

    I like the list of “contains NO” things. It’s sad that we’ve come to this, but it’s really scarey the ingredients that are used in most products. I would really like to try the foam wash.

  16. lisa bolduc | 30th Jul 12

    i love how they are made from dried fruits… the apricot bath powder would be really interesting to try

  17. Brooke | 31st Jul 12


    NO Phtalates
    NO Petrochemichals
    NO Parabens
    NO Synthetic or chemical ingredients
    NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
    NO BPA

  18. Shirine Riahi | 31st Jul 12

    I like that these products are all safe, made with natural ingredients, and they smell great too. I’d be happy to try any of the products, but could use a great lotion, bath powder, or massage oil for baby.

  19. Bree | 31st Jul 12

    I love that The line is 100% natural, uses dried fruit extracts instead of essential oils.

    I think I would like apricot massage oil!

    breej23 at hotmail dot com

  20. brookebogey | 4th Aug 12

    I like that the line is 100% natural and uses plants.

    I would love to try the natural foam wash!

  21. deborahgilbert42 | 4th Aug 12

    This sounds awesome. I love that it is all natural. The bath powder sounds so nice.

  22. Momarabbit | 4th Aug 12

    I like that it is made from fruit and 100% natural.
    Apricot bath Powder sounds amazing!

    Sherry W
    eagerembalmer at msn dot com

  23. caedmen | 4th Aug 12

    I like that everything is natural. Their apricot massage oil sounds wonderful, would love to try it.

    (Rachel N on raffelcopter)

  24. Anonymous | 4th Aug 12

    I’d love to try their products out.

  25. Tara | 4th Aug 12

    i like that their ingredients are natural. i would like to try the foam wash.
    taraz9 at excite dot com

  26. tobyhir | 4th Aug 12

    Like most parents, her children are my inspiration and her strength so she decided to bring some changes by creating a natural and non-toxic skincare line with no surprises.

    I’d love to try the cupuacu balm!

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