The Smart Drive Challenge~teaching you how to save fuel, save money and reduce your emissions

 Smart Drive Challenge is a free online education-based program that will teach drivers such as yourself on how to save fuel, save money and reduce your emissions – good for the environment, your family and your wallet!  If you have a new driver at home, this would be great for your kids to learn as well and have them and their friends take the Smart Drive Challenge.

Check out the video below as the Smart Drives Challenge engages Canadians in a national education-centered program to reduce their personal vehicle fuel use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

{#ad} is a FREE online driver education program teaching you how to SAVE fuel, SAVE money and REDUCE your emissions. #challenge Click To Tweet

The program encourages and empowers Canadians by:
~ Making your current vehicle more efficient through improved driving techniques and vehicle maintenance.
~ Increasing your awareness and the use of low and zero emission vehicles; and supporting and increasing your use of sustainable transportation options.

Smart Drive Challenge recognizes and addresses the importance of changing transportation behaviours NOW. With many Canadians feeling cash-strapped and car-dependent, it is vital to show you ways to save fuel, money and reduce GHG emissions while you are behind the wheel of your current vehicle. Then, for those who are interested, further action can be taken by switching to low emission vehicles and more sustainable modes of transportation.

Smart Drive Challenge is a program of Scout Environmental and is brought to you by the Canadian Fuels Association with funding support provided by Natural Resources Canada, BC’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, and Nova Scotia’s Connect2 program. Smart Drive Challenge is delivered in collaboration with Alberta Motor Association, BC’s Capital Regional District and Cowichan Valley Regional District, City of Edmonton, Clean Air Hamilton
and Smart Commute.

#SmartDriveChallenge is a FREE online driver education program teaching you how to SAVE fuel, SAVE money and REDUCE your emissions Click To Tweet

Call to Action: Smart Drive Challenge is accepting drivers, such as yourself across Canada for a free education- based program teaching you how to drive smarter: reducing your fuel consumption and lowering the impact of your driving on the community, the environment and your wallet.

You will be given your own learning dashboard where you can complete free online courses and access learning resources. The responsive training tools work on any device and can be used anytime, anywhere. When the learning is done, you are challenged to apply your newfound knowledge in your daily lives by becoming smarter drivers. You will be rewarded with points along the way, and points can be used to win cash prizes – the more YOU learn, the more YOU can earn!

Why does it matter?
On average, households spend 15 percent of their budget on personal transportation
~ Transportation in Canada accounts for one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions
~  Average commute times in major urban centers are increasing
~ If you own a car it’s likely that almost half of your greenhouse gas emissions come from driving.  Efficient driving is one of the most cost-effective methods to achieving greenhouse gas emissions reductions, which the Smart Drive Challenge aims to address.

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Let’s hear from you!  Will you take the Smart Drive Challenge? 

Disclosure: This sponsored post was written in collaboration with Smart Drive Challenge.


  1. Felicita Moncada | 30th Jan 18

    Love that you are bring awareness to this! I don’t think we know how much damage we do when we drive. I will definitely be conscious now!

  2. Leah | 30th Jan 18

    These are great tips. I do a lot of driving. One of the things I make sure I do is map out all of my trips so I am not going in circles (and wasting gas)!

  3. GiGi Eats | 30th Jan 18

    # 1 tip, do not buy a range rover (like I did) hahahahahahah! But I am A OK with my purchase, I adore my car so much! And I actually really do not drive much at all, so all good in the hood!

  4. Cherri Megasko | 30th Jan 18

    What a great program – not only for beginning drivers, but for us old cronies, too, who think we know everything! I am just as guilty as everyone else but acknowledge that we need to step up and take responsibiity for what we’re doing to the earth. We can do that by lessening our fossil fuel emissions.

    • Mama Ash | 31st Jan 18

      For all the drivers 🙂 for sure! I just thought it would be good to teach the youngin’s too 😉

  5. Censie Sawyer | 30th Jan 18

    This is really great information. WE all need to work a little harder at taking care of our earth and this is a great option! I love this program.

    • Mama Ash | 8th Feb 18

      I hope you participate in the challenge!

  6. Catalina | 31st Jan 18

    I agree with you that we need to start thinking about tomorrow, about environment and about our kids and grandchildren! And we need to do something about it today, so tomorrow will be better! And we need to give a good example to our kids, too!

  7. Cyn Gagen | 31st Jan 18

    These are really fantastic tips. We do a lot of driving and are always looking for ways to reduce our fuel costs. Some of these are so simple and easy to implement too which I love!

  8. lisalisa | 31st Jan 18

    This is a great program for me as well! I wish people would take the environment more serious I think we all need to implement smart driving to save our earth and fuel!

  9. Ali Rost | 1st Feb 18

    I had no idea households are spending upwards of 15 percent of their budget on personal transportation. That’s higher than I ever would have guessed and all the more reason to save money every opportunity we have. The Smart Drive Challenge seems like such a great way to educate people on the technology of the future. When they decide to upgrade, some of these things will be in the back of their minds.

  10. Aileen Adalid | 2nd Feb 18

    This is such an insightful post! As someone who cares a lot about the environment and being more sustainable, this should be read by everyone! Thanks for sharing this with us in the first place.

  11. kristen visser | 3rd Feb 18

    wow that smart challenge sounds awesome and more people definitely need to participate in it. We have two vehicles but only use one really and not too often. thankfully we thought of this when we moved into our home and can walk our girls to school which saves a lot

    • Mama Ash | 8th Feb 18

      We do a lot of walking as well as I live in a great area of Toronto where everything is within walking distance.

  12. Victoria07 | 13th Feb 18

    Very interesting.. can’t wait to learn more about it. Registered!

  13. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 16th Feb 18

    What an absolutely super photo of the dog. I learnt all of this when I went to driving school nearly 50 yrs ago! Using the air conditioner also increases the use of gas, as of course does pulling a trailer. When upgrading a car beware that if you don’t use the car often you are more likely to have a flat battery fairly often. My sister-in-law has a very modern car but it was forever getting a flat battery. The garage explained that a car with all the modern technology available has these things running even when the car is turned off, which of course uses the battery. Now a neighbour takes it out once a week and runs it for half an hour on the highway to prevent that from happening.

  14. Debbie White Beattie | 18th Feb 18

    This sounds like a great program and everyone likes to save money and the environment

  15. Cathy C | 18th Feb 18

    This is a real good idea as I see people leaving their cars running while they go into a store or speed up to a red light when they could coast and save gas.

  16. linda p | 18th Feb 18

    I like your tips – many of which I already use. So if I leave hubby home I will save about 4% on fuel!!

  17. HEIDI C. | 19th Feb 18

    I do as much as I can to “smart drive”. But, after, reading your post, I can definitely do more to reduce waste and energy.

  18. Dawn Lawry | 19th Feb 18

    Great tips

  19. Suzie B | 19th Feb 18

    Great tips! I think everyone, even seasoned drivers, could use a refresher course on these basics!

  20. JDM | 19th Feb 18

    Extremely interesting article. I learn something every day. Thanks.

  21. AD | 19th Feb 18

    These are great tips; perfect for any new drivers or for people who need a refresher. The funny thing is, all these suggestions are common sense, I wish more people would follow them.

  22. shelly peterson | 19th Feb 18

    Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  23. LILLIAN BROWN | 19th Feb 18

    Thanks We do a lot of driving and saving on gas is important to us

  24. Brian Hwang | 19th Feb 18

    This is a great initiative. I’m always forgetting to check my tire pressure regularly and it’s helpful to get reminders like these to check these kind of things. Good for the wallet AND the environment.

  25. Alisa E | 19th Feb 18

    Interesting tips.

  26. Elizabeth Matthiesen | 19th Feb 18

    I do think that it tends to be the younger drivers who rev their engines and roar up to traffic lights, despite knowing that they are about to change. I coast up to lights when I know they’re going to change or are already red and it happens again and again that someone quickly overtakes me so that I have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting them. I do wish that some people would have more regard for gas usage and our poor planet.

  27. kathy downey | 19th Feb 18

    Thanks for the info,thanks I will take the challenge

  28. Gord | 19th Feb 18

    There’s a lot of great tips in here for all drivers. I no longer drive but will pass this on to my friends that still drive.

  29. Carole D | 19th Feb 18

    What a great program and great information! We all need to do our part to protect the environment.

  30. nicky | 19th Feb 18

    Yes, I’d love to drive smarter and save money on gas!

  31. jan | 19th Feb 18

    Our last car had auto stop start and boy do I miss it!

  32. Jenn Erin | 19th Feb 18

    The Smart Drive Challenge sounds like an excellent initiative – a much needed one too! Awesome tips… I definitely need to check my tire pressure more often.

  33. Jeannie Lam | 19th Feb 18

    Love this challenge and the tips! Nothing beats learning tips to drive smarter!

  34. Leanne | 19th Feb 18

    Great tips . I try not to drive if it’s close enough to walk .

  35. Kim Tanti | 19th Feb 18

    My daughter has a friend at school who has failed the driving test 2x. Her father made her take a day off school so she could study the book so she won’t fail the next time. She should not be driving. I think they just want her to get it so she can drive around her younger sibblings and drinking parents. It should be if you fail 2x you should not be able to take it for a year.

  36. Jenny B | 19th Feb 18

    Excellent tips. Now is definitely the time to reduce gas emissions and be greener, and to save on fuel with gas prices with being so high. I will be taking the Smart Drive challenge!

  37. janice | 19th Feb 18

    very excellent tips and great information for all.!!!!!! Thanks

  38. Victoria Ess | 20th Feb 18

    Great tips! I’d take the challenge!

  39. Tiesha | 20th Feb 18

    Great tips! Our family of 4 drivers moved to a warmer climate and went from 3 cars down to 1. In fact, the car stays parked all day and we mostly walk, bike or take the bus to work and school. It was a lot harder to do that during winter in the prairies. I wish I knew about the Smart Drive challenge back then!

  40. Calvin | 20th Feb 18

    Good tips to reduce overall fuel consumption. I am aware and already using some of these techniques, it’s a good initiative this challenge is.

  41. Louanne Baelde | 20th Feb 18

    These are all really great tips! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  42. Lisa Lee | 20th Feb 18

    Really good tips. I actually have been trying to drive less but it’s difficult to choose walking or biking in the winter, but come spring, I will definitely try to drive less and when I am driving, I will be practicing efficient driving.

  43. Krista M | 21st Feb 18

    Wow I had no idea how many things can increase fuel usage! They all add up, too! Good info to know.

  44. Wayne Couzens | 21st Feb 18

    I agree that you have to pay attention when you are driving. If you don’t it is eeasy to get into tough spots that could lead to disaster.

  45. Rosanne Robinson | 21st Feb 18

    This looks like a terrific program, one that all drivers should participate in.

  46. Darren Scrubb | 22nd Feb 18

    Great information I will keep for when I buy my next car.

  47. Yuen C | 22nd Feb 18

    Some useful tips, thanks!

  48. Tara Kerr | 23rd Feb 18

    Great article! I try to ride share with friends and family but I will definitely be doing more reduce gas and emissions and help the environment for the future! Thank you for the tips!

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